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James Broderick (I) (Actor, Family (1976))
Roderick James II (Editor, The Kitchen (2006))
Roderick James (Writer, Stoplifters! (2015))
Frederick-James Koch (Actor, A Common Man (2013))
Frederick James (Production Manager, The Proud Valley (1940))
Frederick Jameson (Writer, Tristan and Isolda (1938))
Roderick Jaynes II (III) (Editor, Fate Train (2013))
Roderick Jaynes II (I)
Roderick Jaynes II (II)
Broderick Jackson (Self, All American Heavyweights (2011))
Roderick Jamie
James Broderick (II) (Thanks, Pervert Park (2014))
James F. Broderick (Producer, Cerise (2010))
James W. Broderick (Actor, Fatal Games (1984))
Derick James Sherrier Jr. (Actor, Just the Beginning (2017))
Frederick James Preston (Writer, Ain't Nothing Funny (2009))
James Roderick (I) (Miscellaneous, Up (2009))
James R. Roderick (Self, Dirty Jobs (2005))
James Roderick (II) (Editor, Intruders (2017))