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Billy Campbell (VII) (Actor, Dracula (1992))
William Campbell (I) (Actor, Dementia 13 (1963))
David Campbell-Bill (Location Management, Ultimate Force (2002))
Bill Campbell (II) (Actor, Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection (1990))
Campbell Williams (I) (Actress, Hiding in Plain Sight (2012))
Bill Campbell (XIII) (Costume Designer, Space Academy (1977))
Bill Campbell (XXXII) (Actor, The Becoming (2012))
Bill Campbell (XXX) (Self, Dirty Jobs (2005))
Bill Campbell (XVIII) (Self, Hype! (1996))
Bill Campbell (XXXVI) (Casting Director, Answers (2006))
Bill Campbell (XXXVIII) (Self, Bloomberg Game Changers (2010))
Bill Campbell (III) (Assistant Director, First Light (2002))
Bill Campbell (XLV)
Bill Campbell (XXIII) (Actor, Video Wars (1983))
Bill Campbell (XLVIII) (Camera Department, Resident Evil: Retribution (2012))
Bill Campbell (XIX) (Actor, Dreams on a String (2008))
Bill Campbell (XV) (Self, Friday Night, Saturday Morning (1979))
Bill Campbell (XLIV)
Bill Campbell (XVI) (Self, 1985 National League Championship Series (1985))
Bill Campbell (VI) (Editor, Storm (1987))
Bill Campbell (VIII) (Visual Effects, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005))
Bill Campbell (XXIV)
Bill Campbell (XXXIII)
Bill Campbell (VII) (Miscellaneous, The Deluge (2002))
Bill Campbell (XLI) (Camera Department, Handyman Superstar Challenge (2006))
Bill Campbell (XLII) (Actor, Western Cabaret (1939))
Bill Campbell (XLVII) (Self, An Evening of Stars: A Celebration of Educational Excellence (1998))
Bill Campbell (XXXI) (Actor, Bruno's Blues (2011))
Bill Campbell (XLIII) (Actor, Baghdad (2011))
Bill Campbell (I) (Actor, Dead End (2014))
Bill Campbell (XXIX) (Music Department, Daddy's Home (2015))
Bill Campbell (IX) (Self, The Complete History of the Philadelphia Eagles (2004))
Bill Campbell (XIV) (Actor, JailCity (2006))
Bill Campbell (XXVII) (Producer, Hood to Coast (2011))
Bill Campbell (XXI) (Self, One: A Story of Love and Equality (2014))
Bill Campbell (XVII) (Producer, My Original Sin (2004))
Bill Campbell (XII) (Camera Department, Don't Marry (1928))
Bill Campbell (XXXVII) (Camera Department, Take This Waltz (2011))
Bill Campbell (XL) (Actor, Le masque (1997))
Bill Campbell (XXXIX) (Actor, The Folklorist (2012))
Bill Campbell (XLVI) (Art Department, Pitfall: The Lost Expedition (2004))
Bill Campbell (XI) (Camera Department, 5ive Girls (2006))
Bill Campbell (XXVIII) (Music Department, Westworld (1973))
Bill Campbell (XXV) (Actor, Dreams on a String (2008))
Bill Campbell (V) (Location Management, Younger and Younger (1993))
Bill Campbell (IV) (Production Manager, Equinox (1992))
Bill Campbell (XX) (Actor, G.P. (1989))
Bill Campbell (XXII) (Producer, Blessing House (2008))
Bill Campbell (X) (Camera Department, Twelve Steps Outside (2002))
Bill Campbell (XXVI) (Camera Department, In Between/Entre deux (2009))
Bill Campbell (XXXV) (Self, Fish Out of Water (2009))
Bill Campbell (XXXIV) (Director, Diary of Successful Black Men (2012))
Billy Campbell (II) (Actor, Love Actually (2003))
Billie Campbell (Camera Department, JFK: The Case for Conspiracy (1993))
Campbell Bird Dixon (Actor, Daisies Grown (2016))
Billy A. Campbell (Visual Effects, Casino Royale (2006))
Lillian Campbell (Producer, San wont (2017))
Nandalie Campbell Killick (Stunts, The Wolverine (2013))
William L. Campbell (Art Director, The Brady Bunch (1969))
Billy Campbell (III) (Producer, Grizzly Man (2005))
Billy Campbell (VIII)
Bill Junior Campbell (Actor, Mannix (1967))
Billy Campbell (IX) (Camera Department, The Bridge Rising (An Drochaid) (2013))
Billy Campbell (IV) (Miscellaneous, The House of Mirth (2000))
Billy Campbell (VI) (Editorial Department, The Strength of Water (2009))
Billy Campbell (I) (Art Department, Domino (2005))
Billy Campbell (V)
