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Angela Bruce (I) (Actress, Mary Seacole: The Real Angel of the Crimea (2005))
Angela Bruce (II) (Producer, Strange Paradise (1969))
Angela Bruck (Miscellaneous, Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web (2017))
Angela Browne (Actress, Press for Time (1966))
Angela Bright (Costume Department, I, Robot (2004))
Angela Brunda (Actress, Five Across the Eyes (2006))
Angela Brusa (Actress, Il latte della bontà umana (2014))
Angela Brunn (Miscellaneous, Orson Welles: The One-Man Band (1995))
Angela Brun (Actress, Lakmé (2011))
Angela Bruno (Actress, Bad Bizness (2003))
Pamela Bruce (II) (Actress, Hide and Seek (1922))
Pamela Bruce (I) (Producer, Holidaze: The Christmas That Almost Didn't Happen (2006))
Mikaela Bruce (Director, Escamas (2013))
Angela Brown (III) (Miscellaneous, Totally Wild (2001))
Angela Brockunier (Actress, Sex Sent Me to the ER (2013))
Angela Brown (X) (Actress, Survival of the Dead (2009))
Angelle Bruce (Miscellaneous, I'm Alive (2009))
Angela Brent (Actress, The Black Gestapo (1975))
Angela Braden (Actress, Men of Action (2003))
Angela Brubaker (Actress, Cheerleader Ninjas (2002))
Bruce Lange (Editor, Air Bud: Golden Receiver (1998))
Angela Bryant (I) (Actress, Deliver Us from Eva (2003))
Angela Brooks (I) (Self, Playboy: Girls of Spring Break (1991))
Angela Brady (Writer, Designing Ireland (2015))
Angela Bravo (I) (Producer, Nr 153 (2017))
Angela Brabin (Self, Deadly Women (2005))
Angela Bravo (III) (Art Director, Viste a Cristina El 7 De Marzo? (2012))
Angela Brau (Producer, Side Show (2007))
Angela Brown (XVI) (Actress, Victorious (2010))
Angela Brooks (IV) (Art Department, Pearl (2016))
Angela Bryan (Actress, Bonk (2014))
Angela Brant (I) (Actor, Likeness (2009))
Angel Abrego (Art Department, End of the Spear (2005))
Angela Braun (I) (Make Up Department, Totgesagte leben länger (2008))
Angela Brande (Costume Department, A Stranger in the Kingdom (1999))
Angela Brook (Producer, Not About AJ (2004))
Angela Bryars (Composer, To Tea (1970))
Angela Brown (VII) (Miscellaneous, The Greatest (1998))
Angela Brooks (V) (Art Department, Mack & Moxy (2015))
Angela Brant (II) (Actress, Between a Bridgerock (2010))
Angela Brown (VIII) (Miscellaneous, World's Most... (1999))
Angela Brown (XVII) (Actress, Spirit Stalkers (2012))
Angela Bravo (II) (Art Director, Anonimata (2014))
Angela Brown (XVIII) (Actress, Under the Influence (2004))
Angela Braun (II) (Miscellaneous, Herederos de una venganza (2011))
Angela Brown (IX) (Producer, Crash Test (2010))
Angela Brown (II) (Actress, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (1979))
Angela Brydon (Actress, Bye Bye Birdie (1995))
Angel Abreu
Angela Brown (XV) (Self, 19th Annual Trumpet Awards (2011))
Angela Brito (Actress, O Fim do Mundo (1996))
Angela Brown (XIX) (Producer, Bindi's Bootcamp (2012))
Angela Brown (I) (Costume Designer, The Yard Sale (2002))
Angela Brown (XX) (Miscellaneous, Project Runway (2004))
Angela Brown (XI) (Actress, Velvet Vengeance (2013))
Angel Abraham (Stunts, The Librarian: Quest for the Spear (2004))
Angela Brown (XXII) (Actor, The Pigeons of Potrero (2006))
Angela Brault (Editor, Un arrangement (1997))
Angela Brown (XXI) (Actress, The Box )
Angela Branca (Self, Ein Lied für München (1983))
Angela Brogan (Actress, The Class of Miss MacMichael (1978))
Angela Bryant (IV)
Angela Brown (VI) (Self, Dusk 'til Dawn (1997))
Angela Bryant (V) (Self, Talking with Janet (2016))
Angela Bryant (III) (Self, Nancy Grace (2005))
Angela Brink (Self, Go' aften Danmark (2002))
Angela Bretas (Miscellaneous, Today in America with Terry Bradshaw (2010))
Angela Brown (XIV) (Self, 19th Annual Trumpet Awards (2011))
