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Billy Rose (I) (Soundtrack, The Devil's Advocate (1997))
Billy Rose (III) (Self, Won't Anybody Listen (2001))
Billy Rose (VI) (Camera Department, Research: The Musical (2011))
Billy Rosemberg (Actor, Max & Ruby (2002))
Billy Rosenberg (Producer, The Spectacular Now (2013))
Billy Rose (IV) (Miscellaneous, The Frankenstein Files: How Hollywood Made a Monster (2002))
Billy Rose (VII)
Billy Rose (II) (Miscellaneous, Beautiful Girls (1996))
Milly Rosso (Actress, Legally Blondes (2009))
Billy Rose (XI)
Billy Rose (VIII) (Actor, The Neighbor (2009))
Billy Rose (IX) (Costume Department, Wee Sing in the Marvelous Musical Mansion (1992))
Billy Rose (V) (Actor, Hollywood Man (1976))
Billy Rose (XII) (Self, Chasing Cameron (2016))
Wally Rose (Stunts, The Blues Brothers (1980))
Billy Rovzar (Producer, 6 Souls (2010))
Billy Ross (I) (Actor, Six-Five Special (1957))
Billy Ross (III) (Actor, How I Won the Belt (1914))
Billy Ross (II) (Miscellaneous, Sledgehammer (1983))
Polly Rose (I) (Actress, Specter of the Rose (1946))
Lilly Rose (Self, Burlesque Undressed (2010))
Willy Rose (Actor, Die unfreiwilligen Reisen des Moritz August Benjowski (1975))
Dolly-Rose Campbell (Actress, Coronation Street (1960))
Willy Ross (Actor, Strike It Rich (1990))
LillyRose Stevens (Actress, The Favourite (2018))
Billy Robbins (Self, Half Ton Teen (2009))
Kelly Rose (VI) (Producer, Hunting Hitler (2015))
Billy Rosario (Miscellaneous, El Sube y Baja del 2 (1987))
Billy Rossel (Actor, Jonah and the Pink Whale (1995))
Billy Rosser (Actor, The Luckiest Girl on the Lower East Side (2012))
Sally Rose (I) (Actress, The Green Inferno (2013))
Molly Rose (III) (Self, Spitfire Women (2010))
Molly Rose (IV) (Casting Department, The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017))
Kelly Rose (I) (Animation Department, Claw (1997))
Ally Rose
Holly Rose (VIII) (Make Up Department, Socially Awkward (2017))
Kelly Rose (IV) (Actress, The Concrete Garden (1994))
Kelly Rose (VII) (Producer, The Real World You Never Saw: Paris (2003))
Polly Rose (II) (Editor, Airport (1996))
Sally Rose (III) (Camera Department, Edmund the Magnificent (2017))
Holly Rose (V) (Miscellaneous, My Awkward Sexual Adventure (2012))
Kelly Rose (X) (Writer, Boy Chad: #BTFWA (Burn This Fucking World Alive) (2015))
Kelly Rose (III) (Actress, Aw, Crap! It's a Musical? (2007))
Ally Rosen (Actress, Further Instructions (2015))
Molly Rose (II) (Actress, 10 Second Time Machine (2010))
Olly Rose (Camera Department, Shell Shock (2009))
Holly Rose (I) (Casting Department, Capote (2005))
Holly Rose (VI)
Holly Rose (II) (Actress, Kanashimi (2015))
Kelly Rose (IX) (Miscellaneous, Hitomi's First Day (2012))
Holly Rose (III) (Actress, Chronicles of Humanity: Redemption (2015))
Cally Rose (Actor, Genrevolt (2012))
Holly Rose (VII) (Art Department, Lovestruck! The Musical (2015))
Molly Rose (I) (Sound Department, The Gap (2011))
Holly Rose (IV) (Actress, LifeTime (2002))
Willy Rosen (Composer, Die zärtlichen Verwandten (1930))
Reilly Rose (Actress, Privacy (2012))
Billy Roc (Self, IWA Mid-South We're No Joke (2006))
Billy Rood (Editor, Rather Lovely Thing (2011))
Billy Rome (II) (Miscellaneous, Cold Heat (1989))
Billy Rowe (II) (Transportation Department, Florence Foster Jenkins (2016))
Billy Robb (Actor, My Friend Johnny (2011))
Billy Rowe (I) (Actor, Heaven Sent (1994))
Billy Roy (Art Department, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012))
