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Ann Margaret
Anita Sax (Actress, Innerspace (1987))
Ann Shea (I) (Set Decorator, The Big Bang Theory (2007))
Ann Margaret Hughes (Actress, Qualcosa in più (1990))
Ann-Margaret Carrozza (Self, Entertainment Tonight (1981))
aka "Ann Margaret Carroza"
Ann Margaret Swindall
Ann-Margret (Actress, Grumpy Old Men (1993))
Anna Margaret (Actress, Finding Harmony (2014))
Margaret Mann (I) (Actress, Four Sons (1928))
Margaret Anne Florence (Actress, Sun Records (2017))
Ann Margaret Apostol (Director, March (2011))
Ann Margaret Summer (Miscellaneous, Meltdown (2004))
Annmargaret Centeno (Miscellaneous, For Our Sins (2015))
Ann Margaret Vann (Actress, Learn to Live the Talk! - Beyond Total Quality Management (1994))
Ann Margaret Sumner (Miscellaneous, Desolation Sound (2005))
Ann Margaret Annan
Ann Margaret Clements (Actress, Shall We Dance (2004))
Ann Margaret Oberst (Costume Department, 6ix (1999))
Ann Margaret Figueroa (Soundtrack, Little Nanay (2015))
Ann Margaret O'Connor
Anna Margaret Hollyman (Actress, The Den (2013))
Margaret Ann (III) (Art Director, School for Gods )
Meg Ryan (I) (Actress, Sleepless in Seattle (1993))
Margaret Ann Garza (I) (Actress, Blackout (2011))
Elin-Margareta Nordin (Director, The Couple (2017))
Margaret Ann McLaughlin (Actress, Saboteur (1942))
Ramón Margareto (Director, Bollywood Made in Spain (2016))
Marianna Margaret (II) (Camera Department, Spookslayers (2013))
Peggy Lipton (Actress, Mod Squad (1968))
Jean Margaret (Camera Department, Who's Good Looking? (2007))
Margaret Ann McGowan (Actress, Lincoln (2012))
Margaret Ann McFadden (Actress, Clancy (2009))
Margaret Ann (II) (Self, The Garry Moore Show (1958))
Margaret Ann (I) (Producer, Grace (2006))
Margaret Mann (II) (Actress, Familiar Stranger (2011))
Margaret Mann (III) (Producer, I Have to Kill My Professor (2017))
Margaret Anne (Miscellaneous, Dogtown (1997))
Anna Margarete (Assistant Director, Don Bosco (1988))
Anna Margareth (Actress, Zimbala Behçet (1975))
Margaret Ann Bain (Actress, Making Ugly (2011))
Susan Margarette-Havins (Casting Director, The Man Who Saw Tomorrow (1981))
Ann-Margret Gidley (Self, House of Horrors: Kidnapped (2014))
Margaret Manners (II) (Writer, Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955))
Anne Margaret Townes
Karen Margaret Cole (Actress, A Night in Heaven (1983))
Margaret Anne Everitt (Producer, The Damnation of Faust (1986))
Lauren Margaret Wills (Actress, Dam California (2012))
Ann Margrethe Schou (Actress, Matador (1978))
Margaret E. Fannin (Miscellaneous, This Is Spinal Tap (1984))
Annmargret Fyregård (Art Department, Fanny and Alexander (1982))
Margaret-Ann McLaughlin (Actor, Diamond White Love (2010))
Anna Margaret Smedvig (Producer, Hick (2011))
Ann Margret Nielsen (Director, Still Slaves: The West African Slave Trade Then and Now (2017))
Ann-Margret Bjellder (Actress, En skärgårdsnatt (1953))
Ann-Margret Andersson (Actress, Alla Ungar Under Vingarna (1975))
Ann-Margret Rickman (Actress, Karneval (1961))
Margaret Bannerman (Actress, Cluny Brown (1946))
Margaret Illmann (Actress, Rossini's Ghost (1996))
Margaret-Anne Docherty (Producer, Desperate Fishwives (2010))
Jean-Margaret Thomas (Camera Department, Instrumental Treason (2004))
Margaret Susan Martin (Writer, Sounds Like a Revolution (2010))
Jean Margaret Thomas (Camera Department, Twilight (2008))
John Margaret Hollis (Sound Department, Alexander's Bridge (in development))
Dawn Margaret Fleming (Self, Identidade Cotidiana (2016))
Loren Margaret Wait (Actress, A Short Trip (2015))
Margarete Thumann (Actress, Sommeridylle (1916))
Margaret Ann Garza (IV) (Actor, Quad X: The Porn Movie Massacre (2015))
