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Chay Carter (I) (Producer, Argo (2012))
Chay Carter (II) (Actor, Sabor tropical (2009))
Ray Carter (IV) (Composer, Burning Sky (2013))
Ray Carter (II) (Actor, Griff the Invisible (2010))
Ray Carter (III) (Miscellaneous, iN Deep (2011))
Jay Carter (VII) (Self, Modern Marvels (1993))
Jay Carter (IX) (Actor, Tomorrow (2014))
Kay Carter (I) (Costume Department, Pearl Harbor (2001))
Kay Carter (III) (Self, Golden Goal (2006))
Jay Carter (IV) (Self, Opening Soon (2001))
Kay Carter (II) (Miscellaneous, Lost (2004))
Jay Carter (V) (Self, 60 Minutes (1968))
Ray Carter (I) (Music Department, Il Natale che quasi non fu (1966))
May Carter
Jay Carter (XI) (Actor, Somebodies (2008))
Jay Carter (XIII)
Jay Carter (VI) (Actor, Given Away for Love (2012))
Jay Carter (X) (Writer, Concept to Code (2014))
Jay Carter (III)
Jay Carter (VIII) (Director, Southern Fried Fencing (2014))
Jay Carter (II) (Director, Bipolar Light (2009))
Day Carter (Actor, Red-Handed (2015))
Jay Carter (XII)
Stephanie Kay Carter (Actress, Shattered Reflections (2015))
Hailey Carter (I) (Actress, The Wicked Shamrocks (2010))
Clay Carter (I) (Camera Department, Show: A Night in the Life of Matchbox Twenty (2004))
Clay Carter (III)
Clay Carter (IV) (Miscellaneous, Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects (2005))
Nuray Carter (Sound Department, Donna's Story (2010))
Clay Carter (II) (Art Department, The Campaign (2012))
Bobbi Ray Carter (Self, The Home Shopping Club (1985))
Hailey Carter (III) (Miscellaneous, Horse Camp (2014))
Hailey Carter (II) (Make Up Department, Hell at Heathridge (2013))
Florence May Carter (Make Up Department, Shallow (2012))
Lindsay Carter (III) (Production Designer, Wish For Christmas (2016))
Lindsay Carter (I) (Actress, Pomelo (2016))
Lindsay Carter (II) (Miscellaneous, Horse Camp (2014))
Jason Jay Carter (Self, Empire After Show (2015))
Victoria May Carter (Production Manager, Red Letter (2011))
Lindsay Carter (IV) (Writer, Sister (2016))
Gina Lindsay Carter (Producer, Take a Look Around (2003))
Michael Henry Carter (Writer, The Hunt for Eagle One (2006))
Zachary Carter (III) (Miscellaneous, Far from the Tree (2012))
Charity Carter (Actress, Killinaskully (2003))
Zachary Carter (IV) (Sound Department, On the Run )
Zachary Carter (II) (Self, Agents of Change (2016))
Zachary Carter (I) (Visual Effects, How to Train Your Dragon (2010))
Chase & Krissy Carter