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Benny Boom (Director, Next Day Air (2009))
Danny Boome (Self, Good Food America (2012))
Danny Boom (I) (Self, Familie (1991))
Danny Boom (II) (Self, RTL Late Night (2013))
Benny Borg (Actor, Vi spillopper (1979))
Benny Booker (Actor, All of Me (1984))
Lenny Boot (Miscellaneous, Green Bench: The American Daydream (Superstar) (2012))
Penny Boot (Self, Hidden Love (1999))
Jenny Book
Benny Boum (Actor, Lily in the Grinder (2014))
Benny Box (Art Department, Voksne mennesker (2005))
Benny Bopp (Actor, Heureux Félix (1973))
Jonny Boomer (Cinematographer, Night Lights (2017))
Kenny Booker (Actor, Soledad (2000))
Jenny Boost (Make Up Department, Bliss (1985))
Penny Booth (Animation Department, A Christmas Carol (1971))
Benny Bowie (Writer, American Forces (1994))
Benny Boström (Actor, Istället för abrakadabra (2008))
Benny Boret (Director, Mahler's Symphony No. 2 'Resurrection' at Masada (1989))
Benny Bosard (Actor, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001))
Benny Bloom (Self, Let Us Play (2016))
Penny Boothman (Self, Taste (2005))
Benny Bom Petersen (Art Department, Helge & Bernhard (2003))
'Benny Bong' Valentin
Benny Boshnack (Actor, Johnny Kilraper and the Arbiter of Silence (2009))
Vinny 'Boom-Boom' Catalano