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Carolyn Chen (III) (Actress, Corner with Love (2007))
Carolyn Chen (I) (Camera Department, A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004))
Carolyn Chen (II) (Music Department, A Foetal Decision (2006))
Carolyn Choa (Miscellaneous, The English Patient (1996))
Carolyn Craig (I) (Actress, House on Haunted Hill (1959))
Carolyn Chen (IV) (Composer, Bu sahilde (2010))
Carolyn Hennesy (I) (Actress, True Blood (2008))
Carolyn Chelby (Actress, Halfaouine: Boy of the Terraces (1990))
Carolyn Chan (Actress, Fairy Tale Killer (2012))
Carolyn Chenery (I) (Self, A History of Ancient Britain (2011))
Carolyn Chenery (II)
Carolyn Chenery (III) (Producer, S4K's Romeo & Juliet (in development))
Carolyn Carter (I) (Actress, Harum Scarum (1965))
Carolyn Chang (Actress, Helpless, Naked Strugglers (2004))
Carolyn Chao
Carolyn Chin (Actress, Deterra (2016))
Carolyn Chiu
Carolyn Chu (Miscellaneous, Date or Disaster (2003))
Carolyn Choo (Art Director, Marjorie (2008))
Carolyn Chute (Writer, The Beans of Egypt, Maine (1994))
Carolyn E. Lynch (Miscellaneous, The Men Who Built America (2012))
Carolyn Coal (Director, Cache (1998))
Carolyn Conwell (Actress, Torn Curtain (1966))
Carolyn Cohen (I) (Miscellaneous, It's Alive III: Island of the Alive (1987))
Carolyn Cohen (II)
Carolyn Kepcher (Self, The Apprentice (2004))
Carolyn Courage (Actress, Terror (1978))
Carolyn Clifford (I)
Carolyn Mitchell (I) (Actress, The Cry Baby Killer (1958))
Carolyn Coates (Actress, The Hustler (1961))
Carolyn Crotty (Actress, The Black Dog (2015))
Carolyn Crawford (Actress, Coraline (2009))
Carolyn Cheshire (Self, Women of Iron (1984))
Carolyn Carradine (Actress, The Dream Chasers (1982))
Carolyn Chiodini-Cable (Writer, In the Open (2004))
Carolyn 'Cal' Loucks (Set Decorator, The Incredible Hulk (2008))
Carolyn Carew (Producer, Imagine Afrika (2007))
Carolyn Chesler (Miscellaneous, The Nisei Farmer (2003))
Carolyn Cheesman (Animation Department, Dot and the Bunny (1983))
Carolyn Colquhoun (Actress, Cold War Killers (1986))
Carolyn Cury (Editorial Department, John Wick (2014))
Carolyn Calcote (Actress, Bogard (1974))
Carolyn Combs (Director, Small Currents (2011))
Carolyn Craig (II) (Actress, Hijacked: Flight 285 (1996))
Carolyn Campbell (I) (Actress, Alien: Resurrection (1997))
Carolyn Michelle Smith (Actress, Colony (2016))
Carolyn Cox (VI) (Producer, The Alexander Hamilton Friends Association (2012))
Carol Lynch (II) (Producer, Missy and the Maxinator (2009))
Carol Lynch (I) (Costume Department, The Year That Trembled (2002))
Carol Lynch (IV) (Sound Department, Mná na Cheoil (2016))
Carol Lynch (III) (Actress, Brown Bread Sandwiches (1989))
Carolyn Carter (IV) (Production Manager, Preposterous Pets (2014))
Carolyn Costa (Actress, Compromising Situations (1994))
Carolyn Cook (I) (Actor, As a Friend (2014))
Carolyn Cole (V) (Music Department, Murder Unveiled (2005))
Carolyn Carnes (Miscellaneous, Kinect Adventures! (2010))
Carolyn Crump (Producer, March from Innocence (2013))
Carolyn Cecil
Carolyn Carr (II) (Miscellaneous, Going Corporate (2001))
Carolyn Cowan (II) (Miscellaneous, Springwatch (2005))
Carolyn Curl (Actress, Freeriders (1998))
Carolyn Cobia (Miscellaneous, Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken (1991))
Carolyn Case (Director, Teach Her to Fish (2015))
Carolyn Cox (II) (Actress, Politically Correct (1993))
Carolyn Cocca (Casting Department, 4th Man Out (2015))
Carolyn Cade (Self, Til Debt Do U$ Part (2005))
