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Ann Roth (I) (Costume Designer, Signs (2002))
Ann Roth (II) (Actress, Their Wives' Vacation (1930))
Ann Roth (III) (Actress, The Crazies (2010))
Ann Rothenbuhler (Miscellaneous, Swim Team (1979))
Lynn Roth (Producer, The Little Traitor (2007))
Emily Ann Roth (Camera Department, Hello I Love You )
John Rothman (I) (Actor, Ghostbusters (1984))
Jessica Rothe (I) (Actress, La La Land (2016))
Ann Robinson (I) (Actress, War of the Worlds (2005))
Tineke Ann Robson (Actress, Spartacus: War of the Damned (2010))
Madison Rothschild (Actress, Monsters University (2013))
Lillian Roth (Actress, Animal Crackers (1930))
Julie-Anne Roth (Actress, The Syrian Bride (2004))
Anne Roth (II) (Actress, Nothing to Hide (2016))
Anne Roth (I)
Ann Rott (Actress, Stumped (1998))
Joanna Roth (Actress, Sliding Doors (1998))
Beth-Ann Roth (Actress, These Things Happen (2010))
Hermann Roth (Cinematographer, Die Beatles und Ausschnitte aus dem Rahmenprogramm ihrer Deutschlandtournee (1966))
Tillmann Roth (Writer, 5vor12 (2017))
Ann Rork (Actress, The Notorious Lady (1927))
Ann Robb (Actress, Stuff of St. Petersburg (2017))
Jenn Roth (II) (Actress, Roommates Unwanted (2015))
Glenn Roth (II) (Actor, The Sonnet Project (2013))
Jenn Roth (I) (Producer, The T.O. Show (2009))
Glenn Roth (I) (Camera Department, 2004 MTV Video Music Awards Latinoamerica (2004))
Danny Roth (II) (Casting Director, I Spit on Your Grave (2010))
Jason Rothenberg (I) (Writer, The 100 (2014))
Owen Roth (Actor, Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments (2016))
Stacy Ann Rose (Actress, Dolphin Tale (2011))
Anne Røthing (Producer, A Swan Lake (2014))
Alan Rothwell (Actor, Coronation Street (1960))
Stan Roth (I) (Actor, Steve Jobs (2015))
Devon Roth (Actress, Wink (2015))
Ann Robinson (II) (Casting Director, Superman Returns (2006))
Jeanine Ann Roose (Actress, It's a Wonderful Life (1946))
Ann Rose (I) (Producer, Prodigal Sons (2008))
Dorothy Neumann (Actress, The Terror (1963))
Evan Roth (I) (Composer, Stuck on Someday (2017))
Robyn Roth (Actress, American Pie (1999))
Dan Roth (I) (Actor, Together! (2009))
Jordan Roth (I) (Self, Live from the Red Carpet: The 2016 Tony Awards (2016))
Kian Roth (Actor, Stars of the Night (2017))
Ann Ross (I) (Casting Department, Maniac Cop (1988))
Ann Rogers (VI) (Miscellaneous, We Are X (2016))
Lukas Lönnroth (Actor, En sång för Martin (2001))
Lea Lönnroth (Actress, Ateria (1979))
Lynn Rothwell (II) (Miscellaneous, The Beauty of Ballybrack (2013))
Line Lönnroth (Actress, Kalle och bollhavet (2002))
Lynn Rothwell (I) (Producer, Léif Lëtzebuerger (2008))
Erik Lönnroth (Self, Kunniaa Marskille (1960))
Viljo Lönnroth (Actor, Kiurunkulma (1966))
Jason Roth (II) (Actor, Buzzard (2014))
Mann Robinson (Producer, Turnt (2017))
Leigh-Ann Rose (Actress, Comedy Joy Ride (2011))
Ann Rowan (Actress, M.A.N.: Matrix Adjusted Normal (1992))
Dylann Roof (Self, Anderson Cooper 360° (2003))
Ann Ronell (Soundtrack, Carol (2015))
Ann Rotolante (Producer, True Nature (2010))
Joann Rotondo
Ann Rotondi (Producer, Living Dangerously (2003))
Jennifer Ann Roth (Actress, Killing Poe (2016))
Marjanne Lönnroth (Actress, Salatut elämät (1999))
Anneke Lönnroth (Actress, Hiekkamorsian (1998))
Sovannroth Touch (Stunts, La curée (2013))
Ann Roy (II) (Miscellaneous, The Body of Real Things (2013))
