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Catherine Deneuve (Actress, Dancer in the Dark (2000))
Catherine Dent (Actress, The Shield (2002))
Catherine Villeneuve (II) (Producer, Eleven Eleven (2016))
Catherine Villeneuve (I) (Costume Department, Crossing Paths (2015))
Catherine Villeneuve (III) (Costume Designer, Lumen (2017))
Catherine Dennis (Actress, Roundabout American (2012))
Katherine DeNeve (Art Department, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (2014))
Catherine Denson (I) (Production Manager, Wind at My Back (1996))
Catherine Denson (II) (Actress, Hands of Stone (2016))
Catherine de Duve (Art Department, Mina Tannenbaum (1994))
Catherine Denning (Actress, Jack Taylor: Cross (2016))
Catherine Denise (Music Department, The Hack (2017))
Catherine Denoyelle (Transportation Department, The Affair of the Necklace (2001))
Catherine Denie (Actress, Lock (1983))
Catherine Dennard (Actress, That Samba Thing (2007))
Catherine Denton
Catherine Den Hoed (Costume Department, Cuori in campo (1998))
Catherine Denguiadé
Catherine Deeney (Actress, Diamonds Are Forever (1971))
Catherine Benedek (Sound Department, Barcelona (1994))
Catherine Filion-Villeneuve (Costume Department, Brooklyn (2015))
Catherine Delporte Benedyk (Actress, Flat Chested (2013))