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Eric Winter (I) (Actor, Days of Our Lives (1965))
Eric Benét (Actor, Glitter (2001))
Cedric the Entertainer (Actor, Ice Age (2002))
Eric Hunter (XXV) (Actor, In the Middle of the River )
Richard Carpenter (III) (Soundtrack, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006))
John Eric Bentley (Actor, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009))
Paul Renteria (Actor, Due Date (2010))
Eric Hunter (X) (Actor, Hookman 2 (2013))
Daniel Renteria (I) (Actor, Full House (1987))
Broderick Hunter (Actor, Insecure (2016))
Nadia Renteria (I) (Actress, The Eliminadora (2017))
Caterina Valente (I) (Self, Bon soir, Kathrin! (1957))
Joe Renteria (Actor, Collateral Damage (2002))
Eric Carpenter (II) (Actor, The Young and the Restless (1973))
Gerry Vasbenter (Camera Department, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001))
Kevin Renteria (Actor, Full House (1987))
Richard Carpenter (I) (Writer, Robin Hood (1984))
Katherine Carpenter (I) (Actress, Oranges: Revenge of the Eggplant (2004))
Erica Hunter (Producer, American Greed (2007))
Bente Riber (Costume Designer, Crazy Paradise (1962))
Eric Bentz (I) (Composer, Neither Heaven Nor Earth (2015))
Kate Winterich (Actress, Kissing on the Mouth (2005))
Ben Ter Haar (Costume Department, Transformers: The Last Knight (2017))
Ryan Renteria (Camera Department, Beach Patrol: San Diego (2006))
Frederick Carpenter (Actor, Prisoners (2013))
Teri Carpenter (Actress, The Lost & Found Family (2009))
Derick Venter (Producer, The Boers at the End of the World (2015))
Rich Renteria (Self, Sunday Night Baseball (1990))
Eric Guenter (Costume Department, Freeway II: Confessions of a Trickbaby (1999))
Eric Benton (I) (Actor, Radiance (2015))
Bente Lerøy (Actress, Matpakken (2012))
Ben Terzulli (Actor, That Night (1992))
Joel Pinteric (Sound Department, Rod Taylor: Pulling No Punches (2016))
Ben Terry (III) (Miscellaneous, Lawless: The Real Bushrangers (2017))
Ben Teresi
Ben Teeter (Art Department, My Error (2015))
Ben Terry (I) (Music Department, Courageous (2011))
Ben Terry (II) (Visual Effects, Wicked! (2001))
Ben Terris (Self, Media Buzz (2013))
Ben Teater
Eric Bent (Animation Department, Whinstor Norville Dines Again at the Gothique (2012))
Eric Bentz (II)
Maura Renteria (Actress, Ninja Bitch Killer (2015))
Diederick Santer (Producer, EastEnders (1985))
Bente Erichsen (I) (Producer, Folk og røvere i Kardemomme by (1988))
Federico Untermann (Assistant Director, We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011))
Ben Carpenter (I) (Actor, Commitment (2009))
Catherine Carpenter (Actress, Deadly Waters (2015))
Gabriele Penteriani (Actor, L'ultima estate (2009))
Hunter Ico (Actor, Level Up Norge (2016))
Donte Rice (Miscellaneous, The Invaders: Angie's Logs (2014))
Carrissa Renteria (Actress, Dead Drunk (2007))
Enrique Renteria (I) (Writer, Ciudades oscuras (2002))
Erik Carpenter (I) (Actor, Inhuman Traffick (2017))
Levent Erim (Actor, Agir Roman (1997))
Bente Erichsen (II) (Producer, Trio - Jakten på Olavsskrinet (2017))
Jericho Benavente (Art Department, Amanda & The Guardian (2011))
Eric Dilucente (Location Management, The Last Witch Hunter (2015))
Eric Bentley (I) (Writer, A Wedding (1961))
Mauricio Rentería (Actor, Demente Criminal (2015))
Erika Benítez (Costume Department, Pobre diabla (2000))
Erin Bentel (Director, Celine and Simon (2015))
Alejandro Renteria (Actor, Che: Part One (2008))
Richard Benter (Writer, Protocol 734 (2016))
Bent Erik Krøyer (Producer, Rocking Silver (1983))
Catherine Benter
