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Charlotte Stewart (I) (Actress, Eraserhead (1977))
Charlotte Stewart (III) (Costume Department, Life in Colors (2015))
Charlotte Stewart (II) (Art Department, Shattered (2007))
Charlotte Westenra (Assistant Director, Justifying War: Scenes from the Hutton Enquiry (2004))
Charlotte Stein (I) (Miscellaneous, Oculus (2013))
Charlotte Wates (Actress, Stolen (1990))
Charlotte Ward (I) (Writer, Thirst (2012))
Charlotte Ware Epley (Actress, Unraveled (2015))
Charlotte Warner
Charlotte Ward (III)
Charlotte Ward (II)
Charlotte Warnes (Art Department, Mansfield 66/67 (2017))
Charlotte Ward (IV)
Charlotte Warren (I) (Producer, The Six String Strangler (2013))
Charlotte Warren (II) (Camera Department, The Poet (2015))
Charlotte Wardell (Art Department, Paramnesia (2010))
Charlotte Warne (Miscellaneous, Affection (2016))
Charlotte Stevens (I) (Actress, In a Moment of Temptation (1927))
Charlotte Wagster (Costume Department, A Return to Salem's Lot (1987))
Eleanor Charlotte Stewart (Actress, The Calling (2009))
Charlotte Ewart (Miscellaneous, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (2016))
Charlotte Western (Producer, Not Another B Movie (2010))
Charlotte Swartwood
Charlotte Stent (Actress, Don't Tell (2017))
Charlotte St. Martin (Miscellaneous, The 67th Annual Tony Awards (2013))
Charlotte St-Martin (II) (Actress, Les Affamés (2017))
Charlotte St-Martin (I) (Actor, 12 weeks (2015))
Charlotte Stephens (Actress, Divided Kingdom (2010))
Charlotte Stenberg (Actress, Svamp (2012))
Charlotte Sterland (Actress, Marie (2014))
Charlotte Steinweg (Actress, Dicker als Wasser (2004))
Charlotte Stern
Charlotte Stevens (II) (Miscellaneous, Black (2006))
Charlotte Steeples (Camera Department, Bobby Yeah (2011))
Charlotte Stej (Self, Danmark for begyndere - Historien om Lokalplan 219 (2004))
Charlotte Steiner (Editorial Department, Zapp (2002))
Charlotte Stein (II) (Actress, Doctor on Trial, die erste Operation (2015))
Charlotte Steneloo (Miscellaneous, Ronny & Julia (2000))
Charlotte Steuer (Miscellaneous, Forundje: Weißer (2013))
Charlotte Steele (Actress, Misadventures in Matchmaking (2009))
Charlotte Stevens (III) (Actress, Rescue Special Ops (2009))
Jessica Charlotte Ward (Costume Department, La Lune Folle (2016))
Charlotte Stuart-Grumbar (Art Director, Otherside (2011))
Charlotte Steinhauer (Actress, Teufelsbraten (2007))
Charlotte Stente Nielson (Director, Blackbird (2016))
Charlotte Steidinger (Editor, Freitag, der 13. (1949))
Charlotte Steenackers (Miscellaneous, The Poets (2015))
Charlotte Steunebrink (Cinematographer, Pocket Knife Army: 89 (2016))
Charlotte Stente Nielsen (Editor, Blackbird (2016))
Charlotte (XXIV) (Actress, Love Is a Four Letter Word (1966))