Margarete Lanner (Actress, Die zweite Mutter (1925))
Anne Margaret Tower (Art Department, A Mighty Wind (2003))
Margareth Ann Yabes (Actress, Wagas (2013))
Margaret Ann Garza (V)
Margaret Ann Garza (II) (Actor, 3 References (2013))
Margaret Ann Garza (III) (Actor, Co-Ed Campfire Carnage (2013))
Margaret Whitton (Actress, Major League (1989))
Anne Margaret Cooper (Miscellaneous, Youth in Revolt (2009))
Shannon Margarita (Actress, Scorn (2011))
Margaret Anne Nolen (Producer, Say You Will (2017))
Margaret Ann Chambers
Margarethe Ullmann (Make Up Department, The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant (1972))
Margaret Viermann
Margaret Anne Ford (Self, The 18th Annual TV Week Logie Awards (1976))
Margaret Kustermann (Actress, Estes Avenue (2005))
Margarete Kirchmann (Self, Nachtcafé (1987))
Margaret Anne Townes (Actress, Duplex (2013))
Margaretanne Dugan
Margaret Neumann (Costume Department, Escape from East Berlin (1962))
Margaret Ann Rich (Actress, Take This Job and Shove It (1981))
Anne Margaret-Poole (Actor, Hero Shy (2013))
Margarete Wichmann (Actress, Der Excentric-Club (1914))
Margaret Shannon (I) (Miscellaneous, True Bond (2007))
Margaret Ann Bates (Actress, East End Hustle (1976))
Margarete Reimann (Actress, Der Weibsteufel (1966))
Hannah Margaret (Actress, The Neuropath (2013))
Margaret Hannay (Art Department, Under the Mountain (1981))
Margaret Canneri (Actress, Such Is Life (1931))
Margaret Ann Smith (Producer, Special Treatment: Locking Up the Children (1991))
Mary Margaret Shannon
Margaret Anne Smith (Producer, Special Treatment: Locking Up the Children (1991))
Margaret Concannon (I) (Actress, Desecration (1981))
Margarete Amann (Actress, Fast wia im richtigen Leben (1979))
Margarethe Lehmann (Actress, Furlough on Parole (1938))
Hannah Margaret Allen (Actress, Ain't It Nowhere (2015))
Margaret-Ann Lamb (Miscellaneous, Darkness (2006))
Marianna Margaret (IV)
Margaret Bannow (Editorial Department, Never Too Old (1926))
Margaret Cannon (Thanks, Capturing Cooperman: A Not So Private Investigation of Howard Engel (2008))
Margaret Shannon (II)
Marianna Margaret (III) (Camera Department, Contemporary Color (2016))
Anne Margaret Nilsen (Self, The Journey Home (1997))
Margaret Hartmann (Camera Department, Chicago P.D. (2014))
Margaret McCann (Actress, Clams with Green Onions (2009))
Anne Margaret Poole (Make Up Department, Hero Shy (2013))
Margaret Ann Skidmore (Actress, With Undying Love (2012))
Margaret Ann Schenck (Miscellaneous, Manifestival (2014))
Margaret Tanner (Editorial Department, Together (1980))
Margaret Ioannidou (Actress, Diakopes kalokairines (2006))
Margarete Bechmann (Actress, Böses Blut (1993))
Margarete Wallmann (Miscellaneous, Anna Karenina (1935))
Marianna Margaret (I) (Cinematographer, Conversations with a Dead Prime Minister (2015))
Margarete Hannsmann (Self, Die Geliebte - Die Lyrikerin Margarete Hannsmann erzählt die Jahre mit HAP Grieshaber (1987))
Margaret Anne Barnes (Writer, Murder in Coweta County (1983))
Margarete Hoffmann (Actress, Familie Schimek (1935))
Margarete Jahrmann (Director, Baustelle (1995))
Anne Margaret Reid (Miscellaneous, Dirt (2008))
Margaret Swann Norris (Producer, The Dryad Tree (2016))
Margaret Giannini (Actress, Kids Like These (1987))
Margaret Ann Brady (Actress, The Love Letter (1999))
Anne Margaret N. Olaso (Actress, Eves' New Year (2008))
Margaret Manners (I) (Actress, Hunted Down (1912))
Margaret Bumann (Self, KETV of Omaha News at 10 PM (1970))
Margaret Bannon
Margaret Anne MacLeod (Actress, Archangel (1990))
Margaret Ann Lembo (Self, Mandala (2015))
Margaret Annesley (Make Up Department, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (1999))