Billy Rohr (Self, Boston Red Sox: 100 Years of Baseball History (2001))
Molly Rosenblatt (Art Department, The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014))
Billy Rosenfeld (Actor, Always a Bride (2011))
Billy Rosenblatt
Billy Rose Parrish
Billy Rosenich (Editor, Cut (2014))
Lilly Ross (Actor, A Balanced Life (2015))
Willy Rosén (Miscellaneous, Grattis Victoria (2004))
Billy Roche (Writer, The Eclipse (2009))
Molly Rose Meredith (Actress, My Brother Is a Zombie (2015))
Sally Rosen (Producer, 48 Hours (1988))
Lilly Rose Debos (Actress, Chocolat (2016))
Billy Roque (Actress, Just the 3 of Us (2016))
Reilly Rose Chaffin
Polly Roser (Miscellaneous, Look Up (2016))
Elly-Rose Tew (Actress, The Time of Our Lives (2013))
Shelly Rose (III) (Costume Designer, Breaking the Ice (2016))
Shelly Rose (II) (Actress, Whitmore (2012))
Holly Rosen (Miscellaneous, Broadway Damage (1997))
Tully Rosen (Editorial Department, Ned (2003))
Shelly Rose (I) (Actress, Passion Cove (2000))
Kelly Rosen (Self, Women's International Football (2010))
Billy Roller (Actor, Rumors of Wars (2014))
Billy Roberts (IX) (Self, Most Haunted (2002))
Billy Royale (Actor, Tactical Assault (1998))
Billy Robyn (Camera Department, David (2011))
Billy Roberts (III) (Soundtrack, Forrest Gump (1994))
Billy Roarty (Miscellaneous, Sinead O'Connor: Goodnight, Thank You, You've Been a Lovely Audience (2002))
Billy Rolle (Music Department, Extralarge: Black and White (1991))
Billy Roberts (VIII) (Actor, Exonerated (2010))
Billy Rodas (II) (Director, Happenstance (2015))
Billy Rokos (Cinematographer, The Journey of Speed (2015))
Billy Rolon (Actor, Latin Boys Go to Hell (1997))
Billy Roper (Self, The Anatomy of Hate (2009))
Billy Rogers (III) (Self, Top Shot (2010))
Billy Rodden (Self, Medicinema Yorkhill (2012))
Billy Rogers (VI)
Billy Rogell (Self, The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg (1998))
Billy Robison (Actor, What Really Frightens You (2009))
Billy Romary (Writer, Up All Night (1989))
Billy Roach (Actor, The Heart Punch (1915))
Billy Rowan (Camera Department, An Irish Evening: Live at the Grand Opera House, Belfast (1991))
Billy Rohas (Actor, Dish Dogs (2000))
Billy Rodas (I) (Actor, Judgmental Jillian (2014))
Billy Roisz (Director, zounk! (2012))
Billy Roberts (VII) (Actor, Invisible Is Thy Name (2005))
Billy Robins (Producer, The Future of Facebook (2011))
Billy Roman (Actor, Killer Kids (2011))
Billy Rollins (II) (Art Department, In Memory Of: Her (2015))
Billy Royle (II) (Actor, Meet Me in St. Louis (1944))
Billy Rogers (IV) (Miscellaneous, Adolescence (2017))
Billy Roberts (II) (Actor, Chris O'Connell: Yeah (2000))
Billy Rodgers (Assistant Director, Wheels (2014))
Billy Royle (I) (Set Decorator, Deadly Beloved (2009))
Billy Romeo (Miscellaneous, The Beautiful Life: TBL (2009))
Billy Rogers (I) (Actor, Barstool Cowboy (2009))
Billy Rothman (Composer, Genes (2010))
Billy Roberts (XI) (Self, Great British Ghosts (2011))
Billy Roberts (VI) (Producer, Chicken Party (2003))
Billy Rollins (I) (Miscellaneous, The Royal Family (1991))
Billy Rogan (Actor, A Mini Movie )
Billy Rollo (Actor, NBC Children's Theatre (1963))
Billy Roberts (V) (Actor, Dogs of Chinatown (2010))
Billy Roberts (IV) (Actor, After You've Gone (2007))
Billy Roues (Soundtrack, New in Town (2009))
Billy Roland (Camera Department, Rachael Ray (2006))
Billy Rowland (Actor, Jazztime Tale (1991))
Willy Rossen (Stunts, Black Demons (1991))