Bent Erik Hansson (Actor, Rejsen til verdens ende (2004))
Ben Teriitehau (Art Department, The Bounty (1984))
A. Nui Ben Teriitehau (Production Designer, Beyond the Reef (1979))
Valerie Carpenter (Actress, Pretty Cool Too (2007))
Tatiana Renteria (I) (Actress, Gallows Hill (2013))
Ericka Winterrowd (Actress, A Case of Human Trafficking (2016))
Erik J. Carpenter (Assistant Director, Ballers (2015))
Ruben Terryn (Actor, Karkas (2012))
Ben Terrien
Ben Carpenter (IV) (Actor, In the Balance (2015))
Bente Ranning (Costume Designer, Menneskedyret (1995))
Ruben Terlou (Self, Langs de oevers van de Yangtze (2016))
Ben Terrell (I) (Actor, The Battle Between Logic & Emotion (2009))
Ben Terrell (II) (Actor, Incident Report (2017))
Mike Benterud (Actor, Moreno and the Silence (2006))
Bente Rauer (Producer, Amigo (2004))
Ester Benítez (Costume Designer, Vuelco (2005))
Teresa Benítez (Costume Designer, 2038: El futuro de ellas (2008))
Peter Bentey (I) (Producer, At the Jersey Shore (2011))
Peter Bentey (II)
Ben Carpenter (II) (Art Department, Asshole Robot and the Benefits of an Artificial Mind (2012))
Ben Carpenter (III) (Sound Department, The Mission (2005))
Ben Senterfit (Composer, Unlimited: Renewable Energy in the 21st Century (2009))
Ben Terziani (Actor, Henry the Otter (2007))
Ben Tranter (Actor, Bathing Franky (2012))
Saskia Benter (Actress, Großstadtrevier (1986))
Bente Reibo (Actress, Kjære kamera(t) (1995))
Bente Volters (Actress, Verlengd weekend (2005))
Bente Winter (Actor, The Froggy Snuff Movie Zero (2014))
Bente Reimer
Bente Peeters (Assistant Director, Resurrection (2017))
Eric Benton (II)
Eric Bentshu (Art Department, Starship Troopers 3: Marauder (2008))
Erica Bentley (Editorial Department, Whale Wars (2008))
Eric Bentley (II) (Editorial Department, The Forbidden (1966))
Erica Hiller Carpenter (Production Manager, Public Enemies (2009))
Erin Rementer (Actress, 12 Years a Slave (2013))
Bente Ottersen (Actress, Roomies: Muffins Media (2011))
Eric Hunter (XIII) (Actor, Tamarrud (2016))
Hunter Frederick (Miscellaneous, Hitting the Nuts (2010))
Eric C. Dente (Actor, Caught in a Funk (2001))
Eric Fuentes (III) (Actor, Paradigma (2008))
Eric Muentes (Animation Department, Skullgirls (2012))
Eric Liorente (Miscellaneous, 25 Ways to Die (2003))
Eric Sentell (Producer, Our Father (2014))
Eric Fuentes (I) (Editor, Premios Billboard de la música latina (2010))
Eric Fuentes (II) (Self, Àrtic (2013))
Eric Puente (Music Department, The Lost Colony (2007))
Eric Delente (Composer, Dinner with Malibu (1993))
Erick Zenteno (Production Manager, A Late Christmas (2010))
Eric H. Delente (Composer, Whatever Happened to Mason Reese (1990))
Eric Parenteau (Assistant Director, Incendies (2010))
Eric La Fuente (Writer, Die, Maniacs, Die! (in development))
Eric Valente (Visual Effects, Immortals (2011))
Eric Vicente
Erick Centeno (II) (Actor, Paso en Falso (2010))
Erick Centeno (I) (Art Department, The Masseur (2005))
Erica Valente (Make Up Department, Teenage (2013))
Eric McEntee (Writer, The Wave I Ride (2015))
Eric Fuentes (IV) (Composer, Hora punta en territori enemic (2011))
Federica Sainte-Rose (Producer, The Circle (2017))
Zeric Armenteros (Self, Model City (2010))
Eric Carpenter (IV) (Miscellaneous, 7th Annual Soap Opera Awards (1991))
Richard Renteria (III) (Camera Department, The Boy Next Door (2014))
Eric Vanrenterghem (Actor, Ex Drummer (2007))
Richard Renteria (II) (Editorial Department, Raise the Devil (2014))
Richard Renteria (IV)
Eric Carpenter (I) (Camera Department, The Wizard of Oz (1939))
