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Joy Claussen (Actress, General Hospital (1963))
Keri Claussen (Actress, The Last Run (2004))
Olaf Claussen (Camera Department, Zapp (2002))
Mark Claussen (II) (Camera Department, Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain (1989))
Matt Claussen
Jack Claussen (Actor, The Promotion (2008))
Max Claussen (Actor, A Girl Like Her (2015))
Erik Claussen (Composer, Heavy Hands (2012))
Ron Claussen (Actor, I'll Quit Tomorrow (1975))
Lasse Claussen (Visual Effects, Graffiti Area (2014))
Mimi Claussen (Actress, A Young Man's Guide to Dating (2000))
Andi Claussen (Make Up Department, James Joyce's the Sisters (2017))
Jim Claussen (Actor, Firecracker (2005))
Rolf Claussen (Actor, Väter (2002))
Don Claussen (II)
Ina Claussen (Actress, Binden (2014))
Lila Claussen (Music Department, Rachel & the TreeSchoolers (2012))
Nate Claussen (Music Department, Signing Time! Sing & Sign Christmas (2014))
Don Claussen (I) (Cinematographer, Love Equals (2014))
Mark Claussen (I) (Self, Hulkamania: Let the Battle Begin (2009))
Axel Claussen (Actor, Erleuchtung (2016))
Eric Claussen
Neal Claussen (Actor, One Two Three Four (1974))
Claus Claussen (Self, Leopard, Seebär & Co. (2007))
Leo Claussen (Producer, Lethe (2015))
Paul Claussen (Self, Decoded: Dan Brown's Lost Symbol (2009))
Helena Claussen (I) (Actress, Fairytale (2013))
Valerie Claussen (Writer, Among the Ashes )
Jakob Claussen (Producer, Trade (2007))
Heinz Jungclaussen
Magnus Claussen (Animation Department, URBO: The Adventures of Pax Afrika (2006))
Peter Claussen (I) (Sound Department, Vrede (2000))
Johann Claussen (Actor, 23 (1998))
Janice Claussen (Actress, Our Lost (2014))
Morenike Claussen (Actress, Durch den Spiegel (2006))
Stanley Claussen (Actor, Zero Point (2013))
Melissa Claussen (Actress, The Promotion (2008))
James Veneclaussen (Art Department, 7 Stones (2012))
Stephanie Claussen (Composer, Les Esclaves (2012))
Bente Claussen (Assistant Director, The Beautiful, the Bloody, and the Bare (1964))
Jessica Claussen (Self, The Campaign (2016))
Standley Claussen (Actor, The Bench (2013))
Karl-Peter Claussen (Miscellaneous, Extra Drei (1976))
Craig Claussen (Self, Get Out There! (2005))
David Claussen (Self, Out in the Heartland (2005))
Carlos Claussen (Producer, The Cursed Ones (2015))
Damon Claussen (I) (Editor, Sports: AT&T Original Documentaries (2010))
Neele Claussen (Self, Die Harald Schmidt Show (1995))
Reimer Claussen (II)
Reimer Claussen (III) (Self, Mondän! (1998))
Diana Claussen (Writer, Decisions (2015))
Jennifer Claussen (Self, Out in the Heartland (2005))
Claus Stuhlweissen (Cinematographer, The Early Show (1999))
Gentry Claussen (I) (Actress, I Want to Keep My Baby! (1976))
Kathleen Claussen (Director, Melody of a Memory (2017))
Raelene Claussen (Actress, Junior High School (1978))
Reimer Claussen (I) (Self, Mach mich reich (2011))
Mathew Claussen (Self, Our Mutual Girl, No. 20 (1914))
Eileen Claussen (Self, Earth 2100 (2009))
Nicole Claussen
Claus Asmussen (Self, Shu-bi-dua - tanketorsk eller stjerneskud? (2003))
Helena Claussen (II)
Damon Claussen (II) (Self, The Space Invaders: In Search of Lost Time (2012))
Luccia Jungclaussen (Actress, Monster Spray (2017))
Peter Claussen (II) (Cinematographer, Ashram in Poona (1981))
Katie Claussen (Actress, The Promotion (2008))
Steve Claussen (Actor, I'll Quit Tomorrow (1975))
Christine Claussen (Casting Director, Standing in the Shadows of Motown (2002))
Lorenz Claussen (Actor, The Hallo Spencer Show (1979))
Claus Rasmussen
Sergio Soto Claussen (Producer, La pesca (2010))
Leslie Claussen (Music Department, Among the Ashes )
Gentry Claussen (II) (Actress, Chicken! (2006))
Delaney Claussen (Director, Old Town (2016))
Ailin Claussen (Self, Idol - Jakten på en superstjerne (2003))
Kevin Claussen (Actor, Messages (2004))
Irene Claussen (Producer, Share with Me Your Brightest Colors (2018))
Maximilian Claussen (Writer, The Cursed Ones (2015))
Hon. Eileen Claussen (Actress, The Force of Destiny: The Science and Politics of Climate Change (2004))
Joaquin Joe Claussell (Self, Maestro (2003))
Dorothea Spohler-Claussen (Self, Spass ohne Grenzen (1998))
Birgit Lorbeer-Claussen (Producer, C(h)oeurs (2012))
Claus Stuhlweissenburg (Camera Department, Kitchen Boss (2011))
Peter Kroeger Claussen
Christoffer B. Claussen (Self, Mgp jr. (2002))
Christopher Suarezclaussen (Production Manager, Marcelo (2012))
Claussen+Putz Filmproduktion