Angela Brooks (III) (Art Director, Nibelung (2015))
Angela Brewer (Self, Moving Art (1991))
Angela Brown (IV) (Special Effects, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003))
Angela Brown (XIII) (Writer, The Love You Save (2010))
Angela Brooks (II) (Actress, Miss B's Hair Salon (2008))
Angela Braur (Actress, Sirens of Chrome (2016))
Angela Brown (XII) (Actor, Arlo: The Assassin (2015))
Angela Bryant (II) (Art Director, The Woyzeck Project (2011))
Angela Bray (Actress, To Jennifer (2013))
Angela Brown (V) (Miscellaneous, We Don't Live Here Anymore (2004))
Angela Bracewell (Self, Val Parnell's Sunday Night at the London Palladium (1955))
Angela Brunner (Actress, Junges Gemüse (1956))
Angela Brambati (Self, Die Drehscheibe (1964))
Angela Bruyerre (Music Department, Black Tar Road (2016))
Angela Brunson (Actress, Streaker (2007))
Angela Brutyan (Self, Super Fan Showdown 5 Seconds of Summer (2015))
Angela Brunnemann (Producer, Abgewiesen (in development))
Angela Bruyere (Casting Department, Shark Tank (2009))
Angela Bruschi (Special Effects, Rusty Nails (2013))
Angela Bressler (Actress, Student Bodies (1981))
Angela Braga-Mermet (Editorial Department, Poulet au vinaigre (1985))
Angela Breheny (Producer, Treasure Hunt (1982))
Bruce Langerius (Self, Bitter Paradise: The Sell-out of East Timor (1996))
Bruce Langereis (Actor, Assault on Wall Street (2013))
Ingela Brusberg (Art Department, Selma (2008))
Angela Browder (Producer, Fallout 3 (2008))
Angela Bromstad (Producer, Grave Secrets: The Legacy of Hilltop Drive (1992))
Angela Brookbank (Camera Department, Haircut (2003))
Angela Brashier
Angela Briscoe (Actress, Assemblies of God (1989))
Angela Branzell
Angela Britton
Angela Braemar (Actress, The Beautiful One (1938))
Angela Briesen (Actress, Opa Schulz (1976))
Angela Calabro (Miscellaneous, Family Dinner (2014))
Angela Calabrasi (Actress, Life Room (2009))
Angela Brooking (Actress, A Stranger on the Hills (1970))
Angela Browning (II) (Actress, Stars in Their Eyes (1990))
Miguel Angel Abraham (Editorial Department, The Death of Socrates (2010))
Angela Bradley (Actress, Behind the Lines (1997))
Angela Briones (Producer, Dance Like No One's Watching (2013))
Angela Broeniman (Actress, Oconomowoc (2013))
Angela Bransdorf (Actress, Endash (2015))
Angela Broekhuizen (Camera Department, Decay (2015))
Angela Bronkowski
Rosangela Brea
Angela Brendemihl (Costume Department, Gimmick (2013))
Rosangela Brown (Actress, Girl Crazy (1997))
Angela Brauher (Actress, From Venus (2005))
Angela Brewster
Angela Brazington (Actress, 48 Below (2010))
Angela Brinkworth (II) (Actress, Edith's Finger (2000))
Angela Branstrom (II)
Angela Bronston (Actress, Wasteland (1999))
Angela Brickley (Miscellaneous, Forced to Protect (2007))
Angela Brookes (Make Up Department, Infini (2015))
Angela Broomby
Angela Labreglio (Actor, Or So the Story Goes: Happy Thoughts (2015))
Angela Brouskou (Actress, Enas ithopoios dimiourgeitai (1989))
Angela Broyles (Director, Return Walk to Tuscumbia (2012))
Angela Bronson (Location Management, Professor Mack (2017))
Angela Branstrom (I) (Writer, South Loop (2015))
Angela Browning (I) (Self, Question Time (1979))
Angela Bristow (Animation Department, When the Wind Blows (1986))
Angela Brown Kalu (Actress, The Ingrate 2 (2004))
Angela Brown Myers (Miscellaneous, The First Dance (2012))
Angela Braconi (Self, Nas: Time Is Illmatic (2014))
Angela Brinkworth (I) (Actress, Under Milk Wood (1972))
Angela Brickhouse (Sound Department, Allied (2016))
Evangeline Bell Bruce
Angela Bradley-Johnson (Actress, Greenlit (2017))
Angela Bramlette Thurley
Angela Bradshaw-Clifford
Angela Bradfield Swanson