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Ava Gardner (I) (Actress, The Killers (1946))
Ava Gardner (III)
Becca Gardner (I) (Actress, An Unfinished Life (2005))
Virginia Gardner (III) (Actress, Project Almanac (2015))
Eva Gardner (I) (Actress, Corações Sem Piloto (1944))
Laura Gardner (I) (Actress, Doubt (2017))
Katya Gardner (Actress, A Touch of Grey (2009))
Lisa Gardner (IX) (Actress, The Trust (2016))
Lisa Gardner (I) (Writer, Hide (2011))
Brianna Gardner (I) (Actress, Shallow Hal (2001))
Eva Gardner (II) (Self, P!Nk: The Truth About Love Tour - Live from Melbourne (2013))
Rita Gardner (Actress, P.S. I Love You (2007))
Alexa Gardner (Actress, What's in a Name? (2010))
Jessica Gardner (I) (Actress, Grey's Anatomy (2005))
Lisa Gardner (III) (Actress, River City (2002))
J.A. Gardner (Miscellaneous, Lost Stallions: The Journey Home (2008))
Julia Gardner (Miscellaneous, Madonna: The Confessions Tour Live from London (2006))
Laura Gardner (IV) (Miscellaneous, The Night Of (2016))
Melissa Gardner (Actress, Wag the Dog (1997))
Erika Gardner (I) (Producer, Zen Noir (2004))
Becca Gardner (III) (Make Up Department, Supercut (2011))
Linda Gardner (I) (Actress, Zero Patience (1993))
Hilda Gardner (Actress, Phobia (2002))
Lisa Gardner (XIII)
Linda Gardner (III) (Actress, The Ghost Sonata (1962))
Laura Gardner (VII) (Costume Department, Red Riding Hood (2011))
Alycia Gardner (Actress, The Bionic Woman (1976))
Geneva Gardner (Miscellaneous, The X Factor (2011))
Nuala Gardner (Miscellaneous, After Thomas (2006))
Taana Gardner (Soundtrack, Grand Theft Auto V (2013))
Dean A. Gardner (Miscellaneous, Digital Man (1995))
Keala Gardner (Actress, Sheep (2011))
Laura Gardner (III) (Actress, Unsavory Characters (2001))
Lisa Gardner (VII) (Miscellaneous, Fingers (2011))
Emma Gardner (I) (Actress, Suffer, Little Children (1983))
Lisa Gardner (VIII)
Ania Gardner
Anika Gardner (Casting Department, Burglarious (2017))
Kim A. Gardner (Transportation Department, Just a Dream (2002))
Becca Gardner (II) (Production Designer, Rising Above (2010))
Renia Gardner (Self, The Brothers of Kappa Pi (2009))
Dina Gardner (Actress, Titan Safety Systems (2006))
Amanda Gardner (III)
Amanda Gardner (V) (Actress, The Voices of Warriors (2017))
Kyra Gardner
Lisa Gardner (II) (Actress, Unsavory Characters (2001))
Lisa Gardner (X)
Anna Gardner (III) (Editorial Department, Abandoned (2016))
Sasha Gardner (Art Department, Love Always (1996))
Lisa Gardner (V) (Miscellaneous, Nanny McPhee (2005))
Eliza Gardner (I) (Animation Department, Squash (2010))
Emma Gardner (II) (Miscellaneous, Death of a Socialist (2007))
Tina Gardner (I) (Actress, Woman in the Mirror (2013))
Nadia Gardner (Actress, Community Theatre (2016))
Emma Gardner (III) (Producer, In 500 Words or Less (2009))
Laura Gardner (V)
Tylia Gardner (Miscellaneous, All in the Goedken Family (2015))
Lydia Gardner (I) (Make Up Department, The Paperclip (2016))
Kaila Gardner (Casting Department, Unlucky (2016))
Emma Gardner (IV) (Actor, John the Thief (2017))
Irma Gardner (Actress, Pater Brown (1966))
Misa Gardner (Make Up Department, Jack Frost (1997))
Orra Gardner (Actress, The Last of the Duanes (1919))
Layla Gardner (Director, Repeating History (2006))
Linda Gardner (II) (Costume Department, My Dog Skip (2000))
Miwa Gardner (Actress, Elite Beat Agents (2006))
Andrea Gardner
Kelda Gardner (Actress, Athlete (2010))
