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Anne Baxter (I) (Actress, All About Eve (1950))
Anne Baxter (III) (Self, Jeopardy! (1984))
Anne Baxter (II)
Jane Baxter (I) (Actress, April Blossoms (1934))
Joanne Baxter (I)
Dianne Baxter (Actress, Silent Tales from Richland Cemetery (2015))
Joanne Baxter (II) (Actress, The Project (2002))
Lea-Anne Baxter (Costume Designer, Unlucky (2011))
Arlene Baxter (Self, Playboy Video Playmate Calendar 1995 (1994))
Ann Baxter (II) (Actress, Xena: Warrior Princess (1995))
Elaine Baxter (Actress, Naked and Beautiful (1978))
Ann Baxter (I) (Casting Department, Mr. North (1988))
Mary Anne Baxter (Visual Effects, Exiting the Life (2012))
Wayne Baxter (II) (Actor, Bad Blood (2007))
Shayne Baxter (Self, Storm Surfers: New Zealand (2010))
Jane Baxter (V) (Producer, Nina and the Neurons: Get Sporty (2014))
Eugene Baxter (Actor, Martin Kane (1949))
Jane Baxter (III) (Miscellaneous, Prisoner (2007))
Jane Baxter (II) (Assistant Director, Screen One (1985))
Diane Baxter (I) (Miscellaneous, Down to Earth (1984))
Jane Baxter (IV)
Diane Baxter (II)
Wayne Baxter (I) (Camera Department, The Way of the Gun (2000))
Suzanne Baxter (Miscellaneous, Philly Flash (1996))
Mary-Jane Baxter (Self, Breakfast (2000))
Tanner Baxter (Actor, Adopting Trouble (2015))
Etienne Baxter (Miscellaneous, Money (1991))
Annette Baxter
MaryRene Baxter (Actress, De Nada (2016))
Josephine Baxter (Actress, Passion Potion (1971))
Catherine Baxter (I) (Actress, Rab C. Nesbitt (1988))
Caroline Baxter (Animation Department, An American Tail: Fievel Goes West (1991))
Katherine Baxter (I) (Self, Britain's Secret Treasures (2012))
Catherine Baxter (II) (Production Manager, Barnabus & Bella (2010))
Jane Baxter Miller (Actress, The Pale Man (2017))
Lorraine Baxter (Actress, Crossroads (1964))
Irene Baxter Rigby (Actress, Freakshow (1995))
Marlene Baxter (Producer, Carlisle Island (2015))
Jacqueline Baxter (Actress, A Shade to Never Sit In (2009))
Catherine Baxter (III) (Miscellaneous, Big Voice (2015))
Katherine Baxter (II) (Producer, Learning to Swim (2014))
Christine Baxter (Sound Department, Yvon of the Yukon (1999))
Jeannie Baxter (Miscellaneous, Manufactured Landscapes (2006))
Anne Shannon Baxter (Actress, Trading Mom (1994))
Baxter Cannell (Actor, Out of the Blue (2006))
Christine Baxter-Jones (Miscellaneous, Touching the Void (2003))
Diahanna Nicole Baxter
Ann Harrison-Baxter (Producer, Treasure Island (2012))
Rosanne Andrews-Baxter (Location Management, Lockie Leonard (2007))
Meredith Baxter (Actress, Family Ties (1982))
Carolyn Ann Baxter (Actress, Dream Baby (1989))
Teri-Ann Bobb Baxter (Actress, In Memory (2016))