Carolyn Carter (II) (Production Manager, Big Ideas That Changed the World (2005))
Carolyn Cowen (Self, Embracing Dyslexia (2013))
Carolyn Comes
Carolyn Crow (Actress, Screen (2013))
Carolyn Carty (Transportation Department, String (2006))
Carolyn Cain
Carolyn Coles (II) (Actress, In Retrospect... (2009))
Carolyn Cole (IV) (Self, Jimmy Carter Man from Plains (2007))
Carolyn Coles (I) (Miscellaneous, Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005))
Carolyn Croom
Carolyn Crowe (Costume Department, Wishful Thinking (1990))
Carolyn Carney
Carolyn Cruze (Writer, Nike Unstoppable (2015))
Carolyn Carr (I) (Producer, Eyes of an Angel (1991))
Carolyn Clark (II) (Editorial Department, House (2008))
Carolyn Cook (II) (Self, Unforgettable: The Korean War (2010))
Carolyn Carenza (Music Department, American Carny: True Tales from the Circus Sideshow (2008))
Carolyn Clark (VII) (Actress, Young Blood: Evil Intentions (2012))
Carolyn Croft (Actress, Evil in Clear River (1988))
Carolyn Cox (VII) (Miscellaneous, The 35th Annual Tony Awards (1981))
Carolyn Carewe (Self, Texaco Star Theatre (1948))
Carolyn Caruso (Make Up Department, Zoochosis (2013))
Carolyn Cruz (Actress, Forgiving the Living (2013))
Carolyn Cobb (Assistant Director, I'll Believe You (2006))
Carolyn Clark (V) (Self, The Marilyn Denis Show (2011))
Carolyn Cox (V) (Camera Department, Conviction (2002))
Carolyn Clark (IV) (Miscellaneous, The 19th Annual CableACE Awards (1997))
Carolyn Cox (IV) (Camera Department, All Die Young (2012))
Carolyn Cleak (Actress, The Demons in My Head (1998))
Carolyn Carey
Carolyn Criss (Miscellaneous, Iceberg Slim: Portrait of a Pimp (2012))
Carolyn Cate
Carolyn Cooke
Carolyn Crews (Actress, Teen Perspective (2002))
Carolyn Clark (III) (Art Department, New Walden (1991))
Carolyn Cox (III) (Camera Department, Chicago (2002))
Carolyn Carlin (Producer, Investigative Reports (1991))
Carolyn Cowan (I) (Make Up Department, The Optimist (1983))
Carolyn Clark (VI) (Editor, Dance Moms (2011))
Carolyn Casey (Actress, Marathon (2009))
Carolyn Carter (III) (Actress, Crackhorse Presents (2012))
Carolyn Cox (I) (Costume Designer, The Aurora Encounter (1986))
Carolyn Cole (I)
Carolyn Cato (Camera Department, Riley's Revenge (2014))
Carolyn Cole (II) (Writer, With Evil Intent (2007))
Carolyn Cao
Carolyn Calo (Actress, Campus Beat (1984))
Carolyn Cline (Self, 58th Annual Miss America Pageant (1978))
Carolyn Cagey (Miscellaneous, The Yellow Brick Road and Beyond (2009))
Carolyn Cole (III) (Director, Roots in the Garden (2008))
Carolyn Chriss (II) (Actress, The Silver Lincoln (2008))
Carolyn Eileen Lynch (Miscellaneous, Adam (2009))
Carolyn Cassady (I) (Self, Love Always, Carolyn (2011))
Carolyn Cavallero (Writer, Paradise Club (2016))
Carolyn Chuaying
Carolyn Churchman (Producer, Unity Viewpoint (1998))
Carolyn Church (Actress, Impure Thoughts (1985))
Carolyn Chaparro (Music Department, Hansel Mieth: Vagabond Photographer (2003))
Caroline Lynch (I) (Casting Department, The Neighborhood (2004))
Caroline Lynch (II) (Animation Department, Anastasia (1997))
Carolyn Charbonier (Miscellaneous, Off-Season (2013))
Carolina Lynch (Editor, Popstars: Tu Show (2002))
Carolyn Charvo (Miscellaneous, Grand Theft Parsons (2003))
Carolyn Christensen (Actress, A Tennis Shoe in the Street (2015))
Carolyn Christian (I) (Actress, A Distant Shore (2005))
Carolyn Chapman (Producer, The Bear Whisperer (2011))
Carolyn Chilcote (Actress, Eye Patch & the Moon )