Lisa Gardner (VI) (Miscellaneous, MindFlux (2010))
Diana Gardner (Producer, Wingmen Incorporated (2013))
Paula Gardner (Actress, You're Skitting Me (2012))
Carma Gardner
Amanda Gardner (VI) (Writer, Perception (2017))
Retta Gardner
Tina Gardner (II) (Actress, Under Pressure (2016))
Adana Gardner (Actress, Luster (2002))
Ria Gardner (Actress, K-Hole (2003))
Ola Gardner (Animation Department, Nubbin & Friends (2015))
Mella Gardner (Actress, Free of Thought (2016))
Lisa Gardner (IV)
Anya Gardner (Writer, The Friendship Is Gone (2015))
Tekia Gardner (Art Department, The Nth Ward (2017))
Sabra Gardner
Asha Gardner (II)
Laura Gardner (VI)
Becca Gardner (IV) (Sound Department, The Green Family Elbow (2010))
Catya Gardner (Actress, Hard Core Logo (1996))
Anna Gardner (I) (Producer, American Greed (2007))
Wilma Gardner
Mysha Gardner (Costume Department, Ghost Town (2009))
Becca Gardner (V)
Renna Gardner (Miscellaneous, The Good Nanny (2017))
Coda Gardner (Director, Dear Jackie (2017))
Sara Gardner (Transportation Department, Cry-Baby (1990))
Laura Gardner (II) (Miscellaneous, The Bombmaker (2001))
Eliza Gardner (II) (Writer, Cynical Liv: The Christening (2014))
Gina Gardner (Actor, Fade (2015))
Amanda Gardner (I) (Miscellaneous, Searchers 2.0 (2007))
Zara Gardner (Actress, Last Road (2015))
Kayla Gardner (II)
Kayla Gardner (IV) (Actor, The Potato Boy (2016))
Lydia Gardner (III) (Actor, It's Who You Know (2016))
Lisa Gardner (XII)
Anna Gardner (II) (Producer, American Greed (2007))
Lisa Gardner (XIV) (Writer, Liberty to Go to See (2017))
Kayla Gardner (I) (Actress, Agent Paladin (in development))
Tara Gardner (Producer, Legends: Rodney Dangerfield (2006))
Amanda Gardner (II) (Actress, Up a Hill (2012))
Asha Gardner (I) (Actor, Fly by Light (2013))
Sandra Gardner (Miscellaneous, Rock & Rule (1983))
Erika Gardner (II) (Actress, 1.7 Alpha (2015))
Tisa Gardner (Actress, He Who Finds a Wife 2: Thou Shall Not Covet (2011))
Amanda Gardner (IV) (Actress, Les Misérables (2016))
Aliya Gardner (Actor, Mister White (2013))
Lisa Gardner (XI)
Ira Gardner (Self, Trauma: Life in the E.R. (1997))
Lydia Gardner (II) (Actress, Vacant (2014))
Elysa Gardner (Self, It's a Hard Act to Follow (2012))
Linda Gardner (IV) (Art Department, The Sonnet Project (2013))
Marcia Gardner (Producer, Stingers (1998))
Brianna Gardner (III) (Producer, Room 733 (in development))
Ava Gardener
Angela Gardner (I) (Actress, The Bucket List (2007))
Cynthia Gardner (II) (Make Up Department, Army of Darkness (1992))
Sabrina Gardner (Actress, Coda (2005))
Jessica Gardner (II) (Cinematographer, A Child's Christmas in Texas (2010))
Victoria Gardner-Smith (Actor, Person, Place or Thing (2008))
Joanna Gardner (I) (Actress, Clockers (1995))
Louanna Gardner (Actress, The Laughmakers (1962))
Samantha Gardner (I) (Miscellaneous, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010))
Nelia Gardner White (Writer, Sentimental Journey (1946))
Cynthia Gardner (III) (Costume Department, Passed Away (1992))
David A. Gardner (Visual Effects, Sid the Science Kid (2008))
Virginia Gardner (I) (Actress, Cover Girl (1944))
Britta Gardner (Actress, The Lengths (2014))
Pamela Gardner (Location Management, Crusades (1995))
Cynthia Gardner (V) (Make Up Department, Desperate Chocolate (2015))
Alicia Gardner (Miscellaneous, The Summoning (2017))
Victoria Gardner (IV) (Miscellaneous, The Weakest Link (2000))
