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Charles Rahi Chun (Actor, The Interview (2014))
aka "Charles Chun"
Dean-Charles Chapman (Actor, Before I Go to Sleep (2014))
Charles Chaplin (Writer, Modern Times (1936))
Charlet Chung (Actress, Overwatch (2016))
Gaius Charles (Actor, Salt (2010))
Charles Chu (Actor, Chu and Blossom (2014))
Les Charles (Writer, Frasier (1993))
Wes Charles Jr. (Actor, Way Past Cool (2000))
Charles Chudabala (Actor, 2 Jennifer (2016))
Charles Coburn (I) (Actor, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953))
Charles Fleischer (Actor, Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988))
Charles Busch (I) (Actor, One Life to Live (1968))
Charles Cooper (I) (Actor, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989))
Lewis Charles (Actor, Topaz (1969))
Charles Chen (I) (Self, Chopped (2007))
Charles Cyphers (Actor, Halloween (1978))
Charles Cioffi (Actor, Another World (1964))
Charles Cottier (Actor, Home and Away (1988))
Charles Chaplin Jr. (Actor, Fangs of the Wild (1954))
Charles M. Schulz (Writer, The Peanuts Movie (2015))
Charles Cruey (Actor, Echo: Children of the Eternal (2015))
Charles Crichton (I) (Director, A Fish Called Wanda (1988))
Charles Cha (Producer, Tales from the Riverbank (2015))
Charles Chiodo (Miscellaneous, Adventures in Wonderland (1992))
Charles Chun Hoe Looi (Miscellaneous, Fundamentally Happy (2015))
Charles Chan (IV) (Actor, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny (2016))
Charles Chan (I) (Producer, Saints and Soldiers (2003))
Charles R. Hunt (II) (Sound Department, American Gangster (2007))
Charles Craig (II) (Actor, Night of the Living Dead (1968))
Charles Chen (II) (Miscellaneous, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (2005))
Charles Cane (Actor, The Killing (1956))
Charles Christopher (IV) (Actor, Mad Men (2007))
Charles Cork (Actor, Snatch (2000))
Charles Correll (I) (Director, Melrose Place (1992))
Charles Charlii Sebunya (Actor, Single Life: The Musical (2010))
Charles Chauvel (Director, Jedda the Uncivilized (1955))
Frances Charles (Actress, Women from Headquarters (1950))
Charles Cain (IV) (Actor, Sleeping with Other People (2015))
Charles Schneider (II) (Actor, Zodiac (2007))
Charles Champlin (Self, The Player (1992))
Charles Chuck Tucker (Actor, The 19th Hole )
Charles Carroll (II) (Actor, Eagle Eye (2008))
Charles Huntsberry (Actor, Purple Rain (1984))
Charles Crumb (Thanks, Crumb (1994))
Charles Craig (I) (Actor, The Poor Little Rich Girl (1917))
Charles C. Stevenson Jr. (Actor, Men in Black (1997))
Charles Hunt (IX) (Actor, Now You See Me (2013))
Charles 'Chic' Sale (Actor, Rocky Mountain Mystery (1935))
Charles Clary (Actor, The Penalty (1920))
Charles Cohen (V) (Producer, The Last Season: The Life and Demolition of Baltimore's Memorial Stadium (2002))
Charles Churchward (Self, The September Issue (2009))
Charles Charlia (Actor, The Unusual Past of Thea Carter (1929))
Charles Chia
Charles Chaney (Actor, The Sabinal Canyon (2015))
Charles Esche (Actor, A Crime Against Art (2007))
Charles Chart (Miscellaneous, Time to Remember (1959))
Charles Chong (Producer, My Voice, My Life (2014))
Charles Cheng (II) (Actor, May pag-ibig pa kaya? (2002))
Charles Chan (III) (Miscellaneous, The Amazing Race (2001))
James Charles (III) (Producer, A.K.A.: It's a Wiley World! (2003))
Charles Chew (Actor, No Footing (2009))
James Charles (V)
James Charles (II) (Music Department, Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers (1988))
Charles Chase (I) (Self, Ben Harper: Pleasure and Pain (2002))
Charles Chen (V)
