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Billy Parrott (Actor, Lars and the Real Girl (2007))
aka "Bill Parrott"
Bill Parrot (Actor, The Color of Friendship (2000))
Will Parrott (III)
Will Parrott (V) (Actor, Edge (2014))
Will Parrott (IV) (Actor, Distal (2013))
Will Parrott (II) (Actor, Chasing Maya (2012))
Will Parrot (Camera Department, The Grey (2011))
Bill Parry (Miscellaneous, Getting Married in Buffalo Jump (1990))
Bill Parr (Actor, Little Hope Was Arson (2013))
Wil Parrott (Camera Department, X2 (2003))
Bill Perrott (Actor, Dakota Lil (1950))
Bill Parretti (Production Designer, NightMan (1997))
Bill Parris (Camera Department, In the Loop (2009))
Carroll Parrott Blue (Director, Varnette's World: A Study of a Young Artist (1979))
Kendall Parrott (Actress, Santa's Boot Camp (2016))
Mark L. Parrott (Miscellaneous, The Sleeping Car (1990))
Perl Parrott (Producer, Rainforest Roadshow (1986))
Joel Parrott (Self, An Apology to Elephants (2013))
Bill Carrotte
Billy Parrot (Actor, Heritage Minutes (1991))
Billy J. Parrott (Director, The Boy King (1986))
Russell Parrot (Self, This Old House (1979))
Lynnette Hall-Parrott (Miscellaneous, The Best Thing! (2017))
Pastor Bill Parr (Actor, Independent Lens (1999))
Michael Parrott (IV) (Actor, Bullets, Fangs and Dinner at 8 (2015))
Rachel Parrott (Actress, The Bill (1984))
Cheryl Parrott (Producer, Doggie B (2011))
Michael Parrott (I) (Actor, What Goes Around (2009))
Daniel Parrott (I) (Director, I Am Kloot Play Moolah Rouge (2007))
Michael Parrott (II) (Director, The Cinderella Affair (1974))
Daniel Parrott (III) (Camera Department, Waiting Room (2005))
Daniel Parrott (II) (Camera Department, Crossing (2012))
Angel Parrotte (Camera Department, White Buffalo: An American Prophecy (2015))
Michael Parrott (III) (Actor, Fade (2014))