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Steven Barr (I) (Actor, Mass Effect (2007))
Steven Marrs (I) (Producer, Rogue (2013))
Barry Stevens (I) (Director, Sector Sarajevo (2013))
Steven Barr (VI)
Steven Barr (IX) (Actor, Haunted Lives: True Ghost Stories (1991))
Steven Barr (VII) (Actor, Camp-Off (2014))
Steven Barr (II) (Special Effects, Subspecies (1991))
Steven Barr (V) (Actor, There Will Be Blood (2007))
Steven Barr (VIII) (Actor, The Way We Mend (2012))
Steven Barr (IV) (Art Department, The Dog Problem (2006))
Steven Barr (III) (Miscellaneous, Empire I: World Builders (1981))
Steven Marrs (II)
Steven Barry (II) (Actor, Darling Darling (2005))
Barry Stevens (III) (Actor, Ti-Ta Tovenaar (1972))
Steven Barry (IV) (Miscellaneous, Wimbledon (2004))
Steven Barry (V) (Actor, Shelly Figg (2007))
Steven R. Barry (Miscellaneous, Ten Violent Women (1982))
Barry Stevens (V) (Actor, In Lieu of Honor (2015))
Barry Stevens (VI)
Steven J. Barry (Actor, Hangman's Curse (2003))
Steven Barret (Actor, Arabella (1994))
Barry Stevens (VII) (Director, World War II: The Last Heroes (2011))
Barry Stevens (VIII) (Actor, Twentysomething (2016))
Steven Ybarra (Self, The American Dream (2017))
Barry Stevens (II) (Editorial Department, The Mikado (1983))
Barry Stevens (IV) (Actor, Lady in the Corner (1989))
Steven Ritz-Barr (Writer, Heeep O Sheeep: and the Earth will Inherit the Meek (2014))
Steven L. Barron (Actor, Boardwalk Empire (2010))
Steven Barringer (Actor, The Forest Rangers (1963))
Taylor Stevens Barth
Steven Barston (Camera Department, In Memorium (2005))
Steven Barry Prince (Actor, Max Magician and the Legend of the Rings (2002))
Steven R. Barron (Actor, Investigation of a Dog (1999))
Steven Barrada (Art Department, The Yards (2000))
Barry Stevenson (II) (Transportation Department, 28 Weeks Later (2007))
Barry Steven Jenkins (Editor, Bail Out (2013))
Barrett Stevens (Actor, Port City P.D. (2009))
Steven Barritz (Writer, Random Girl in Bed (2009))
Steven Barri Cohen (Music Department, Fair Game (2005))
Steven Barrett (Actor, Curtis & Dave Are Dead (2013))
Barry Stevenson (I) (Actor, When Pigs Fly (1993))