Savannah Gardner (I) (Actress, Changing Shadow (2014))
Savannah Gardner (III) (Self, How We Roll (2016))
Steve Avalon Gardner (Cinematographer, Watching (2017))
Krista Gardner (I)
Cassandra Gardner (Self, BattleFrog College Championship (2015))
Natasha Gardner (II) (Casting Department, Colorado Inside Out (1981))
Jessica Gardner (V) (Producer, Sex and the Septuagenarian (2011))
Theresa Gardner (Visual Effects, A Touch of Deceit (1986))
Barbara Gardner (Miscellaneous, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon (2011))
Tatiana Gardner (Actress, Borderline Coyotes (2012))
Brenda Gardner (II) (Self, Terrance Dicks: Fact & Fiction (2005))
Rebecca Gardner (II) (Production Designer, Echoes (2009))
Victoria Gardner (II) (Producer, Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives (2014))
Virginia Gardner (II) (Self, Unusual Occupations (1946))
Miranda Gardner (Miscellaneous, Chuck the Eco Duck (2009))
Joshua Gardner (I) (Miscellaneous, Marie (2012))
Glenda Gardner (Producer, A Family Reunion: The Dream of a Blessed Spirit (2013))
Sascha Gardner (Miscellaneous, Death Row Stories (2014))
Joshua Gardner (VI) (Sound Department, The Thermostat (2014))
Joanna Gardner (II) (Writer, Moments (2013))
Kendra Gardner (Actress, Something Serious (2010))
Elicia Gardner (Actress, About Scout (2015))
Shandra Gardner (Actress, FrightWorld (2006))
Joshua Gardner (VII) (Producer, Bugsplat (2012))
Cecilia A. Gardner (Cinematographer, Playing House (2013))
Soressa Gardner (Actress, The Widower (1999))
Lanetta Gardner (Writer, Picture Perfect (2012))
Corinna Gardner
Ericka Gardner (Actress, Signals 2 (2013))
LaShunda Gardner (Producer, Swing (2012))
Angela Gardner (II) (Editorial Department, Industrial Light & Magic: Creating the Impossible (2010))
Katina Gardner
Angola Gardner (Editorial Department, Nuclear Tipping Point (2010))
Patricia Gardner (III) (Self, A Haunting (2005))
Juliana Gardner (Miscellaneous, Waiting for the Light (1990))
Rebecca Gardner (I) (Writer, L'Extraction (2005))
Olivia Gardner (Self, THS Investigates: Online Nightmares (2006))
Samantha Gardner (II) (Make Up Department, Moretta (2016))
Cecilia Gardner (II) (Cinematographer, Vacation (2015))
Joshua Gardner (V)
Edna Gardner Whyte (Self, Bilder aus Amerika (1982))
Victoria Gardner (III) (Producer, When Rome Ruled (2010))
Joshua Gardner (VIII) (Sound Department, Doorway (2013))
Cecelia Gardner (Camera Department, All in a Day's Work (2012))
Sara Gardner-Gail (Art Department, Inception (2010))
Brianna Gardner (V) (Editor, Viral Video 2 (2015))
LaToya Gardner (Actress, Hav Faith (2016))
Teresa Gardner (II) (Self, 60 Minutes (1968))
Shaya Gardner-Hayum (Actress, Oh Henry (2013))
Priscilla Gardner (Actress, Buddies (1981))
Joshua Gardner (IX) (Miscellaneous, Servant of the Spirit (2016))
Nicola Gardner (Actress, Lethal Impact (1991))
Angela Gardner (III) (Set Decorator, The Relationship Theorem (2007))
Elisha Gardner (Miscellaneous, Sudo-Q (2005))
Emanuela Gardner (Camera Department, Frame of Mind (2009))
Rhonda Gardner (Visual Effects, The Time Guardian (1987))
Jessica Gardner (IV) (Actress, Blue Ridge (2014))
Natasha Gardner (I) (Self, Colorado Inside Out (1981))
Christina Gardner (II) (Actress, One Last Time (2014))
Deisha Gardner (Editorial Department, Blue Angels: A Year in the Life (2005))
Joshua Gardner (X) (Camera Department, Wingmen (2015))