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Barry Levinson (I) (Producer, Sleepers (1996))
Barry Levinson (II) (Producer, The Internecine Project (1974))
Barry Levinson (V) (Producer, Ten News at Five (Adelaide) (1992))
Larry Levinson (I) (Producer, Love Comes Softly (2003))
Barry Levine (I) (Producer, Oblivion (2013))
Barry Levine (II) (Self, Lono's Bounty (2010))
Barry Levine (IV) (Actor, Triloquist (2008))
Barry Levine (III) (Self, Taxicab Confessions (1995))
Barry Levine (V) (Camera Department, Woodstock (1970))
Barry Levinson (IV) (Producer, 50/50 (2006))
Barry Levinson (III) (Self, Chopped Off: The Man Who Lost His Penis (2006))
Larry Levinson II (Actor, Elf-Man (2012))
Larry Levinson (II) (Actor, Hogtown (2014))
Larry Levine (III) (Thanks, The Wrecking Crew! (2008))
Barry Levin (I) (Miscellaneous, Native Son (1986))
Barry Levin (II) (Self, Metal Evolution (2011))
Harry Levine (I) (Actor, Planet Rock: The Story of Hip-Hop and the Crack Generation (2011))
Larry Levine (I) (Actor, Left )
Larry Levine (IV) (Actor, R.e.b.e.l. (2004))
Harry Levine (II) (Miscellaneous, Survivor (2000))
Larry Levine (II) (Transportation Department, May (2002))
Larry Levine (VI)
Harry Levinson (II) (Director, People for Tomorrow (1971))
Harry Levinson (I) (Miscellaneous, The Quest for _____ (1998))
Gary Levinson (III) (Music Department, Dinner Rush (2000))
Gary Levinson (I) (Art Department, The Dark Half (1993))
Gary Levinson (V)
Gary Levinson (II) (Actor, Goth (2003))
Gary Levinson (IV)
Gregory Levinson (I) (Actor, The Black Cauldron (1985))
Jerry Levinson (Actor, The Full Count (2012))
Barry Levenson (Miscellaneous, Home Movie (2001))
Gregory Levinson (II) (Writer, Eating Alone (2007))
Jerry L. Levinson (Sound Department, The Last Waltz (1978))