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Charles Dennis (I) (Writer, Finders Keepers (1984))
Charles Dennis (II) (Editorial Department, The Electric Barbarellas (2011))
Charles Bronson (I) (Actor, Once Upon a Time in the West (1968))
Charles Denniston (Visual Effects, In the Blood (2014))
Charles Dennis Platt (Actor, The Wheel of Fortune (1923))
Charles Denner (Actor, The Man Who Loved Women (1977))
Charles Denny (Actor, Hair (1979))
Charles Denn (Actor, My Uncle the Alien (1996))
Charles Dent (V) (Editor, When Nature Calls (2007))
Charles Denning
Charles Dent (II) (Actor, Herotica )
Charles Dente (Producer, The New Deal (2011))
Charles Dent (VI) (Actor, Weather or Not (2013))
Charles Dent (I) (Actor, Red Headed Stranger (1986))
Charles Dent (III) (Music Department, The Colgate Comedy Hour (1950))
Charles Dent (IV) (Self, Cat Stevens: Majikat (2004))
Kenneth Charles Dennis (Assistant Director, Movie Madness (1982))
Charles Ennis (II)
Charles Ennis (I) (Editor, Separate Tables (1958))
Charles Ennis (III) (Actor, Starry Nights (2016))
Jean-Charles Deniau (Director, Raising the Mammoth (2000))
Charles Dennard (Self, GSTV Presents: Celebrity Chat (2012))
Charles Derenne (Soundtrack, A Portrait of Stella Schnabel (2013))
Dennis Charles (Actor, Rising Tones Cross (1985))
Charles Denton (V) (Producer, Sequoia (2014))
Charles De Ravenne (Actor, Thundering Hoofs (1924))
Charles Denham (Director, Surfing the Healthcare Tsunami: Bring Your Best Board (2012))
Charles Denton (I) (Actor, There's Only One Jimmy Grimble (2000))
Charles Denville (Actor, Smashing Day (1962))
Charles DeNaples
Charles den Tex (Writer, De Fractie (2015))
Charles Denton (IV)
Charles Denton (III) (Director, Inside Ireland (1966))
Charles Denblocker (Art Department, Blood Theatre (1984))
Charles Denton (II) (Writer, The Day the Clown Cried (1972))
Charles Denlar
Charles Denommee (Actor, The Percy Harris Story (2013))
Charles De Gennaro
Charles Bennis (Transportation Department, Now You See Me (2013))
Charles Jennissen (Actor, Guilt Complex (2004))
David Charles Denwood (Actor, Kill List (2011))
Jean-Charles Derennes (Camera Department, The Man from the Tiber (2015))
Dennis Berry (I) (Director, Highlander (1992))
Charles D. Hall (Art Director, Frankenstein (1931))
Dennis C. Alpert (Stunts, Se7en (1995))
Denny Vaughan (Music Department, Andy Williams' Kaleidoscope Company (1968))
Denny Bettis (Miscellaneous, The George Mitchell Glee Club (1957))
Chuck Eckert (Actor, Dragon Fighter (2003))
Deny King (Self, Southwest Tasmania: The Gliders (1986))