Ann Roy (III) (Actress, Overture (2006))
Ann Roy (I) (Special Effects, Source Code (2011))
Ann Roy (IV) (Director, Time's Up (2017))
Arlen Roth (I) (Music Department, The Buick Berle Show, 1954 (1995))
Bann Roy (Editor, Tough Love (2009))
Shaun Roth (Visual Effects, Interstellar (2014))
Joan Roth (I) (Actress, Luther the Geek (1990))
Devin Roth (I) (Animation Department, Bob's Burgers (2011))
Ben Rothstein (I) (Camera Department, Logan (2017))
Anna Roth (I) (Production Manager, Titanic (1997))
Creighton Rothenberger (Writer, Olympus Has Fallen (2013))
Hannah Roth (I)
Lynn Rott (Actress, Shogo: Mobile Armor Division (1998))
Lynn Rotin (Art Department, Whole New Thing (2005))
Ann Ross (VI) (Casting Department, Redemption: For Robbing the Dead (2011))
Devin Roth (II) (Music Department, Crimson Peak (2015))
Drew Ann Rosenberg (Assistant Director, Good Girls Revolt (2015))
Ann Rose (IV)
Ann Ross (V) (Actress, UFO Files (2004))
Ann Ross (VII) (Assistant Director, Confessions of a Pit Fighter (2005))
Ann Rose (VI) (Producer, Styled by June (2012))
Ann Ross (IV) (Miscellaneous, Sea of Love (1989))
Ann Ross (IX) (Self, WRAL Murder Trials (2003))
Ann Rose (V) (Self, The Assassination of Dr. Tiller (2010))
Ann Rowe (II) (Casting Department, The Broken Continent (2013))
Ann Rose (III) (Self, The Carolina Brogue (2009))
Ann Ross (II) (Actress, Unborn Souls (1939))
Ann Ross (III) (Actress, The Many Trials of One Jane Doe (2002))
Ann Rose (IX) (Editorial Department, The Last Race (2018))
Ann Ross (VIII) (Make Up Department, Midway to Heaven (2011))
Ann Rose (VII) (Miscellaneous, A Place at the Table (2012))
Ann Rowe (I) (Self, 70th Annual Miss America Pageant (1990))
Jason Roth (III) (Actor, He's Just Not That Into You (2009))
Roman Roth (Actor, Der letzte Zug (2006))
Gavin Rothery (I) (Art Department, Moon (2009))
Toni Ann Rossi (Actress, Deadly Closure (2010))
Ann Rowley (Art Department, X2 (2003))
Aryann Roy (Actor, Zulfiqar (2016))
Aidan Roth (Actor, Beast Boy (2017))
Glenn Rottmann (Actor, Murder Book (2014))
Brandon Roth (I) (Actor, The World According to Garp (1982))
Annabel Marshall-Roth (Actress, Transparent (2014))
Ann Macy Roth (Self, Secrets of the Pyramids (2003))
Anne Marie-Roth (Miscellaneous, Cousteau's Rediscovery of the World I (1986))
Tara Lee-Anne Roth (Actress, High Kicks (1993))
Sophie Ann Rooney (Director, Fallen Fighter (2007))
Megan Roth (Actress, Tales of the Frontier (2012))
Mary Ann Rodgers (Actress, Basic Instinct (1992))
Terry Ann Ross (Actress, The Three Faces of Eve (1957))
Jamie Ann Romero (Actress, Searching for Fortune (2017))
Jayson Rothwell (Writer, Silent Night (2012))
Ann Rower (Writer, Sadness at Leaving (1992))
Ann Romney (Self, Mitt (2014))
Lynn Rothschild (Self, If We Had No Moon (1999))
Allison Roth (III) (Actress, Say Anything... (1989))
Karie-Ann Robinson (Miscellaneous, T2 Trainspotting (2017))
Ryan Rothmaier (Director, The Watcher (2016))
Kipan Rothbury (Actor, The Tragedy of Richard (2007))
Jürgen Roth (I) (Sound Department, Der Schuh des Manitu (2001))
Kevin Roth (I) (Soundtrack, Shining Time Station (1989))
Nathan Roth (Actor, Witches' Brew (1980))
Jan Roth (I) (Cinematographer, There Was Once a King... (1955))
Danny Roth (V) (Producer, End of a Gun (2016))
Alon Rothem (I) (Writer, Bye Victoria (2017))
Ann Robinson (VI)
