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Ann Carter (I) (Actress, The Curse of the Cat People (1944))
Anna Carteret (Actress, Juliet Bravo (1980))
Anne Carter (II) (Editor, The Jammed (2007))
Brandy Carter (Actress, Elvis & Nixon (2016))
Ann Carter (VI) (Assistant Director, Sakoru (2016))
Ann Carter (II) (Actress, The Flyin' Cowboy (1928))
Anne Carter (III) (Art Department, Passion in the Desert (1997))
Ann Carter (IV) (Casting Department, Into Temptation (2009))
Ann Carter (III) (Actress, Thrillmasters: Behind Enemy Lines (2003))
Anne Carter (I)
Anne Carter (IV) (Miscellaneous, Irina Palm (2007))
Ann Carter (V) (Miscellaneous, Fast Forward (1984))
Rosanna Carter (Actress, The Brother from Another Planet (1984))
Carter Anderson (III) (Actor, The Life and Death of John Gotti (2017))
Randy Carter (II) (Editor, The Lair (2007))
Randy Carter (I) (Assistant Director, Seinfeld (1989))
Carter Atkin (Actor, Wilton Academy (2017))
Oscar Teran (Producer, Máncora (2008))
Ricarte Rivera (Actor, Carmelo y Punto (1991))
Annette Haywood-Carter (Director, Foxfire (1996))
Georgianna Carter (Actress, The Wild Ride (1960))
Grace Anne Carter (Miscellaneous, Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013))
Hannah Carter (VII) (Actress, Unleashing Mr. Darcy (2016))
Carter Anne McGowan (Writer, Jingle Hell (2000))
Jeannie Carter-Cruz (Actress, Writers' Room (2014))
Ran Carter (Self, Word on the Str33t (2007))
Brandon Carter (I) (Self, A Brief History of Time (1991))
Grant Carter (Producer, The Carter Show (2015))
Leanne Carter (Actress, An Unfortunate Woman (2015))
Carter Armstrong (Music Department, La La Land (2016))
Brandon Carter (IV) (Actor, Civil (2009))
Hannah Carter (II) (Actress, This for That (2009))
Gerald Carter (VIII) (Miscellaneous, Chef (2014))
Gerald Carter (V) (Actor, Love of a Lifetime (2017))
Carter Adams (II) (Actor, 1001 Faces (2012))
Carter Aakhus (Actor, Paranormal Squad (2015))
Carter Adkins (Miscellaneous, The Delivery Girl (2015))
Carter Allen (III) (Actor, Ring Lardner's Horseshoes (2014))
Carter Allen (IV) (Actor, Meet Me After School (2011))
Carter Alsop (Stunts, Hooper (1978))
Carter Alton (Editor, Exiting the Life (2012))
Carter Alen (Actor, The Other Four (in development))
Carter Allen (I) (Camera Department, Spin (2003))
Gerald Carter (IX) (Music Department, Scarlett (2014))
Gerald Carter (I) (Sound Department, Home (2013))
Carter Allen (II)
Gerald Carter (III) (Self, The Experiment (2011))
Carter Allen (V) (Actor, My Summer as a Goth )
Carter Vera (Actor, NCIS (2003))
Carter Adler
Gerald Carter (II) (Self, 1980 NFL Draft (1980))
Carter Ause (Sound Department, Mandarose (2013))
Gerald Carter (VII)
Carter Abbott (Actor, A Numbers Game (2010))
Carter Adams (I)
Gerald Carter (IV) (Self, Parole Diaries (2012))
Cesar Teran (Location Management, Downside of being a... (2014))
Brannigan Carter (I) (Cinematographer, The Brannigan Account (2015))
Hannah Elizabeth Carter (Actress, The Mystery of Casa Matusita (2017))
Carter Ranson (Camera Department, Chonda Pierce Presents: Stand Up for Families (2016))
Hannah Carter (IV) (Sound Department, 368 (2011))
Joanna Carter (III) (Self, Stars in Their Eyes (1990))
Jeanne Carter (Actress, No-Good Maxine (2011))
Danno Carter (Writer, Crank Yankers (2002))
Anna Carter (I) (Actress, Queens Up! (1920))
Danny Carter (III) (Actor, Seven Songs for Malcolm X (1993))
Annie Carter (III) (Miscellaneous, You Can't Do That! The Making of 'A Hard Day's Night' (1995))
Carter Hannah (Writer, Half Minute Horror (2014))
Danny Carter (IV) (Miscellaneous, Skarecrow (2004))
