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Charles Myers (IV) (Producer, Almost Epic (2007))
aka "Charlie Myers"
Charlie Myers (V) (Director, Virtuoso (2014))
Charlie Myers (I) (Producer, The Wonderful World of Disney (1997))
Charlie Myers (IV)
Charlie Minn (Director, A Nightmare in Las Cruces (2011))
Charlie Mills (V) (Actor, The Water Boatman (2016))
Fairlie Myers (Costume Department, Grown Ups (2010))
Charlie Minor
Charlie Mills (IV) (Actor, Barney & Friends (1992))
Charlie Meyer (I)
Charlie Mayer (II)
Charlie Mayer (I) (Self, Excused (2011))
Charlie Meyer (III)
Charlie Meyer (II) (Actor, The Last Hurrah (2009))
Charlie Myzak (Miscellaneous, Pageant Place (2007))
Charlie Miler (Actress, Skateboards and Spandex (2010))
Charlie Micu (Camera Department, Shake Rattle Roll 13 (2011))
Charlie Mills (I) (Writer, The Trap Door (1984))
Charlie Minow (Visual Effects, In Between Moments (2005))
Charlie Mysak (Director, Celebrity Ghost Stories (2008))
Charlie Mills (III)
Charlie Mills (II) (Self, SexTV (1998))
Charlie Midnight (Soundtrack, Desperado (1995))
Charlie Meers (Camera Department, The Audition (2015))
Charlie Ayers (Actor, Bar Moments (2005))
Charlie Meyers (Miscellaneous, Freeriders (1998))
Charlie Miserez
Charlie Mayerhoff (Actor, Gamers )
Charlie Mileham (Make Up Department, 45 Years (2015))
Charlie Miller (XI) (Actor, The Angels' Share (2012))
Charlotte Myers
Charlie Michaels (II) (Actor, Affect (2013))
Charlie Miranda (Actor, Merkaritz Ink (2014))
Charlie Michael Pope (Actor, The Catterson Chronicles (2016))
Charlie Miller (IV) (Actor, Lovebox (1972))
Charlie Miller (XIV) (Self, Click Online (2000))
Charlie Miller (XVI) (Actor, Above Average Presents (2012))
Charlie Millen (Camera Department, Echo Screen (2016))
Charlie Mitchell (VIII) (Actor, Shipwrecked on a Great Lake (2014))
Charlie Mitchell (I) (Soundtrack, Little Nikita (1988))
Charlie Mitchell (VI) (Actor, Poster Boy (2006))
Charlie Milburn (Camera Department, Sahkanaga (2011))
Charlie Michael Levy (Actor, City of Dreams (2012))
Charlie Minnion (Visual Effects, The Otherworld (2016))
Charlie Mitchell (III) (Actor, Lockdown (2000))
Charlie Miller (III) (Actor, Teachers (2001))
Charlie Michele (Producer, Scrum (2009))
Charlie Michaels (I) (Producer, Postcards (1999))
Charlie Mitchell (IV) (Camera Department, Dot the I (2003))
Charlie Miller (VIII) (Self, There's Still Hope for Dreams (A Phamaly Story) (2010))
Charlie Millington (Actor, Little Crackers (2010))
Charlie Miller (VII)
Charlie Mitchell (V) (Make Up Department, Elimination (2010))
Charlie Mischer (Composer, Senioritis (2011))
Charlie Mitchell (VII) (Self, Teen a Go Go: A Little Film About Rock and Roll History (2012))
Charlie Mycroft (Actor, Reactions (2016))
Charlie Mitten (Self, Kicking & Screaming (1995))
Charlie Minshall (Actor, Senior Prom (2010))
Charlie Miller (XV) (Actress, Intersection (2012))
Charlie Milton (Music Department, Meat Loaf: Three Bats Live (2007))
Charlie Miller (II) (Music Department, Polyester (1981))
Charlie Miller (IX) (Sound Department, Coals to Newcastle: The New Mastersounds, from Leeds to New Orleans (2010))
Charlie Mitchell (II) (Actor, Tidal Pool (2010))
Charlie Miller (I) (Miscellaneous, Truman (1995))
Charlie Miller (V) (Stunts, Death Tunnel (2005))
Charlie Miglino (Actor, What Happened Last Night (2016))
Charlie Middleton (Actor, Amber (2017))
Charlie Mihelich (Assistant Director, Pitiful Creatures (2015))
Charlie Miller (X) (Actress, The Third Age (2009))
Charlie Milarvie (Self, Battle Mountain: Graeme Obree's Story (2015))
Charlie Michale (Actor, The Interview (2002))
Charlie Miller (VI) (Producer, The Venture Bros. (2003))
Charlene 'Charlie' Miller (Director, A Dog Tale (2011))
Charlie Mirador (Actor, Metro Manila (2013))
Charlie Miller (XII) (Animation Department, Nina Needs to Go (2014))
Charlie Miller (XIII) (Actor, Happy & Gay (2014))
Charlie McPherson (Transportation Department, Front and Center (2013))
Charlie Mershon (Actor, Z-Kure (2015))
Charlie Meredith (Visual Effects, Fair Haven (2016))
Charlie Masters (II) (Camera Department, Chromiumblue.com (2003))
Charlie Masters (I) (Actor, A Dangerous Summer (1982))
Charlie Macpherson (Producer, One Man and His Dog (2010))
Charlie Minsky Malone (Self, Melbourne - Australiens neue Boomtown (2012))
Charlie Michael Cargile
Charlie Densel Mwiyeretsi (Actor, Hang Out (2013))