Carolyn Chriss (I) (Miscellaneous, I.Q. (1994))
Carolyn Christie
Carolyn Christian (II) (Actress, Stowaway (2014))
Carolyn Chiurco (Production Manager, Fish Eyes (2008))
Carolyn Chrisman (Director, Reversal of the Heart (2011))
Carolyn Chrzan (Miscellaneous, A Map of the World (1999))
Carolyn Chabot Aslan (Self, East to West (2011))
Caroline Lynch (III) (Miscellaneous, Independent Lens (1999))
Carolyn Charpie (Actress, Not Again (2015))
Carolyn Christian (IV) (Actress, More Than Four Hours (2015))
Carolyn Cumming (Director, Rosarito Weekend (2002))
Carolyn Conrad (II) (Miscellaneous, Don't Look Up (2009))
Carolyn Cousins (Make Up Department, Captain America: The First Avenger (2011))
Carolyn Corbett (II) (Producer, Enthusios (2013))
Karolyn Carnie (Writer, A Santamental Story (2015))
Carolyn C. Miller (Producer, Decampitated (1998))
Carolyn Henry (Actress, The Preacher's Wife (1996))
Carolyn Hena (Actress, Bound: Africans versus African Americans (2014))
Carolyn Bahen (Costume Department, Andre (1994))
Carolyn Whene (Miscellaneous, Toonstruck (1996))
Carolyn Camburn (Actress, The Wind (2001))
Carolyn Cannon (Actress, Two Million Stupid Women (2009))
Carolyn Carpenter (I) (Producer, The Replacement (2010))
Carolyn Crow Koskan (Actress, Light (2010))
Carolyn Duchene (Director, Wanda (2013))
Carolyn Clifford (II) (Self, Lost in Detroit (2013))
Carolyn Daichendt (Director, The Drive (2013))
Carolyn Coletti (Self, CC Coletti's: Trouble with Me (2010))
Carolyn Cassidy (Miscellaneous, The Knights of Prosperity (2007))
Carolyn Cimino (Producer, My First Place (2007))
Gwendolyn Chen (Actress, Vengeance (2009))
Carolyn Laplanche (Editor, Archeology (2013))
Carolyn Sanchez (Actress, Inside America (2010))
Carolyn Clayton-Cragg (Actress, A World Apart (1988))
Carolyn Crabtree (Actress, A Work in Progress (2002))
Carolyn Cortez (Actress, Edge of Sanity (1989))
Caroline Chen
Carolyn Cutillo (I) (Actress, Hats (2016))
Carolyn Collins (III) (Actress, Confessions of a Hollywood Bartender (2016))
Carolyn Caldwell (I) (Make Up Department, Subtle Seduction (2008))
Karolyn Charron (Transportation Department, Take-out (2001))
Carolyn Dachenbach (Make Up Department, Las cruces (2006))
Carolyn Höfchen (Self, ARTE Junior Magazin (2014))
Carolyn Copperwheat (Make Up Department, The Cottage (2008))
Carol Lynch Williams (Writer, The Chosen One (2017))
Carol Johnson Lynch (Self, I Grew Up in Princeton (2013))
Carolyn Castiglia (Self, Nick at Nite's Search for the Funniest Mom in America 3 (2007))
Carolyn Chilton-Wiegley (Visual Effects, Pocahontas (1995))
Caroline Lynch Limric (Actress, Wrong Again (2010))
Carolyn Chrzastowski (Actress, Plasma (2014))
Caroline Lynchblosse (Editor, Hope Eternal (2008))
Carolyn Coulter (I) (Actress, Silent Scream (1990))
Carolyn Castagna (Art Department, Hamlet (2000))
Carolyn Cafiero (Producer, December Art (2010))
Carolyn Cutler
Carolyn Carpenter (III) (Writer, The Floor (2004))
Carolyn Coffey (I) (Actress, Water with Food Coloring (2001))
Carolyn Cronin
Carolyn Crossley (Actress, Lewisburg )
Carolyn Castaño (Miscellaneous, Easy (2003))
Carolyn Comporato (Actress, Proximity (2016))
Carolyn Crimley (Miscellaneous, The Sixth Sense (1999))
Carolyn Cudmore (Art Department, Bomberman Live (2007))
Carolyn Clayton (Miscellaneous, Cathy (1987))
Carolyn Conrad (III) (Make Up Department, Neanderthal Apocalypse (2015))
Carolyn Connerat (Assistant Director, Speed of Light (1980))
Carolyn Cardonna (Self, Playboy: No Boys Allowed, 100% Girls (2000))