Margaret-Ann Lewis (Soundtrack, Power Rangers (2017))
Margaret Reymann
Margaret Ann Reed
Jim & Margaret Flannery
Margaret Concannon (II) (Miscellaneous, The National Parks: America's Best Idea (2009))
Margarete Zimmermann (Actress, The White Ribbon (2009))
Anne Margaret Toews (Miscellaneous, Andre (1994))
Margarete Neumann (II) (Writer, Aprikosenbäumchen (1964))
Margaret Ann Vincent (Actress, River Town (2013))
Margarete Neumann (I) (Actress, Flaming Ears (1992))
Anne Margaret Kruyer (Miscellaneous, Alison (2015))
Ashley Leggat (Actress, Life with Derek (2005))
Ann-Margret Pettersson (Director, Carmen (1999))
Ann-Margret Fyhregaard (Costume Designer, Jerusalem (1996))
Ann-Margret Bergendahl (Actress, Rattens musketörer (1945))
Meagan Margaret Thomas (Editor, Oh Shi.. (2015))
Evelyn Margareth Barros (Producer, Olhe pra mim de novo (2012))
Erin Margaret Pettigrew (Actor, Dummy (2016))
Kathleen Margaret 'Poa' Cook (Self, Rain of the Children (2008))
Erin Margaret McCuskey (Director, Luxville Prologue (2015))
Ellen Margaret Schuthof (Miscellaneous, Take, Me, There (2010))
Margaret Ann Robertson (Miscellaneous, To Catch a Predator (2009))
Margaret Anne Mitchell (Actress, Hawaii Five-O (1968))
Suanne Margaret Hastings (Director, Raising Maddie App (2015))
Anna Margaret Stephanou (Self, Miss World 1991 (1991))
Anne-Lie Margareta Sjöberg (Self, Miss World 1982 (1982))
Hannah Margaret Hansford (Actress, Bunker of Blood (2011))
Margaret Culkin Banning (Writer, Woman Against Woman (1938))
Margaret Elizabeth Mann (Actress, Margarita Happy Hour (2001))
Margarette Anne Hernandez (Self, Hey Vinny (2000))
Leigh Margaret Manning (Costume Designer, 3:21-1977 (2013))
Margarete Buber-Neumann (Self, Margarete Buber-Neumann - Ein deutsches Schicksal (1987))
Margaret Ní Cheannabháin (Actress, Rásaí na Gaillimhe (2009))
Peggy Knudsen (Actress, The Big Sleep (1946))
Ann-Margreth Lindgren Johansson (Actress, Lyckoruset (2008))
Maggie Mancuso (Location Management, Casino (1995))
Keaton Margaret-Marie Luster (Actress, Hot Pursuit (2015))
Margaret Reed (Actress, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999))
Channing Margaret Rusthoven (Actress, Forward (2016))
Ann Nelson (I) (Actress, My Girl (1991))
Maggie Kirkpatrick (Actress, Prisoner (1979))
Peggy Moffitt (Actress, Basic Black (1967))
Peggy Lennon (Self, The Lennon Sisters: Same Song, Separate Voices (2011))
Meggie McFadden (Producer, Mystery Team (2009))
Margaret Barton (Actress, Brief Encounter (1945))
Anne Diamond (I) (Self, The Wright Stuff (2000))
Lionel Shriver (Writer, We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011))
Margaret Hoard (Actress, The Tree of Life (2011))
Peggy Friend (Actress, Being Flynn (2012))
Margaret Pomeranz (Self, At the Movies (2004))
Maggie Beer (Self, The Cook and the Chef (2006))
Sandy Sturges (Thanks, Preston Sturges and 'The Miracle of Morgan's Creek' (2005))
Maggie Kretzmer (Actress, Final Move (2006))
Margaret Loesch (Producer, The Transformers (1984))
Margarete Salinger (Actress, The Upchat Connection (1978))
Ann Mollo (Set Decorator, Legend (1985))
Maggie Hollis (Actress, Teen Wolf (2011))
Mystic Meg (Self, The National Lottery (1994))
Margaret A. Decker (Miscellaneous, The Princess and the Frog (2009))
Maggie Conway (I) (Actress, Father Ted (1995))
Margaret Moore (I) (Actress, Gallery of Horror (1967))
Rosemary Towler (Actress, Romeo and Juliet (1962))
Margaret Wedlake (Actress, The Commonplace Heart (1953))
Maggie Markie (Miscellaneous, Junebug (2005))
Ann Hogarth (Miscellaneous, Muffin the Mule (1946))
Peggy Goldwater-Clay (Self, Mr. Conservative: Goldwater on Goldwater (2006))