Charles Chima (Actor, Beyond the Verdict 2 (2007))
Charles Chak (Actor, Mazurkas (2016))
Charles Chang (Producer, Enso (2009))
Charles Chan (II) (Actor, Blaze of Gory (2016))
Charles Chavez (I) (Producer, Pitbull's New Year's Revolution (2014))
Charles Chanot (Actor, The Crystal Submarine (1927))
Charles Chamel (Actor, Tigancusa de la iatac (1923))
Charles Cheng (I)
Charles Cheng (IV) (Camera Department, Angel's Blood Mission (1987))
Charles Chase (II)
Charles Choo (I) (Actor, East Side Sushi (2014))
Charles Choo (II) (Animation Department, Godkiller: Walk Among Us (2010))
Charles Chen (III) (Camera Department, Love Monster (2016))
Charles Chick (Writer, A Race for a Ranch (1924))
Charles Child (Miscellaneous, Rook (2014))
Charles Cheng (III) (Miscellaneous, The Rotten Tomatoes Show (2009))
Charles C. Hill (Actor, Small White House (1990))
Charles Chen (VI) (Cinematographer, Shooting the Musical (2014))
Charles Choi (II) (Casting Department, T Double: Friends Helping Friends )
Charles Charlton (Cinematographer, Trooper 44 (1917))
Charles Cheek (Actor, Love Crimes (1992))
James Charles (VI) (Visual Effects, San Andreas (2015))
Charles Choi (I) (Animation Department, Boo Boo Runs Wild (1999))
Charles Chen (VII) (Miscellaneous, 2 Hours (2014))
Charles Chavez (II) (Actor, Hunger Pains (2015))
James Charles (I) (Actor, Ambleton Delight (2009))
Charles Charras (Actor, Une petite note d'humanité (2004))
James Charles (IV) (Actor, Us & Them (2013))
Charles Chabot (Director, Caribbean Nights: The Bob Marley Story (1982))
Wes Charles (Composer, These Precious Days (1982))
Giles Charle (Actor, The Watching (2011))
Charles Chaput (Self, Changed Lives: Miracles of the Passion (2004))
Charles Chic (Production Manager, The Wizard of Oz (1939))
Charles Chao-Hua Lee (Visual Effects, Chinese Zodiac (2012))
Nicolas Charles (I) (Actor, Echoes (2014))
Charles Croughwell (Stunts, Back to the Future (1985))
Charles Collier (I) (Producer, Euphoria (2017))
Charles Cecil (I) (Writer, Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon (2003))
Charles Eidschun (Producer, Tampa Jai Alai (2007))
Josue Louis-Charles (Actor, Road to Hope (2016))
Charles Cosby (Self, Cocaine Cowboys 2 (2008))
Charles C. (Miscellaneous, One Afternoon at the Body Dump (2012))
Charles Côté (Actor, Cruising Bar (1989))
Les Charlots (Composer, The Four Charlots Musketeers 2 (1974))
Charles 'Chip' Church (Miscellaneous, Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001))
Charles Churchill (Production Designer, One (2013))
Charles 'Chuck' Coyl (Actor, Eyeborgs (2009))
Charles Churchman (I)
Charles 'Chuck' Kerber (Miscellaneous, Succubus: Hell-Bent (2007))
Charles Church (Self, Hillbilly: The Real Story (2008))
Charles Chuck Taylor
Charles 'Chuddy' Smith (Composer, An Inconvenient Stay (2015))
Charles 'Chuck' Sasser
Charles Churchman (II) (Miscellaneous, Renée (2011))
Charles E. Schuler Jr. (Miscellaneous, Halo 3 (2007))
Charles 'Chucky' Kim (Actor, Spaceship (2015))
Charles Churchwell (Actor, Jim Crow to Barack Obama (2013))
Charles 'Chuck' Smith (Producer, Undefeated: The Chucky Mullins Story (2004))
Charles 'Chuck' Feaver (Actor, Teeth (1996))
Charles C. Brooks (Writer, Fighting for Honor )
Charles J.D. Schlissel (Producer, The Prestige (2006))
Charles Collingwood (II) (Actor, The Dark Crystal (1982))
Charles Campos (Actor, Soliloquy (2016))
Charles Cumming (II) (Writer, The Tracking of a Russian Spy (in development))
Charles Chiyangwa (Actor, Act of Valor (2012))
Charles Carroll (V) (Actor, The Last Ottoman: Knockout Ali (2007))
James Charles O'Neill (Actor, Alan (2015))