Danny Rothman (Actor, Out of Courage 2: Out for Vengeance (1999))
Glenn Rothenberg (Producer, Knockout (2017))
Milton Lönnroth (Actor, De drabbade (2003))
Ingegerd Lönnroth (Miscellaneous, Mumindalen (1973))
Sherri Lynn Rothman (Actress, Quantum Leap (1989))
Rosaline Lönnroth (Actress, Kommissarie Winter (2001))
Glenn Rothenberger (Actor, Drop Dead Rock (1996))
Tamara Lynn Roth (Actress, The Color of Evening (1990))
Aaron Roth (I) (Visual Effects, Cyrano (2001))
Ann Rollin (Self, Knocking Girls Down (2011))
Yann Roland (Director, Sur le fil (2015))
Ann Romero (I) (Actress, Vampires (1998))
Jo Ann Ross
Ann Rohrs (Miscellaneous, The Video Dead (1987))
Ann Roboff (Soundtrack, America's Sweethearts (2001))
Ann Rosman (Self, Kust & Hav (2013))
Ann Rogers (II) (Miscellaneous, Citizen Kane (1941))
Ann N. Root (Actress, Without Women (2016))
JoAnn Rood (Actress, Yorick (2002))
Ann Romero (III) (Actress, Awakening Nights: Part 2 to Celestial Moon (2017))
Ann Rowson (Art Director, Arrowman Sam (2006))
Ann Rogers (IV) (Actress, Sideshow (2011))
Ann Rocard (Writer, Kitou Scrogneugneu (2002))
Yann Rose (Actor, Les fantômes de Louba (2001))
Ann Rohner (Producer, Where the Red Fox Lies (2013))
Ann Robson (Actress, NET Opera Theater (1967))
Ann Roche (Miscellaneous, The Magic of David Copperfield XV: Fires of Passion (1993))
Jann Rowe (Miscellaneous, A Night for Vets: An MTV Concert for the Brave (2008))
Ann Rowell (Self, You Bet Your Life (1950))
Ann Roque (Actress, Espadang patpat (1990))
Ann Rohan (Actress, The Ritual (2000))
Ann Rosen (Miscellaneous, The Adventures of Napkin Man! (2013))
Ann Robey (Actress, Something Short of Paradise (1979))
Ann-Royal (Actress, Believe in Eve (1991))
Jo Ann Rose (Actress, Deadly Addiction (1988))
Giann Rosa (Costume Department, Know How (2015))
Ann Rogers (I) (Make Up Department, They Came from Beyond Space (1967))
Yann Robin (Camera Department, Verdict (2005))
Ann Rogers (III) (Miscellaneous, Les filles de Malemort (1974))
Ann Roddy (Miscellaneous, The Last Emperor (1987))
Ann Rogers (V)
Ann Romero (II) (Self, Shaun Ryder on UFOs (2013))
Ann Rooney (Actress, Angelo & Ert (2011))
Yoann Roch (Actor, je suis une tasse (2016))
Yann Rosa (Sound Department, Passé composé (2014))
Nann Romam (Cinematographer, Land Lost, Culture Lost (2011))
Elizabeth Ann Roberts (Actress, The Loved One (1965))
Zack Morgenroth (Producer, Jane Got a Gun (2015))
Vin Roth (Editor, Bank Robbers Club (2000))
Dan Roth (II)
Dan Roth (III) (Writer, The Nostalgia Chick (2008))
Ken Roth (Art Department, Path to War (2002))
Ron Roth (VI) (Actor, Feed the Homeless (2012))
Ian Roth (IV) (Actor, The Bag (2016))
Ron Roth (I) (Actor, Innocent Blood (1992))
Ian Roth (V) (Actor, The Case of Ryan DeCann (2015))
Jon Roth (III)
Jan Roth (II) (Miscellaneous, Frida (2002))
Ron Roth (III) (Producer, The Image (1990))
Dan Roth (IV) (Self, Countdown to the Closing Bell (2008))
Don Roth (II) (Self, Studio Sacramento (2011))
René Roth (Actor, Au théâtre ce soir (1966))
Ian Roth (III) (Sound Department, I Scream (2010))
Don Roth (I) (Editorial Department, The Bridges of Madison County (1995))
Jan Roth (III) (Self, NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt (1970))
Ben Roth (Camera Department, No More Chances (2015))
Dan Roth (V) (Producer, Heaven Adores You (2014))
Léon Roth (Writer, Rocambole (1947))
Ron Roth (VII)