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Chris Pine (I) (Actor, Star Trek (2009))
Christopher Pine (Miscellaneous, Black Scorpion (2001))
aka "Chris Pine"
Chris Pine (III) (Art Department, Money Fight (2012))
Chris Pine (IV) (Self, Love You Madly: A Salute to Duke Ellington (1969))
Chris Pineda (II) (Actor, The Strain (2014))
Chris Pine (II) (Miscellaneous, Alien Crossfire (1999))
Chris Piner (Writer, Farewell (2016))
Chris Pinero (II) (Cinematographer, Tonight (2016))
Chris Pitt (I) (Actor, The Lair of the White Worm (1988))
Chris-Pin Martin (Actor, The Ox-Bow Incident (1943))
Chris Pinset (Camera Department, Harvest (2010))
Chris Pino (II) (Miscellaneous, SPQR: The Empire's Darkest Hour (1996))
Chris Pino (I) (Actor, The Kill-Joy (1917))
Chris Pina (Actor, Your Name Here (2008))
Chris Pineda (I) (Art Department, Halo Wars (2009))
Chris Pinero (I) (Actor, The Head of the Mouse (2015))
Chris Pineda (III) (Actor, Crossbreed (2018))
Chris Pinnock (I) (Camera Department, Empire of the Sun (1987))
Chris Pike (XI) (Actor, Wicked Bites (2013))
Chris Pierce (I) (Actor, Good Behavior (2016))
Chris Pierce (II) (Soundtrack, This Is Us (2016))
Chris Pinto (VIII) (Actor, Czech Mate on Ice (2017))
Chris Perkins (XV) (Actor, Acquisitions Incorporated: The Series (2016))
Chris Paine (II) (Director, Who Killed the Electric Car? (2006))
Chris Pinto (I) (Visual Effects, Pan's Labyrinth (2006))
Chris Pinches (Producer, Ministry of Secrets: Guide to Homo Sapiens Sanguisugens (2007))
Chris Pinho (Actor, Ivory Eyes (2017))
Chris Pinder (II) (Producer, Backfire (2017))
Chris Pinner (I) (Miscellaneous, Jack and the Dead Girl )
Chris Pinto (II) (Self, Decoded (2010))
Sue Chrispin (Actress, Work (2017))
Chris Pinto (VII)
Chris Pinnock (II) (Editorial Department, The Executioner (1970))
Chris Pingel (Self, The 7PM Project (2009))
Chris Pinder (IV) (Camera Department, Team Talk (2016))
Chris Pinketh (II) (Actor, The Quincy Rose Show (2011))
Chris Pinder (III) (Camera Department, Team Talk (2016))
Chris Pinder (I) (Editorial Department, After the Axe (1981))
Chris Pippin (Art Department, Avenging Angel (2007))
Chrispin Lema (Actor, Shadows (2015))
Chris Pinto (V) (Camera Department, Dream Center (2016))
Chris Pinto (IX)
Chris Piniero (Sound Department, It Was Nice to Meet You (2009))
Chris Pinto (III) (Self, Lead Me Astray (2015))
Chris Pingre (Miscellaneous, The Sentence (1983))
Chris Pinyo (Actor, Scorpion 6 (2015))
Chris Pinto (XI) (Camera Department, Roll Thru (2017))
Chris Pinner (II) (Miscellaneous, Fingerprints (2017))
Chris Pinketh (I) (Actor, The Quincy Rose Show (2011))
Chris Pinto (IV) (Actor, The Forgotten Piece (2014))
Emma Chrispin (Actor, The Accordionist (2011))
Chris Pinto (VI)
Chris Pinnick (Actor, Now More Than Ever: The History of Chicago (2016))
Chris Pinili (Actor, Rising Waters (2010))
Chris Pike (IX)
Chris Pixley (Self, The Murder of Laci Peterson (2017))
Kris Pine (Actor, Shockboys (2001))
Chris Piccaro (Music Department, Whiplash (2014))
Chris Pinkalla (Actor, Land of Leopold (2014))
Mari Spinelli (Actress, Gamer (2009))
Chris Pizzi (Actor, Cubed (2009))
Crispin Pineda (Actor, Nasaan ka, Elisa? (2011))
Chris Pike (I) (Writer, Rachel's Room (2001))
Chris Prine (Actor, Twenty Million People (2013))
Chris Pip (Miscellaneous, Body Work (1989))
Chris Pike (VII) (Self, Click Online (2000))
Chris Pio (Actor, Silencio (2004))
Chris Pike (VIII) (Self, Flying Wild Alaska (2011))
