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Anthony D'Amico (I) (Sound Department, The Simpsons (1989))
Anthony D'Amico (II) (Producer, Bunny Whipped (2007))
Anthony D'Amico (III) (Editorial Department, Ravagers (1979))
Anthony Damico
Anthony Damon (Actor, Hawk Jones (1986))
Anthony Damica (Actor, Blue Moon (2000))
Anthony D'Amato (I) (Actor, Departure (2006))
Anthony D'Ambrosio (II) (Self, Look! iCook! (2010))
Anthony J. Damico (Actor, Catch Hell (2014))
Anthony D'Amato (III) (Self, Hair, Let the Sun Shine In (2007))
Anthony D'Amato (II)
Anthony Damelio (Producer, 100 Proof (2010))
Anthony D'Amato (V) (Actor, Fran Flowers (2016))
Anthony D'Ambra (Actor, The Film Buff (2014))
Anthony D'Amore (Actor, Total Performance (2015))
Anthony d'Amario (Composer, Always (2015))
Anthony Dambrosio (Actor, Better Living Television (2009))
Anthony D'Ambrosio (I) (Actor, Camping sauvage (2004))
Anthony D'Amato (IV)
Anthony Damiacci Grant
Michael Anthony D'Addario (Actor, #nitTWITS (2011))