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Sarah Carpenter (IV) (Actress, Girl Meets World (2014))
Carla Carpenter (II) (Actress, Emergency Landing (2016))
Sarah Carpenter (I) (Actress, Poldark (1996))
Larry Carpenter (I) (Director, One Life to Live (1968))
Lara Carpenter (Actress, Fugly (2001))
Sara Carpenter (Miscellaneous, Now: That's What I Call Dance Music (2009))
Tara Carpenter (Actress, Australia (2008))
Sarah Carpenter (V)
Sheilarae Carpentier Lau (Writer, Arthur (1996))
Marla Carpenter (Actress, Marla and Martha (2005))
Carla Carpenter (III)
Carla Carpenter (IV)
Carla Lynn Carpenter (Art Department, Think Healthy with Dr. Ren (2014))
Carla Carpenter (I) (Actress, Mrs. Stevens Hears the Mermaids Singing (2004))
Karla Carpenter (Actress, The Regulators (2014))
Marah Carpenter (Special Effects, Daisy Derkins vs. The Bloodthirsty Beast of Barren Pines! (2017))
Larry Carpenter (III) (Camera Department, Fate Accompli (2012))
Larry Carpenter (II) (Producer, Stand Your Ground (2013))
Barbara Carpenter (Self, The Serial Killers (1995))
Tamara Carpenter (Actress, Blood in the Woods (2012))
Sarah Carpenter (III) (Animation Department, The Simpsons (1989))
Sarah Carpenter (II)
Harace Carpenter (Actor, Pastor Jones: Sisters in Spirit (2007))
Garland Butch Carpenter (Sound Department, Water (1997))
Barbara Ellen Carpenter (Actress, Our Souls at Night (2017))