Keri Carpenter (III) (Producer, America's Next Top Model (2003))
Mauricio Renteria
Eric Carpenter (V) (Actor, Lost Rations (2007))
America Carpenter (Actress, The Boathouse Detectives (2010))
Eric Carpenter (VI) (Self, Showboaters (2011))
Erica Carpenter (II)
Erica Carpenter (I) (Actress, Sacrament (2014))
Ricardo Renteria (Transportation Department, Julia (2008))
Eric Lee Carpenter (Music Department, Sand Castles (2014))
Patricia Renteria (Actress, Te amo (1984))
Ágnes Csenterics (Miscellaneous, Egyszerü kis ügy (1969))
G. Eric Carpenter (Director, 25,000 Miles to Glory (2015))
Ursula Renteric (Actress, John Doe (2011))
Angie Rich Carpenter (Production Manager, Downfall (2010))
Brent Erickson (Writer, Mean Streets (1989))
Richard Renteria (I) (Actor, The Closet (2015))
Maike Enterich (Actress, Der Landarzt (1987))
Laurent Dinterich (Camera Department, Brigade des moeurs (1985))
Vincent Eric Roberge (Art Department, Tron (2010))
Eric Guenter Weber (Actor, Be Somebody (2018))
Brent Eric Foster (Actor, The Last Will (2005))
Eric Carpenter (III) (Composer, Shadow Angel (2009))
Keri Carpenter (II) (Writer, Real Bible Wives of Bibly Hills (2012))
Ricarda Dufentester (Actress, Young and Wild (2014))
Richard Carpenter (VIII) (Music Department, Drömsemester (1952))
Eric Winter (III) (Actor, Webgirl (2014))
Rick Mozenter (Miscellaneous, Jimmy Buffett: Live at Wrigley Field - The Labor Day Weekend Shows (2006))
Erick Hunter (Miscellaneous, Casting Call: Playboy Mansion (2008))
Eric Hunter (XXIV) (Writer, Off the Grid (2016))
Eric Montero (I) (Art Department, The Crow: Salvation (2000))
Eric Quintero (Actor, Insatiable (2012))
Eric D. Gunter (Actor, Sacred Whispers (2012))
Eric Winters
Eric Panter (Actor, Fun with Hackley: Axe Murderer (2016))
Ericka Hunter (Actress, Smash (2012))
Eric Linter (Actor, They Serve Breakfast Here All Day Long (2010))
Eric Santerre (Director, Northern Mysteries (2006))
Eric Hunter (XVIII) (Self, This Day Tonight (1967))
Eric Hunter (V) (Actor, Folie à deux (2007))
Eric Hunter (VI) (Camera Department, Coming to Terms (2015))
Eric Hunter (III) (Transportation Department, WWE Tough Enough (2011))
Eric Hunter (XVI) (Cinematographer, Wayward Traveler 2: Day of Reckoning/Being Quixote - In Search of Giants Among Windmills (2011))
Eric Hunter (XIX) (Actor, Speak in Rounds (2015))
Eric C. Hunter (Miscellaneous, Playing for Keeps (2012))
Eric Montero (II) (Visual Effects, Huevos: Little Rooster's Egg-cellent Adventure (2015))
Eric Splinter (Director, Cuatro Cuerdas, una Patria (2015))
Eric Munter (Director, The Cubicle (2010))
Eric Hunter (VIII) (Actor, Olson (2011))
Eric Montero (V) (Camera Department, Taoag (2013))
Eric Winter (II) (Self, 60 Minutes Sports (2013))
Vasant Eric (Actor, Lagna Pahave Karun (1940))
Eric Hunter (XII) (Actor, Forget Me Not (2011))
Erica Winters (Actress, There (2015))
Eric Hunter (XV)
Eric Hunter (VII) (Camera Department, Secondhand Serenade: A Firsthand Look (2008))
Eric Hunter (XXII) (Self, Late Night with David Letterman (1982))
Tom Pinteric (Transportation Department, Anne of Avonlea (1987))
Eric Hunter (XI) (Art Department, Ring of the Musketeers (1992))
Eric Winter (IV) (Producer, Potluck )
Eric Hunter (XXVI) (Editorial Department, Hollywood Couples (2000))
Eric Minter (Actor, Harry and the Rock (2017))
Eric Hunter (XIV) (Self, NBC Sports Network Fight Night (2012))
Eric Montero (IV) (Miscellaneous, Strikeforce: Rockhold vs. Jardine (2012))
Alex Renteria (Actor, The Last Wolf of Ezo (2015))
Nadia Renteria (III)
Vicente Ribes (II) (Actor, Amanece como puedas (1988))