Willy Rosner (Actor, The Wrestler (2008))
Holly Rosenthal (Costume Department, The Theory of Everything (2014))
Billie Rose Prichard (Actress, X (2011))
Billy Ambrose (III) (Editor, Ghost Buddies (2017))
Billy Robinson (I) (Actor, The Wrestler (1974))
Lilly Rose Shortt (Actress, Killinaskully (2003))
Willy Rosenkranz (Composer, Gothic (2001))
Tilly Rose Faure-Brac (Actress, The Clinic (2010))
Lilly-Rose Edmond
Sally Rosenblatt (Actress, The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear (1991))
Billie Rose (Self, Wipeout (2008))
Billy Argyros (Self, Crown Australian Celebrity Poker Challenge (2006))
Sally Rosenthal (I) (Producer, Soundbreaking: Stories from the Cutting Edge of Recorded Music (2016))
Polly Rose Parsons (Actress, Fedz (2013))
Holly Rose Hoyland (I) (Actress, Cassette (2012))
Sally Rose Davidson (Make Up Department, Guardians of the Galaxy (2014))
Holly-Rose Clegg (Actress, AMY (2016))
Kelly Rose Golden
KellyRose Zimmerman (Actress, Samantha Becoming (2016))
Holly Rose Hughes (Actress, Deadly Women (2008))
Billy Ambrose (IV)
Billy J. Rose (Actor, 2 to Tangle (2013))
Billy Ambrose (I) (Actor, Broken Arrows: So Few Truths (2015))
Billy Ambrose (II) (Actor, Clyde McCoy and His Orchestra (1936))
Billie-Rose Crane (Actress, Straight Cut (2015))
Elly Rose Bonales (Self, It's Showtime (2012))
Emily Rose Castillo
Kelly Rose McLean (Art Director, Angst (2000))
Molly Rose Lawlor (Actress, Mister John (2013))
Shelly Rosenstadt (Production Designer, Death Without Consent (2007))
Kellyrose Marry (Actor, Stuck in Traffic (2017))
Nelly Rosenberg (Actress, Path of Egress (2017))
HollyRose Borders (Actress, Rachel & the TreeSchoolers (2012))
Kelly Rose McGinnis
Molly-Rose Arnstein (Actress, How I Killed Mumblecore (2009))
Holly-Rose Durham (Actress, Hinge Factor (2016))
Kelly Rose Wallace (Music Department, Space Trucker Bruce (2014))
Molly Rose Tarpey
Holly Rose Larson (Art Department, Seabiscuit (2003))
Kelly Rose Gavenus (Miscellaneous, Outcast (2016))
Kelly Rose Pion (Actress, Vegas, City of Dreams (2001))
Kelly-Rose Jardine (Make Up Department, Social Suicide (2015))
Melly Rosehaven (Actress, Florian Picasso: This Is Our Time (2017))
Sally Rose Taylor (Actress, We the People (1994))
Kelly Rose Smith (Make Up Department, Light Withheld (2017))
Polly rose Kennedy
Shelly Rose Martin (Actress, Colma: The Musical (2006))
Polly Rose McCarthy (Actress, The Waiting Room (2007))
Sally Rose Bates (Actress, The Death of Spider-Man (2011))
Molly Rose McCleerey
Sally Rosenthal (II) (Producer, Between the Folds (2008))
Kelly Rose Curtiss (Miscellaneous, CW FanTalk: The Flash (2015))
Holly Rose Hoyland (II)
Sally Rose Griffiths (Director, Sugar Free Farm (2016))
Molly Rose Kaufman (Self, Road to Hunter (2006))
Kelly Rose Molloy (Writer, John (1998))
Molly Rose McMahon (Actress, Counterfeit Dreams (2015))
Billy Robertson (II) (Transportation Department, Stone of Destiny (2008))
Billy Roy Pitts (Miscellaneous, Save Our History (1998))
Billy Robinson (IX)
Billy Rottkamp (Actor, Beneath the Rind (2012))
Billy Robertson (IV) (Art Department, Quarry (2016))
Billy Robinson (XII) (Actor, Father's New Maid (1915))
Billy Rodriguez (I) (Miscellaneous, Thomasine & Bushrod (1974))
Billy Robinson (IV) (Visual Effects, Law Abiding Citizen (2009))
Billy Robinson (V) (Actor, Becoming Pony Boi (2009))
Billy Robinson (II) (Self, Pathé's Weekly, No. 43 (1911))
Billy Rowlinson (Location Management, My Cousin Rachel (2017))