Dianne Carter (Location Management, The Wonder Years (1988))
Annie Carter (II) (Make Up Department, Mister Dissolute (2009))
Danny Carter (VII) (Actor, The Drug Tours (2014))
Carter Pann (Composer, The Kiss (2011))
Rozann Carter (Miscellaneous, Catholicism (2011))
Carter Manny (Miscellaneous, Frank Lloyd Wright (1998))
Carter Hanner (Transportation Department, Dances with Wolves (1990))
Evanne Carter (Actress, Ouroboros (2015))
Hannah Carter (V) (Actress, Being Selfish (2013))
Joanna Carter (I) (Actress, There Is No Escape (1948))
Danny Carter (I) (Miscellaneous, Escape from L.A. (1996))
Annie Carter (I) (Actress, Disappearance (2002))
Anna Carter (V) (Self, Timeshift (2002))
Danny Carter (II) (Director, Letter from Christine (1960))
Hannah Carter (VI) (Actress, Nerd Bar Live (2013))
Joanna Carter (II) (Actress, In Convenience (2008))
Danny Carter (VI) (Actor, Stencil (2013))
Hannah Carter (III) (Actor, Free Me (2010))
Hannah Carter (I) (Actress, Baggage (2005))
Danny Carter (VIII)
Hannah Carter (VIII) (Miscellaneous, Star Trek: Hidden Frontier (2000))
Alanna Carter (Actress, The Struggle (2014))
Anna Carter (III)
Annie Carter (IV) (Actress, Do You See What I See? (2016))
Danny Carter (V) (Camera Department, Marvellous (2014))
Anna Carter (IV) (Actress, Random Films Incorporated Presents: PJAM-a Party (2012))
Anna Carter (II) (Actress, Zombie in a Penguin Suit (2011))
Carter and Valdez (Actor, Swingtime in Mexico (1952))
Carter Anthony (Actor, The Disturban Legend (2016))
Edith Pauccar-Teran (Miscellaneous, Top 40 Videos of 2008 (2008))
Carter Anderson (II) (Composer, Bellingham T'Nite (2013))
Brandon Carter (VII) (Actor, I Am More Than Just My Body (2009))
Brandon Carter (III) (Location Management, Hell or High Water (2016))
Frank Carter (VII) (Self, Code-Breakers: Bletchley Park's Lost Heroes (2011))
Zorana Carter (Self, Diva Talk Tonite (2014))
Frank Carter (II) (Art Department, Con Air (1997))
Frank Carter (VIII) (Director, Grey Britain (2009))
Frank Carter (I) (Self, A Musical Heartache (2014))
Randy Carter (IV)
Randy Carter (VI)
Fran Carter (Actress, Drop Squad (1994))
Brandon Carter (XI) (Camera Department, Waiting on Millie (2012))
Brandon Carter (VIII) (Self, Reel Shot TV (2008))
Frank Carter (VI) (Writer, Boys of the Old Brigade (1916))
Randi M. Carter (Actress, The City That Never Sleeps (2009))
Randy Carter (VIII) (Art Department, Salvia Divinorum; a Western Approach (2017))
Brandon Carter (X)
Randy Carter (V)
Brandon Carter (XIV) (Actor, My Being Is Bond (2014))
Brandon Carter (VI) (Camera Department, Battle for the Boot (2010))
Brandon Carter (XVII)
Duran Carter (Make Up Department, Streets of Hope (2014))
Brandon Carter (XII) (Self, 2012 Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl (2012))
Frank Carter (IV) (Sound Department, Dinocroc vs. Supergator (2010))
Brandon Carter (IX) (Self, The Critical Hour: Shock Trauma (2004))
Miranda Carter (Self, Queen Victoria's Children (2013))
Brandon Carter (V) (Director, Lost Then Found (2009))
Frank Carter (V) (Actor, The Curse of the Great Southwest (1913))
Frank Carter (III) (Actor, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (1957))
Randy Carter (VII) (Actor, The Scott Conner Show (2007))
Brandon Carter (XV) (Director, Powered by Story (2016))
Brandon Carter (XVI) (Editor, Visitor from Another World (2014))
Branden Carter (Actor, Grandma's Cookies (2016))
Randy Carter (III) (Actor, Tomb of the Werewolf (2004))
Frank Carter (IX) (Art Director, Old Mother Riley (1937))
Brandon Carter (XIII) (Make Up Department, Come Away Home (2005))
Brandon Carter (II) (Camera Department, Wishing on an Airplane (2010))