Charles Champion (I) (Actor, The Story Lady (1991))
Charles Christie (I) (Director, 813 (1920))
Charles Cohen (VII) (Actor, Stargate: Continuum (2008))
Carles Chulià (Actor, Máxima pena (2005))
Chris Charles (IV) (Producer, Power of Attorney (in development))
Hans Charles (Camera Department, Pariah (2011))
Charles Cavin (Actor, Orphan Train (2016))
Charles Cross (II) (Self, The Last 48 Hours of Kurt Cobain (2007))
Charles Hundt (Actor, Roses and Thorns (1912))
Charles Campbell (II) (Actor, Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995))
Charles Carpenter (I) (Actor, Tandem (2013))
Charles Chapman (I) (Actor, Beau Brummel (1913))
Mrs. Charles Craig (Actress, The Girl Who Had a Soul (1915))
Charles Cragin (Actor, True Lies (1994))
Charles Cross (I) (Actor, Citizen Kane (1941))
Charles Coleman (I) (Actor, The Gay Divorcee (1934))
Charles Curran (IV) (Assistant Director, The Machine (2013))
Charles Cantor (Actor, The Jack Benny Program (1950))
Charles Criss (Actor, The Inbetweeners (2012))
Charles Schulthies (Special Effects, Westworld (1973))
Charles Court (II) (Self, Nickel Queen (1971))
Charles Carson (I) (Actor, Secret Agent (1936))
Charles C. Wilson (Actor, It Happened One Night (1934))
James Louis-Charles (Actor, Pursuit of Honor: The Rise of George Washington (2006))
Charles Trieschmann (Writer, Two (1974))
Charles Cooper (XVI) (Actor, The Help (2011))
Charles Cowan Jr. (Actor, Monster's Ball (2001))
Charles H. Schneer (Producer, Clash of the Titans (1981))
Charles Collins (I) (Actor, Dancing Pirate (1936))
Charles Schultz (Cinematographer, The Soulless )
Charles H. Schultz (Producer, Studio One in Hollywood (1948))
Charles Carpentier (I) (Camera Department, The Bourne Ultimatum (2007))
Charles Croft (I) (Producer, Geoff Hunt: Portrait of a Marine Artist (2004))
Charles Coles (Cinematographer, Eric Durham: Florida's Confidence Man (2010))
Charles Collingwood (I) (Self, Adventure (1953))
Charles 'Chip' Bray (Actor, The Newton Boys (1998))
Charles Cooke (IV) (Self, Red Eye w/Tom Shillue (2007))
Charles Hunt (V) (Miscellaneous, The Adventures of Pete & Pete (1992))
Charles Hunt (I) (Actor, Tidal Wave: No Escape (1997))
Charles Hung (Actor, The Present (2012))
Charles Hunt (XII) (Actor, SFX Retaliator (1987))
Charles Hunt (X) (Actor, The Dark End of the Street (1981))
Charles Hunt (VI)
Charles Hunt (III) (Miscellaneous, Five Corners (1987))
Charles Hunt (VII)
Charles Hunt (XI) (Sound Department, American Loser (2007))
Charles Hunt (II) (Sound Department, Mumia Abu-Jamal: A Case for Reasonable Doubt? (1998))
Charles Hunt (IV) (Actor, Frostbite: Proof of Concept Film (2012))
Charles Hunt (VIII) (Camera Department, The World of Geology: Inside the Classroom (2013))
Charles J. Hunt (Editor, South of Panama (1928))
Charles R. Hunt (I) (Editor, The Lawless Frontier (1934))
Charles Camus (Actor, S.S. Tenacity (1934))
Charles Cecil (III) (Miscellaneous, Madoff (2016))
Charles Cantrell (Actor, Frank & Lola (2016))
Charles Casey (III)
Carles Chacón (Writer, Tria33 Extra (2015))
Charles Schulz (Miscellaneous, Thrill Factor (2015))
Charles Casillo (Camera Department, Summer of Sam (1999))
Charles Calvert (II) (Actor, Trocadero (1944))
Dean-Charles Champman
Charles Clark (V) (Actor, Friday the 13th: Return of Jason (2011))
Charles Mchunu (Actor, Billy Boy (1978))
Charlie Schu (Actor, Idiots Are Us (2006))
Charles 'Chuck' Bennett (Miscellaneous, Adam & Steve (2005))
Charles Caro (Actor, My Camera and Me (2002))
Charlene Esch (Thanks, Dirty Jobs (2005))
Charles Caine (Costume Designer, The Metropolitan Opera Presents (1977))
Charles Coate