Billy Campbell (XII) (Self, Aldon Morris: The Scholar Affirmed (2017))
Billy K. Campbell (Location Management, Rizzoli & Isles (2010))
Billy Campbell (X) (Self, Uncovering the Truth: Killing Lincoln (2013))
Billy Campbell (XI) (Camera Department, Impractical Jokers (2012))
Gillian Campbell (I) (Art Department, Rush (2013))
Donna Campbell Bishop (Art Department, Brothers (1984))
Jeffrey Campbell Binner (Music Department, The Wonders (2013))
William A. Campbell (Costume Department, A Beautiful Mind (2001))
Phillip Campbell (Producer, God Hates Me (2011))
William Campbell (XXVII) (Actor, Who I Am (2004))
William Campbell (IV)
William Campbell (XXIV) (Actor, As Strong as You Stay (2012))
William Campbell (X) (Animation Department, Spring Breakers (2012))
William M. Campbell III (Producer, Koppel on Discovery (2006))
William Campbell (XVII) (Composer, Finding Face (2009))
William Campbell (XXXV) (Actor, Random Karma (2017))
Gillion Campbell
William K. Campbell (Producer, Breaking the Ice (2015))
William Campbell (XX) (Camera Department, Nova (1974))
William Campbell (XIII) (Director, Wolves in Paradise (2007))
William Campbell (XXII)
Jillian Campbell (III) (Make Up Department, The South Pole (2013))
William Campbell (XI)
Jillian Campbell (IV) (Assistant Director, A Leg up (2015))
Gillian Campbell (II) (Make Up Department, Apples (2010))
William Campbell (XII) (Actor, West Point (1956))
William Campbell (XIV) (Camera Department, FightZone Presents (2007))
William M. Campbell (Sound Department, The Next Great American Game (2015))
Campbell Milligan (Miscellaneous, Blood Pulls a Gun (2014))
William R. Campbell (Actor, Constantine (2014))
William Campbell (XXVIII) (Composer, 50 feet from Syria (2015))
William Campbell (XXXII) (Self, Forensic Files (1996))
William Campbell (XXVI) (Actor, The Bubble (2013))
William Campbell (IX) (Actor, Time Chasers (1994))
William Campbell (XXXVI)
William Campbell (XVIII) (Animation Department, Treasure Planet (2002))
William Campbell (XXV) (Visual Effects, Beauty Is Embarrassing (2012))
William Campbell (XXXIV) (Actor, Random Karma (2017))
Gillian Campbell (III) (Actress, The Picnic (2014))
William Campbell (XVI) (Actor, Rockwell (2009))
William Campbell (V) (Miscellaneous, Purple Rain (1984))
William Campbell (XIX)
William Campbell (VI) (Director, Sheriff Nell's Tussle (1918))
William Campbell (VII) (Actor, Hi De Ho (1947))
William Campbell Jr. (Composer, Merlin (1993))
William Campbell (VIII) (Producer, The Lovers' Guide (1991))
William Campbell (XXXI) (Writer, They (2019))
William Campbell III
William Campbell (XXIII) (Actor, Delivery Boy (2012))
Campbell Williams (II) (Music Department, Lassie from Lancashire (1938))
William Campbell (XXIX) (Actor, The Dejects (2016))
William Campbell (XXX)
William Campbell (III) (Actor, Snapped: Killer Couples (2013))
Jillian Campbell (II) (Actress, NO.4 (2013))
Phillip Campbell Sr. (Writer, Stiletto (2011))
William W. Campbell (Self, A Spark of Nerve (2015))
William Campbell (II) (Soundtrack, Good Girls Revolt (2015))
Jillian Campbell (I) (Actress, Consider Your Verdict (1961))
Willie Campbell (Writer, Cast the First Stone (2013))
William Campbell (XV) (Miscellaneous, You Rang, M'Lord? (1988))
William Campbell (XXXIII) (Actor, Random Karma (2017))
Campbell McGillivray (Actor, If the Devil Doesn't Love You (2016))
Robert William Campbell (Actor, Saw Loser (2010))
Claire Campbell Williams (Self, Occupied Cascadia (2012))
Janice Campbell-Phillips (Make Up Department, Parker (2013))
Heather Campbell Willison (Actress, The Mole (2001))
Phillip Todd Campbell II (Miscellaneous, Ono (2014))
William James Campbell III (Actor, Cat Astrophe )
William Tyler Campbell (Camera Department, Sounds on 29th (2011))
William Campbell Gault (Writer, Fallen Angels (1993))
Jillian Nicole Campbell (Assistant Director, Star Wars: Phantoms of Fate (2016))
Williams James Campbell III