Carter Franz (Writer, Fowler (in development))
Kelly Ann Carter (Make Up Department, Your Roommate (2012))
Anne Carter Parker (Costume Department, Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills (1989))
Julie Ann Carter
Kerri-Anne Carter (Transportation Department, Stonehenge Apocalypse (2010))
Ann Catherine Carter (Actress, Sufferland (2015))
Molly Ann Carter (Actress, Big Top Pee-wee (1988))
Mary Ann Carter (Self, The Mike Douglas Show (1961))
Sarah Anne Carter (Actress, I'm Gonna Miss This Job Like a Hole in the Head (2017))
Shannon Carter (III) (Actress, Mark of the Dog Rose (2013))
Brannigan Carter (II) (Sound Department, The Brannigan Account (2015))
Frank Carter Jr. (Actor, Children of a Lesser God (1986))
Gerald L. Carter (Actor, Prince of Hitsville (2009))
Hannah Collins Carter (Sound Department, The Hiccup (2012))
Ronnie Rae Carter (Actor, Slice & Dice (2014))
Carter Ashbrook (Actor, Family Plan (1997))
Geraldine Carter (Actress, Hardy Bucks (2010))
Carter A. Paterson (Actor, If the Trees Could Talk (2014))
Carter A. Kessler (Camera Department, Lassie (1994))
Carter Albrecht (Self, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1992))
Monique Cartera (Actress, Les deux orphelines (1961))
Carter Apfelbaum (Writer, A Wondrous Fate (2003))
Carter Aldridge (Actor, The Model (2011))
Cari Carter Aguilar (Location Management, McBride: The Chameleon Murder (2005))
Carter A. Mickens (Actor, Thicker Than Blood (2017))
Hannah Grace Carter (Actress, Untold Stories of the ER (2004))
Ioannis Karterakis (Self, Oi epizontes (2011))
Donna Marterana (Actress, The Rude, the Mad, and the Funny (2014))
Jeannine Carter (Actress, Vamp Bikers (2013))
Channah Carter (Actress, Bij ons in de Jordaan (2000))
Brianna Carter (I) (Actress, Roulette (2012))
Breanna Carter (II) (Miscellaneous, Close Calls (2017))
Brianna Carter (II) (Actress, 21st Century America (2017))
Suzanne Carter (Camera Department, Gummo (1997))
Savannah Carter (Actress, A Father's Prayer (2006))
Annabel Carter (Producer, Between Two Worlds (2016))
Cheyann McCarter (Actress, Vanished (2014))
Annette Carter (Production Manager, Superships (2001))
Savanna Carter (Actress, Shadows (2007))
Annie Carter-Pena (Producer, Fifth Ward (1998))
Annette Smith-Carter (Actress, Just the Two of Us (2006))
Shannon Carter (IV) (Miscellaneous, The Other Side of the Track (2010))
Shannon Carter (VI) (Actress, Sons of the Wicked (2015))
Breanna Carter (I) (Actress, Christmas with Martini (2011))
Shannon Carter (I) (Actress, Economics 101 (2002))
LilliAnne Carter (Miscellaneous, Ice Princess (2005))
Shannon Carter (II) (Actress, Gala Dali (2001))
Anna Grace Carter (Actress, Heart Burn (2011))
Shannon Carter (VIII) (Actress, The Mothers (2017))
Adrianna Carter (Writer, Architect Blues (2017))
Shannon Carter (V) (Actress, Keeping Up with the Joneses (2011))
Rosanna Carteri (Actress, Falstaff (1956))
Shannon Carter (VII) (Miscellaneous, Home and Away: An Eye for an Eye (2015))
William Carter Spann (Self, Good Morning America (1975))
Randolph Carter (Casting Department, The Whisperer in Darkness (2011))
Franklin Carter
Frankie Carter (Self, Fight of the Week (1960))
Kahurangi Carter (Actress, Cry Wolf (2014))
Francis Carter (II) (Actor, The Vocation (2011))
Tim Carter-Brandt (Actor, Vision Quest (1985))
Bobby 'McCarran' Carter (Transportation Department, Casino (1995))
Miranda Rose Carter (Actress, The Engagement (2014))
Billie Carter-Rankin (Production Designer, Same Fruit, Different Tree (2017))
Terrance Carter (Camera Department, A Sort of Homecoming (2015))