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Barry Wong (I) (Writer, Hard Boiled (1992))
Barry Wong (II) (Self, Monsterquest (2007))
Harry Wong (I) (Actor, Maxie (1985))
Kerry Wong (II) (Stunts, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007))
Larry Wong (I) (Producer, Helicopter Mom (2014))
Harry Wong (II) (Art Department, The Rainbow Warrior (1993))
Harry Wong (III) (Actor, Fade to Black (2002))
Harry Wong (IV) (Art Department, Filumena (2006))
Harry Wong (VIII)
Harry Wong (X) (Camera Department, Westminster Woods (2016))
Harry Wong (IX) (Actor, Virtual Witness (2014))
Harry Wong (VI) (Art Department, Jack Be Nimble (1993))
Harry Wong (VII) (Art Department, Utu (1984))
Larry Wong (II) (Costume Department, Farewell to the King (1989))
Harry Wong (V) (Self, Orientations: Chris Doyle - Stirred But Not Shaken (2001))
Larry Wong (III) (Cinematographer, In & Out (2013))
Harry Wong III
Barry Wonde (Assistant Director, Belly Button (2004))
Terry Wong (I) (Miscellaneous, Juno (2007))
Kerry Wong (I) (Actress, Tiger Claws (1991))
Terry Wong (II) (Actor, Hardball: All Balls Don't Bounce (2008))
Terry Wong (III) (Miscellaneous, Crying Freeman (1995))
Kerry Wong (V) (Miscellaneous, The Dragon's Blade (2015))
Terry Wong (VI) (Actor, Shadow of the Lotus (2014))
Terry Wong (VII) (Actress, Reflections (2015))
Kerry Wong (III)
Terry Wong (IV) (Miscellaneous, Yes, And... (2014))
Kerry Wong (VI)
Jerry Wong (III) (Actor, Diqiuren Shengri (2004))
Jerry Wong (I) (Camera Department, Sin Ayuda (2010))
Kerry Wong (IV)
Terry Wong (V) (Actor, Eternal (2014))
Jerry Wong (II)
Barry Wood (IV) (Self, Trading Spaces (2000))
Barry Wowk (Actor, The Winning Season (2004))
Barry Wood (I) (Producer, The Bell Telephone Hour (1959))
Barry Woolgar (Actor, Shooting Fish (1997))
Barry Word (Self, 1986 NFL Draft (1986))
Barry Wood (XIII) (Self, Britain's Secret Treasures (2012))
Barry Wood (IX) (Composer, Earthlings (2005))
Barry Wood (II) (Cinematographer, La plante humaine (1996))
Barry Wood (X) (Actor, Grilling Bobby Hicks (2009))
Barry Wood (XII) (Self, ESPN SportsCentury (1999))
Barry Wood (V)
Barry Wood (VI) (Producer, Skeleton Coast (1988))
Barry Wolf
Barry Wood (VII) (Camera Department, Seven Little Australians (1973))
Barry Wood (XI) (Actor, Coogan's Run (1995))
Thierry Wong (Producer, Reprise (2006))
Cherry Wong (Miscellaneous, Pacific Rim (2013))
Sherry Wong (I) (Actress, Very Small Rooms (2011))
Trorry Wong (Miscellaneous, The 100 (2014))
Sherry Wong (II)
Barry Woodman (Special Effects, Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002))
Barry Wolper (Miscellaneous, 2012 Baltimore Ravens: Super Bowl XLVII Champions (2013))
Barry Woloski (Actor, Monique (1978))
Barry Wooly (Sound Department, TORC: The Off-Road Championship on FOX Sports (2015))
Barry Woods (VI)
Barry Wooding (Transportation Department, Taliesin Jones (2000))
Barry Woods (V) (Composer, Black Taxi (2009))
Barry Wootton (Actor, Donovan Slacks (2007))
Barry Wolfe (Actor, I Shot Johnny Reb Down by the Creek Bed (2011))
Barry Workman (Actor, Surge of Power (2004))
Barry Worden (Actor, Dream Date (2009))
Barry Woods (II) (Actor, Birthday Gathering (2009))
Barry Woods (I) (Actor, Opening Night (1977))
Barry Wolage (Self, Inside Story (1974))
Barry Worrall
Barry Woods (IV) (Self, Mrs Bracegirdle's Woodlyn Park Adventure (2007))
Sherry Wong-Kitamura (Visual Effects, Starship Troopers (1997))
Barry Woodruff (Miscellaneous, Jinxed! (1982))
Barry Worthington (I) (Editor, The Infinitely Generous Francis Victus (2016))
Barry Wordsworth (Music Department, Carmen by Georges Bizet (1991))
Barry Woodward (II) (Producer, Lust for Love (2014))
Barry Woodward (I) (Writer, Emmerdale (1972))
Jonathan Barry Wolf (Producer, There Were Giants (2016))
Barry Wolverton (Writer, Nurses (2001))
Barry Woodhouse
Barry Wolifson (Sound Department, Tax Day (1998))
Barry Wolborsky (Miscellaneous, Kids for Cash (2013))
Barry Worthington (II) (Self, 3-2-1 (1978))