Chris Piri (Assistant Director, Killing Heat (1981))
Chris Pike (IV) (Self, The Gadget Show (2004))
Chris Pitt (II) (Miscellaneous, Horizon (1964))
Chris Pits (Art Department, A Walk in the Park (1999))
Chris Pike (VI)
Chris Pike (X) (Miscellaneous, Love Your Garden (2011))
Chris Pike (II) (Miscellaneous, McLeod's Daughters (2001))
Chris Pike (V) (Miscellaneous, Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure (1994))
Chris Pike (III)
Chris Pico (Camera Department, Segunda mano (2011))
Christine Crispin (Miscellaneous, Boys Village (2011))
Chris Pittman (I) (Camera Department, Psychic Brats (2012))
Chris Pickle (Director, Saving Grace (2010))
Chris Pirillo (Actor, Call for Help (1998))
Chris Spinelli (I) (Actor, Jimmy Kimmel Live! (2003))
Chris Espinel
Chris Pieper (I) (Cinematographer, Radio Futura (2017))
Chris Piper (IV) (Editorial Department, Vice Principals (2016))
Chris Pirelli (Actor, Money Talks (2014))
Chris Pinkston (Sound Department, The Imitation Game (2014))
Chris Pielli (Actor, Middle Initial (2014))
Crispin Struthers (Editorial Department, The Fighter (2010))
Chris Picard (Actor, Last Haul (2012))
Chris Pitman (I) (Soundtrack, Body of Lies (2008))
Chris Pijuan (Actor, Come Back Home (2014))
Aris Pineda
Crispin Swain (Composer, Travels with Pevsner (1997))
Crispin Evans (Producer, Multi-Coloured Swap Shop (1976))
Celina Chrispin (Actress, Alguém Qualquer (2013))
Gus Pierre-Chrispin (II) (Camera Department, Mas Man: The Complete Work (2015))
Chris Pinfeild (Cinematographer, Student Films Are Stupid (2016))
Chris Pinnella (Actor, Going Home (2010))
Gus Pierre-Chrispin (I) (Miscellaneous, Mas Man Peter Minshall (2010))
Chris Pingitore (Cinematographer, The Dunkells (2017))
Mrs. Chris-Pin Martin (Actress, The Call of Courage (1925))
Jamie Chrispin (Actor, The Accordionist (2011))
Chrispin Mwakideu (Actor, Londynczycy (2008))
Chris Pikula (Self, Enter the Battlefield: Life on the Magic - The Gathering Pro Tour (2016))
Bob Chrispijn (Cinematographer, Het wonderlijke Leven van Willem Parel (1955))
Chris Pitman (V) (Actor, The First War for Western Civilization (2014))
Chris Pitts (III)
Chris Pitts (I) (Art Department, A Walk in the Park (1999))
Chris Pishkin
Chris Pizarro (Editor, Life of Leopold (2011))
Chris Pierson (II) (Writer, The Lord of the Rings Online (2007))
Chris Pierson (I) (Producer, And I Lived (2005))
Chris Pitman (III) (Art Department, Blackwater Trail (1995))
Chris Pitts (V) (Special Effects, The Murders of Brandywine Theater (2014))
Chris Pitts (IV)
Chris Pierce (VI) (Actor, Kate (2014))
Chris Pieffer (Composer, Stony Ridge (2012))
Chris Pipoli (Editorial Department, Nick News with Linda Ellerbee (1991))
Chris Pickard (II) (Miscellaneous, Happy Feet (2006))
Chris Pizzapi (Actor, Kill Teaser (2017))
Chris Pierre (I) (Self, Camp Woodward (2008))
Chris Pikus (Camera Department, Final Witness (2012))
Chris Pitts (VI) (Assistant Director, Permanence (2013))
Chris Pilmore (Actor, Gabriel Cushing: Strange Encounters (2014))
Chris Pirih (Miscellaneous, SkiFree (1991))
Chris Piesker (Miscellaneous, Wild Australia: The Edge (1996))
Chris Pierick (Director, Heat M.V. (2008))
Chris Pigas (Miscellaneous, Perfect Dark (2000))
Chris Piper (IX) (Self, Stage School (2016))
Chris Pilat (Actor, Schultze Gets the Blues (2003))
Chris Picco (II) (Actor, Simple Life (2015))
Chris Piazza (I) (Cinematographer, Masterpiece: Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns (2013))
