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Claire Holt (I) (Actress, 47 Meters Down (2017))
Claire Holt (II) (Self, The Mountain Within (2009))
Claire Holtzclaw (Self, Chattanooga Actors Film & Theater Network Event (2015))
Claire Holton (Miscellaneous, Doctor Paradise (2014))
Claire Holland (I) (Miscellaneous, The Adventure of English (2002))
Claire Holmes (I) (Actress, Six Perfect Pictures (2006))
Claire Hooper (I) (Actress, Die on Your Feet (2013))
Claire Holder (Self, Question Time (1979))
Claire Holland (II)
Claire Holmes (III)
Claire Holly (Actress, SpotlightON Unique Music Television (2004))
Claire Holland (IV) (Actress, A Class Act (2014))
Claire Holland (V) (Writer, The Squeak (2015))
Claire Holley (Composer, Looking for Lurch (2008))
Claire Holmes (II) (Actress, Wild Faith (2018))
Claire Holland (III) (Art Department, Ex Machina (2014))
Claire Hollis (Producer, Unwanted Presence (2014))
Claire Hoath
Claire Horton (Producer, The X Factor (2004))
Claire Hooper (II) (Director, Eris (2012))
Claire Howel (Actress, Betty Limpany (1997))
Claire Hovey (Actress, Granny of the Dead (2017))
Claire Howse (Miscellaneous, The Idyll (2016))
Claire Hobday (Director, The Apprentice UK (2005))
Claire Howell (I) (Producer, All Star Family Fortunes (2006))
Claire Hore (I) (Producer, Sunday Night at the Palladium (2014))
Claire Howes (II) (Make Up Department, Claudette (2015))
Claire Howell (II) (Costume Department, Tormented (2009))
Claire Howell (III) (Self, The Voice (2012))
Claire Horrex (Miscellaneous, Dark Ascension (2017))
Claire Hodge (Visual Effects, In Saturn's Rings (2018))
Claire Hogan (I) (Actress, The I Don't Care Girl (1953))
Claire Hockin (Miscellaneous, #WhyIMake PSA Featuring Actor Nick Offerman (2017))
Claire Howard (II) (Actress, Twisted Souls (1992))
Claire Howard (I) (Actress, Golden Girl (1951))
Claire Hoss
Claire Howes (I) (Actress, Fred Dinenage Murder Casebook (2011))
Claire Hore (II) (Producer, Sunday Night at the Palladium (2014))
Claire Hotham (Camera Department, 2:37 (2006))
Claire Hooton (Self, The Professor: Tai Chi's Journey West (2016))
Claire Hogan (II) (Art Department, RWBY (2012))
Claire Howson
Claire Howard (III) (Actress, KNFR from 7:00-7:30 (2012))
Claire Hobson (Actress, The Surfer (1988))
Madeline Claire Holton (Thanks, Carjacked (2011))
Holly Claire Howard (Actress, The Secret Life of Clowns (2004))
Claire Holovaty (Actress, Almost Evening (2011))
Claire Holdsworth (Producer, The Orange British Academy Film Awards (2009))
Claire Holliday
Natalie Claire Holly (Producer, Futurestates (2010))
Claire Hollingsworth (Actress, The Man Who Could Not Dream (2012))
Claire Hostetler (Art Department, Nadie nos mira (2017))
Claire Hopkins (I) (Actress, Salvation (2008))
Claire Horsley (Actor, Prey (2011))
Claire Hogarth
Claire Hodgson (III) (Miscellaneous, Twas the Night Before Dinner (2008))
Claire Howarth (Sound Department, Single Father (2010))
Claire Houdret (Producer, New Europe (2007))
Marie-Claire Hoysted (Miscellaneous, Fat Freddie's Drop (2015))
Claire Hoogendoorn
Claire Hochman (Self, Crime 360 (2008))
Claire Honeyball (Self, The Real Extras (2007))
Claire Hodgson (I) (Set Decorator, Nurse.Fighter.Boy (2008))
Claire Hodgkins (Self, Jascha Heifetz Master Classes (1962))
Claire Hopkinson (Self, Katie Chats (2011))
Claire Horstink (Make Up Department, The Delivery (1999))
Claire Hochstetler
Claire Houghtalen (Sound Department, We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011))
Mary Claire Hogan (Actress, Rescue Me (2004))
Marie-Claire Houard (Self, 20 heures le journal (1981))
Claire Hoffman
Claire Hoogenboom (Miscellaneous, Daredevil (2015))
Claire Horrocks (I) (Producer, The Grendel Toots (2013))
Claire Howorth (Self, Time Presents: Milestones 2016 - A Tribute to the Stars We've Lost (2016))
Marie-Claire Hoey (Actress, Six Semesters (2010))
Claire Hoffmann (I)
Claire Hodgson (II) (Actress, Tomorrow, When the War Began (2016))
Claire Horrocks (II) (Producer, The Hardest Fight (2017))
Claire Hookway (Miscellaneous, Shakespeare Live! From the RSC (2016))
Claire Hourani (Actress, 99 Math Problems (2017))
Claire Hoehamer (Actress, Untitled Track (2009))
Claire Hoffmann (II) (Actress, Verbotene Liebe (1995))
Claire Hocking (Costume Department, King Jack (2015))
Claire Hopkins (II) (Actress, Jitterbug (2013))
Claire Hookham (Actress, Prometheus (1998))
Claire Homewood (Art Department, Waking the Dead (2000))
Claire Howells (Costume Department, Wayfaring Stranger (2009))
Claire Houghtaling (Producer, Blazing Boards (1985))
Claire Houngbo (Actress, Barbecue-Pejo (2000))
Claire Hodgins (Miscellaneous, Seoige and O'Shea (2006))
Claire Houston (Actress, Lovely (1998))
Claire Hodgart (Actress, The Last Hope (2017))
Claire Houlahan (Costume Department, Inspector George Gently (2007))
Claire Hope Cummings (Self, Fighting for Allergy-Free Food )
Claire Hoolihan (Art Department, Don't Look Back! (2003))