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Brian Boland (I) (Actor, Paranormal Activity 2 (2010))
Brian Boland (II) (Actor, Lived (2011))
Brian Boland (III) (Actor, Carried Away (2010))
Brian Boland (IV) (Actor, Mad Bastards (2010))
Brian Bolander (Miscellaneous, Popatopolis (2009))
Brian Bolland (Writer, Batman: The Killing Joke (2016))
Brian Bolain (III)
Brian Bolain (I) (Producer, Verses & Flow (2011))
Brian Bolain (II) (Self, Project Runway (2004))
Brian Bolain (IV)
Brian Bolman (Director, Artist Profile: Ernest Doty (2015))
Brian Bolster (Director, One Year Lease (2014))
Brian Bold (Animation Department, The Snowman and the Snowdog (2012))
Brian Bol (Miscellaneous, Salt (2003))
Cian Boland (I) (Miscellaneous, Kung Fu Chaos (2003))
Ian Boland (Actor, Life Support (2001))
Cian Boland (II) (Director, Still the King (2016))
Brian Bolton (I) (Director, Your First... (2015))
Brian Bolden (I) (Producer, Tapped Out (2003))
Adrian Bolaños (Sound Department, Cuanajillo: La historia sin agua (2011))
Brian Boling (Actor, The Jedi Hunter (2002))
Brian Boldt (Actor, Go to Hell (1999))
Brian Bolden (II) (Self, Piers Morgan Tonight (2011))
Brian Boley
Brian Boles (II) (Producer, Silence (2013))
Brian Bollt (Actor, Zhon: The Alien Interviews (2012))
Brian Bolek (Sound Department, Talk Thru Me (2011))
Brian Bolser (Actor, Losing Julia Finch (2016))
Brian Boles (I) (Sound Department, The Future of Medicine (2009))
Brian Bolhost
Brian Bolter (Actor, The Sentinel (2006))
Brian Bolin (III) (Art Director, The Book of Dallas (2012))
Brian Bolstad (Miscellaneous, The Ren & Stimpy Show: Time Warp (1994))
Brian Bolin (II) (Actor, Mary's Lucky Day (2010))
Brian Bolton (II) (Actor, Ink (2014))
Brian Bolin (I) (Camera Department, Time Tracers (1997))
Iulian Bolan (Art Department, The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power (2015))
Lillian Boland (Actress, G. Whilliker! (1993))
Adrian Bolland (Music Department, Death Star PR (2012))
Brian Boylan (II) (Miscellaneous, The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien (2009))
Brian Boyland (Actor, Soldiers of the Damned (2015))
Brian Boylan (I) (Animation Department, The Land Before Time (1988))
Brian Boylan (III) (Actor, Skazzbop (2010))
Kristian Boland (Actor, De unge år: Erik Nietzsche sagaen del 1 (2007))
Adrian Bolaños Lopez (Sound Department, Todas y todos somos heroes (2010))
Brian Bolhofner (Producer, Completing Kaden (2006))
Brian Boldvich (Actor, Javelin: Soul Mining (2016))
Brian Bolingbroke (Miscellaneous, Second Chance (1981))
Christian Boland (Actor, Jane Horney (1985))
Nolan Brian Tiongco (Camera Department, Oysters & Pearls (2010))
Nolan Brian Tiongco (Cinematographer, Retrospective (2010))
Gholam Hassan Boloorian (Producer, Chaharshanbe-ye aziz (1992))