Chris Pickens (Editorial Department, The 82nd Annual Academy Awards (2010))
Chris Pizzo (Camera Department, Frontline (1983))
Chris Pienta (Actor, Fated (2005))
Chris Pique
Chris Pickles (I) (Actor, Peter's Friends (1992))
Chris Picco (I) (Self, CNN Newsroom (1989))
Chris Pilutik (Miscellaneous, Disturbing Behavior (1998))
Chris Pitsch (Actress, A Viagem (1994))
Chris Pilotte (Producer, When I Die (2009))
Chris Pidgeon (III) (Camera Department, Louis C.K. Oh My God (2013))
Chris Pirri (Actor, Peterboy (2014))
Chris Pirog (Producer, A Primitive Device (2016))
Chris Piazza (II) (Self, The Lawrence Welk Show (1955))
Chris Pilch (Producer, Delirium (2005))
Chris Pitts (II) (Actor, The American Mall (2008))
Chris Piccolo (Sound Department, Just Remember That They're Dead (2011))
Chris Pichler (Actress, Blindflug (2007))
Chris Piper (III) (Art Department, Home and Away (1988))
Chris Pirazzi (Editorial Department, KaBlam! (1996))
Chris Pillay (Actor, A Chip of Glass Ruby (1982))
Chris Pickles (IV) (Miscellaneous, Much Ado About Nothing (1993))
Chris Pierz (Visual Effects, Lore (2017))
Chris Piepers (Editor, Missend Element (2011))
Chris Pickard (IV) (Self, Click Online (2000))
Chris Piper (II) (Actor, Same Difference (2002))
Chris Pickett (Sound Department, Blood, Guts, Bullets and Octane (1998))
Chris Pidgeon (I) (Director, Dr Freo: Specialist in Chill (2010))
Chris Pierce (V) (Writer, Inside the Critics Mind (2008))
Chris Piercey (Sound Department, Relaxation Massage (2006))
Chris Pierce (IX) (Actor, Strange Creatures (2017))
Chris Pianka (Editorial Department, Harvey Beaks (2015))
Chris Pickard (V) (Self, Secrets of the Crime Museum (2008))
Chris Pishue (Miscellaneous, When He Comes Back )
Chris Piccard
Chris Pickles (III) (Miscellaneous, Ruddigore (1982))
Chris Pidgeon (II) (Camera Department, Arizona Heat (1988))
Chris Piper (VII) (Editorial Department, Wonder Buffalo (2017))
Chris Pischke (Self, Citizen Steve (1987))
Chris Piper (V) (Self, Breakfast (2000))
Chris Pickard (I) (Costume Department, The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson (1998))
Chris Pieri (Actor, The End (2014))
Chris Pierce (VIII) (Animation Department, Listen to Bapou (2017))
Chris Pickup (I) (Costume Designer, For One Night Only (2005))
Chris Pigott (Set Decorator, The Bottle (2011))
Chris Pither (Self, Dreamer )
Chris Pitts (VII) (Writer, RAH! (1975))
Chris Piper (I) (Location Management, Edtv (1999))
Chris Pickup (II) (Editor, Happy Birthday Mom (2011))
Chris Pilaro (Camera Department, Blue Vinyl (2002))
Chris Pickard (III) (Miscellaneous, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005))
Chris Pierags (Camera Department, The Dark Side of War (2009))
Chris Pierce (III)
Chris Pierson (III) (Miscellaneous, Deceased & Co. (2016))
Chris Pieper (II)
Chris Pickles (II) (Music Department, Capturing Mary (2007))
Chris Pitaro (Miscellaneous, Strikeforce Challengers (2009))
Chris Pilon (Actor, Reunion (2009))
Chris Pignone
Chris Pierre (II) (Cinematographer, The Reeves (2017))
Rob Chrispijn (Soundtrack, Het Klokhuis (1988))
Chris Pitman (VII) (Self, Britain's Got Talent (2007))
Chris Pickford (Miscellaneous, Project Gotham Racing 2 (2003))
Chris Pitman (VI) (Self, Guns N' Roses Appetite for Democracy 3D Live at Hard Rock Las Vegas (2014))
Chris Pipkin (Self, I Am Not My Body (2012))
Chris Pierce (IV) (Producer, The Ladder (2013))
Chris Piller (Self, Canada's Greatest Know It All (2012))