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Anthony Blair (I) (Actor, Winterset (1945))
Anthony Blair (II)
Anthony Blair (III) (Producer, Forgotten Kingdom: The Divide )
Anthony Fuller (Actor, Ordained (2013))
Anthony Blain (Visual Effects, Paranormal Whacktivity (2013))
Anthony Bless (Actor, Rosewood (2015))
Anthony Blake (I) (Self, De domingo a domingo (1997))
Anthony Blaze (Actor, Like a Moth to a Flame (2009))
Anthony Blake (VII) (Actor, One More Time for the Camera (2014))
Anthony Black (V)
Anthony Black (IV) (Actor, This One Night (2006))
Anthony Blake (IX) (Actor, A Hundred Indecisions (2017))
Anthony Black (III) (Producer, Avoiding Armageddon (2003))
Anthony Black (VI) (Miscellaneous, Home Movies (1999))
Anthony Black (II) (Editorial Department, Homicide: Life on the Street (1993))
Anthony Blake (VIII) (Actor, La vida es un escenario (2016))
Anthony Black (VII) (Actor, Backbencher (2010))
Anthony Blake (IV) (Actor, Diane (2014))
Anthony Black (VIII) (Actor, Hello Au Revoir (2018))
Anthony Blake (V) (Actor, Oath (2014))
Anthony Blake (III) (Self, Angels Sing: Christmas in Ireland (2013))
Anthony Black (I) (Costume Department, Saving Private Ryan (1998))
Anthony Blake (VI) (Sound Department, The Colour of Eden (2015))
Anthony Blagg (Self, SBH Racing: The Inside Story (2016))
Anthony Blake (II) (Writer, Pickup on 101 (1972))
Anthony Bland (Actor, Savannah (2013))
Anthony Barclay (Actor, Common As Muck (1994))
Anthony Baird (Actor, Dead of Night (1945))
Anthony Blackshaw (Actor, The Ipcress File (1965))
Anthony Bloom (Miscellaneous, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001))
Anthony Blaine (I) (Producer, Emily's Pizza (2013))
Anthony Blaine (II) (Director, 4Hire (2016))
Anthony Blaisdell (Writer, Pretty Dudes (2016))
Anthony Blaylock (Self, The NFL on NBC (1965))
Anthony Blasucci (Animation Department, Family Guy (1999))
Blair Anthony (Actor, The Wizard (1989))
Blair. Anthony
Anthony Blunt (Writer, The Art of Claude Lorrain (1970))
Anthony Blanding (Miscellaneous, Rush Hour 2 (2001))
Anthony Bleed (Self, Hard Core Logo 2 (2010))
Anthony Blum (Actor, La valse (1973))
Anthony Bliss (Camera Department, The House by the Lake (1976))
Anthony Bloch (Sound Department, Alien Predator (1985))
Anthony Blod (Writer, I giardini del diavolo (1971))
Anthony Blue (Camera Department, Bleaching Black Culture (2014))
Anthony Bloor (Visual Effects, Ghost in the Shell (2017))
Anthony Bair (Actor, The Minister's Black Veil (2010))
Anthony Blakesley
Anthony Blazeby (Actor, Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen (2015))
Anthony Blanco (Miscellaneous, Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2001))
Anthony Blackburn (I) (Self, Raw Spice (2001))
Cllr Anthony Blagg (Self, SBH Racing: The Inside Story (2016))
Anthony Blades (Actor, Waitress! (1981))
Anthony Blackman (Actor, The Wedding Date (2005))
Anthony Blake Brand (Miscellaneous, Commando (1985))
Anthony Blasko (Director, Superfly (2012))
Anthony Blackburn (II) (Actor, Moko Jumbie (2017))
Anthony Blanchard (Actor, Noël et les garçons (2000))
Anthony Blake White (Producer, The Horizon Bleeds and Sucks His Thumb (1998))
Anthony Blackett (Actor, The Medusa Touch (1978))
Anthony Blissett (Actor, A Part of the Game (2015))
Anthony Blommestein (Actor, King Solomon's Mines (2004))
Anthony Sinclair (Costume Department, Thunderball (1965))
Anthony Blenkinship
Anthony Blomquist (Actor, Playboy Video Centerfold: Playmate of the Year Brande Roderick (2001))
Anthony Blinken (Self, The World According to Bush (2004))
Anthony Blue Thunder (Actor, Journey Through Rosebud (1972))
Anthony B. Lloyd (Producer, The Alectrix (2013))
Anthony Bloodworth (Transportation Department, The Flag (2015))
Anthony Blightley (Miscellaneous, Outcast (2016))
James Anthony Blackwell
Richard Anthony Blake (Director, The Geography (2009))
Anthony Bairstow (Editor, Two & Two (2011))
Anthony Boulay (Visual Effects, The Legend of Sarila (2013))
Blair Anthony Johnson (Actor, Roscoe (2017))
Anthony Hillairet (Miscellaneous, Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead (2014))
Anthony Jiylair Lee
Rio Anthony Sinclair (Actor, Driven to Kill (1991))
Anthony Leclair (Composer, Wild at Heart: The Feral & Homeless Cat Crisis in Nova Scotia (2013))
Claire Anthony (Actress, Escanaba in da Moonlight (2001))
Clairette Anthony (Actress, The Marriage Price (1919))
Marc Anthony Clair (Soundtrack, Deliver Us from Eva (2003))
Anthony Tremblay (Actor, William Lyon Mackenzie: A Friend to His Country (1961))
Anthony Blacktruck Twarowski (Actor, Growing Up Smith (2015))
Anthony 'Buckets' Blakes (Self, Sports Planet (2011))
Bille Anthony Sinclair (Director, Storm Is Now (2015))
Tony Blair (I) (Self, The Class of 92 (2013))