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Brian Lipson (I) (Actor, Chaplin (1992))
Brian Lipson (III)
Ian Lipson (Composer, Em (2011))
Brian Lipski (Sound Department, The Web (2011))
Kari Tejerian Lipson
Evan Lipson (I) (Producer, Larry King Live (1985))
Evan Lipson (II) (Composer, The Plagiarist (2014))
Alan Lipson (Art Department, Mobsters (1991))
Ryan Lipson (Producer, Dead on Thursday (2008))
Brian Lippy (Producer, The Titans of Windsurfing (2006))
Brian Liptrot
Brian Lippey (Director, Guitar Shop TV (2010))
Brian Lipps (Self, An Audience with Michael Bublé (2010))
Brian Lipko (Director, 40 Love (2009))
Brian Lippert (Actor, The Cheque (2014))
Brian Liptak (Actor, Beans Do Come True (2010))
Brian Lipscombe (Writer, Misanthropy (2007))
Brian Lipscomb (Actor, Mrs. Kasha Davis: The Life of an International Housewife Celebrity (2008))
Briana Gipson (Make Up Department, XXXtreme Comedy Tour (2008))
Brian Phillipson (I) (Sound Department, Futurama: Bender's Big Score (2007))
Brian Philipson
Brian Phillipson (II)
Brian Phillipson (III)
Caren Jordan Lipson (Producer, Deal or No Deal (2005))
Adrian Lipsett (Actor, Of Golf and God (2008))