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Chris W. Freeman (Producer, Rivers 9 (2015))
aka "Chris Freeman"
Chris Freeman (I) (Actor, Sin (2003))
Chris Freeman (VIII) (Self, Chris & Don. A Love Story (2007))
Chris Freeman (II)
Chris Freeman (XIII) (Director, Roommate from Hell (2011))
Chris Freeman (V) (Actor, The News (2007))
Chris Freeman (XIV) (Director, Chris Freeman Presents: A Scene from Star Trek - The Next Generation Episode 3x09 - The Vengeance Factor (2011))
Chris Freeman (IV) (Producer, Poof (2004))
Chris Freeman (III) (Sound Department, After Hours (2006))
Chris Freeman (VI) (Composer, Men's Room (Portmanteau's Simultanagnosia) (2007))
Chris Freeman (IX) (Sound Department, I'd Rather Be Dead Than Live in This World (2005))
Chris Freeman (XII) (Actor, Judges Creed (2014))
Chris Freeman (X) (Sound Department, A Little Bit Zombie (2012))
Chris Freeman (XVI) (Actor, Wedding Wrecker (2014))
Chris Freeman (XV) (Actor, The Curtain Closes (2012))
Chris Freeman (XI) (Actor, Dirty Jokes the Movie (2008))
Chris Freeman (VII) (Self, An Anything But Ordinary Journey (2009))
Kris Freeman (Actress, Fellowship of the Dice (2005))
Loris Freeman (Composer, Le mystère de l'oiseau blanc (2010))
Ellis Freeman (Writer, Princesa (2001))
Travis Freeman (Actor, 23 Blast (2014))
Chris Free (Producer, Annabel Lee (2013))
Christine Freeman (I) (Actress, Jaws 2 (1978))
Denis Freeman (Writer, Double Take (2001))
Yis Freeman (I) (Cinematographer, The Birth of Sock Juice (2011))
Yis Freeman (II) (Director, The Birth of Sock Juice (2011))
Louis Freeman (Editor, The Usher (2013))
Lois Freeman (II) (Sound Department, Carrie (1976))
Davis Freeman (Actor, Monkey Sandwich (2011))
Otis Freeman (Actor, Outside My Window (2012))
Lois Freeman (III) (Editorial Department, Squirm (1976))
Ivis Freeman (Miscellaneous, Family Guy (1999))
Dennis Freeman (I) (Actor, National Lampoon's Vacation (1983))
Chris Freeland (II) (Camera Department, Invitation to the Dance (2016))
Chris Freeland (I) (Composer, Cellar (2005))
Chris Freeze (Actress, Dream Maker (2011))
Chris Freeney (Actor, Dad's Dead (2002))
Chris Freer (Editorial Department, The Illusionist (2010))
Criss Freeman (Actor, Dreamrider (1993))
Alexis Freeman (Actress, Hard Time Harvey (2016))
Lauris Freeman (Casting Department, Kingpin (1996))
Shelby Christine Freeman (Actress, Miles (2016))
Lois Freeman-Fox (Editor, Fantasia 2000 (1999))
Chris Freedman (Actor, See It Through (2006))
Phyllis Freeman (II) (Actor, Malicious Intent II (2016))
Curtis Freeman (Actor, The Bob Show (2007))
Travis Freeman Webb (I) (Actor, The Quest for Suki (2015))
Dennis Freeman (II) (Transportation Department, The Reader (2008))
Phyllis Freeman (I) (Actress, Jack and Jill: A Postscript (1970))
Travis Freeman Webb (II)
Glynis Freeman (Miscellaneous, The Moxy & Flea Show (1995))
Christopher Freeman (III) (Miscellaneous, Medal of Honor: European Assault (2005))
aka "Chris Freeman"
Christopher Freeman (V) (Composer, An Anything But Ordinary Journey (2009))
Christopher Freeman (II) (Actor, Battlefield Earth (2000))
Christopher Freeman (IV) (Self, The Devil's Breath: The Story of the Hillcrest Mine Disaster (2005))
Christopher Freeman (I) (Art Director, Emmett's Mark (2002))
Christine Freeman (IV)
Christine Freeman (II) (Actress, The State's Conception (2000))
Christine Freeman (III) (Miscellaneous, Up (2009))
Christine W. Freeman
Chris E. Freeman (Self, Legendary Sin Cities (2005))
Christopher Freeman (VI) (Actor, Housewife Alien vs. Gay Zombie (2016))
Guthrie Piers Freeman (Editor, Strangers (2013))
Kristi Arians Freeman (Self, A Football Life (2011))