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André Charlot (Director, Elstree Calling (1930))
Charlotte Alexandra (I) (Actress, A Real Young Girl (1976))
Charlotte Valandrey (Actress, Red Kiss (1985))
Charlot Aime
Alexandre Charlot (Writer, Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis (2008))
Charlotte Roustang (Casting Director, Ce sentiment de l'été (2015))
Charlotte Pendragon (Self, The Magic Comedy Strip (1991))
Charlie Parlota (Self, The Lawrence Welk Show (1955))
Charlotte Kendrick (Actress, A Case of You (2013))
Charlotta Nylund (Costume Designer, Offerlamm (1999))
Charlotta Nygren (Actress, Sex vågade livet (2003))
Charlotte Lorestani (Producer, My Sixteenth Summer (2009))
Charlotte Tanguy (Camera Department, Je pourrais être votre grand-mère (2010))
Charlotta Nilsson
Charlotte Catania (Actress, Fan (2009))
Charlotte Stanton (I) (Actress, The Long Hot Summer (1985))
Charlotta Nordström (Actress, Se & inse (2005))
Charlotte Stanton (II)
Charlotte Andrews (VI) (Self, This Is Hardcore (1998))
Charlotte Andrews (II)
Charlotte Alexandre (Actress, Fausse teinte (2004))
Charlotte Alessandri (Art Department, Nouvelle Maud (2010))
Charlotte Hendrickx (Miscellaneous, Bellicher (2010))
Charlotte R. Hendrix (Production Manager, Powering the Future (2010))
Charlotte Andrews (III) (Actress, Grim: A Tale of Death )
Charlotte Hendrix (Producer, A Cure for Love & Death (2013))
Charlotte Andrews (I) (Actress, The Squirt (2008))
Charlotte Andrews (V) (Actor, White Dreams (2015))
Charlotte Andrews (VII)
Charlotte Landry
Charlotte Andre (Actor, Dear Charlotte (2014))
Charlotte Andrews (IV) (Art Department, The Blood Lands (2014))
Charlotte Andrew (Miscellaneous, Final Cut (1998))
Charlotte Alexandra (II) (Actress, The Tale (2018))
Brittany Charlotte Smith (Actress, Suits (2011))
Charlotte Durand-Raucher (Actress, Rien n'a changé (2018))
Charlotte Constantin (Actress, The Bold and the Beautiful (1987))
Marie-Charlotte Stanquic (Make Up Department, Le temps des porte-plumes (2006))
Walt and Charlotte Nettell
Charlotte Tabert Andersen (Actress, Zahle's Top 10 (2003))
Charlotte Tan-Baterina (Actress, Ratsada (1999))
Charlotte Napolitano (Actress, Party Girls (2014))
Charlotte Vandriessche (Actress, Le prince de ce monde (2008))
Sophie Charlotte Andresen (Miscellaneous, Ghost in the Shell (2017))
Charlotte Andresen Sørensen (Self, Sporløs (1999))
Charlotte Hestenes Undrum (Miscellaneous, ZombieLars (2017))