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Chris Flanders (I) (Actor, L.A. Noire (2011))
Chris Flanders (II) (Actor, Requiems (2014))
Kris Flanders (Self, Marngrook Footy Show (2007))
Lewis Flanders (Art Department, A Perfect Soldier (2014))
Chris Flannegan (Miscellaneous, The Adventures of Pete & Pete (1992))
Chris Flannigan (Actor, Blake's 7 (1978))
Chris Flanigan (II) (Composer, Crab Trap (2017))
Chris Flannery (Self, Dancing with the Stars (2004))
Chris Flanagan (Camera Department, Touch Base (1994))
Chris Flanigan (I) (Camera Department, Thank God You're Here (2007))
Christian Flanders (Music Department, Xi you ji zhi: Sun Wukong san da Baigu Jing (2016))
Chris Landers (Camera Department, Hello, My Name Is Charlie (2009))
Christy Landers (Actress, The Swan Princess: Escape from Castle Mountain (1997))
Christian Flandera (Self, Österreich-Bild (1975))
Christine L. Anderson (Actress, Nunsense (1993))
Christopher Landers (I) (Sound Department, Angel (1999))
Chrishon Landers (Actor, Girls (2012))
Christa Landers (Actress, The Death of Daniel Whately (2004))
Christopher Landers (III) (Sound Department, Williamsburg: The Story of a Patriot (1957))
Christina Landers (Production Designer, Raw Cut (2013))
Christoph Landerer (Camera Department, Kalkofes Mattscheibe (1994))
Christopher Landers (II)
Christine Landers (Actress, Creed of Gold (2014))
Chrishon J. Landers
Christopher Landerer (Camera Department, National Geographic: Inside 9/11 (2005))
Christopher Paul Anderson
Christian Will Anderson (Camera Department, Nurse Nancy (2014))
Tina Christel Andersen (Writer, Jul i Magasin (2000))
Christopher 'FreeSol' Anderson
Christopher Michael Anderson