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Andy Lau (I) (Actor, Infernal Affairs (2002))
Andy Lau (IV) (Camera Department, Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016))
Andy Lau (V) (Camera Department, Abandoned (2015))
Madison Dylan (Actress, Are You Scared? (2006))
Sindy Lau (Miscellaneous, The Academy (2010))
Cindy Landon (I) (Producer, Whaledreamers (2006))
Andy Lau (VI) (Camera Department, The Hostage (2016))
Andy Lau (III) (Actor, Earth Watcher (2013))
Andy Lau (II) (Writer, Echoes (2012))
Andy Dylan (Stunts, The Avengers (2012))
Andy Lassner (Producer, Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show (2003))
Dylan McLaughlin (Actor, Kicking & Screaming (2005))
Cathryn Dylan (Actress, Grey's Anatomy (2005))
Andy Laub (I) (Cinematographer, Wayward Nation (2014))
Candy Lau
Andy Laub (II) (Director, Sacred Cod: The Flight for a New England Tradition (2016))
Chindy Lau (Actress, Dynamite Fighters (1987))
Andy Lambros (Actor, Fatso (1980))
Candy Law (Actress, Enthralled (2014))
Mandy Lane (III) (Actress, Slow Down... You're Dating Too Fast (2005))
Randy Lane (II) (Actor, Hello, Dolly! (1969))
Cody Laudan (Stunts, 300 (2006))
Sandy Lam (Actress, Meng gui xue tang (1988))
Randy Lauer
Lindy Laub (Writer, For the Boys (1991))
Cindy Lau (Camera Department, Xenolith (1995))
Ian Dylan Hunt (Actor, Joy (2015))
Randy LaHaye (Actor, Vanished: Left Behind - Next Generation (2016))
Andy Lanning (Writer, Guardians of the Galaxy (2014))
Randy Lawson (Sound Department, The Man from Earth (2007))
Dylan Lauren (Self, Arthur (2011))
Cindy Lange (II) (Actress, House on Hooter Hill (2007))
Candy Laird (Actress, The Thief and the Stripper (1959))
John Dylan Louie (Actor, Hell on Wheels (2011))
Lindy Layton
Andy Landen (Director, Grad School (2011))
Mandy Lane (IV) (Actress, High School DxD (2012))
Mandy Lauderdale (Self, Temptation Island (2001))
John Dylan (II) (Actor, Goodbye Summer (1996))
Cindy Landolt (Actress, Ready, Steady, Ommm! (2013))
Andy Lazarus (Actor, Adam & Evelyn (2008))
Andy Law (I) (Actor, Sea Front (2014))
Andy Lam (II) (Sound Department, Singapore GaGa (2005))
Andy Law (V) (Self, Penn & Teller: Bullshit! (2003))
Andy Law (IV)
Andy Lam (I) (Actor, This Is... Amir (2009))
Andy Lam (III) (Cinematographer, Tim and Eddie (2015))
Andy Law (II) (Actor, The Guild (2007))
Andy Law (III) (Assistant Director, Hobgoblyn (2013))
Andy LaFave (Actor, The Hardy Boys (2012))
Dylan Dyer (Director, Superspecial (2014))
Wendy Lawless (Actress, Sweet Temptation (1996))
Sandy Lamb (Actress, My Wife Is 18 (2002))
Shandy Lashley (Visual Effects, The Revenant (2015))
Zindy Laursen (Self, Friends Forever (2001))
Randy Laureano (Art Department, Ang Panday 2 (2011))
Sandy Laureno (Miscellaneous, But I'm a Cheerleader (1999))
Wendy Lauren (Actress, Is It Time to Swap? (2001))
Wendy Laurent
Cindy Laurent (Actress, On a tous (toutes) quelque chose de Clémence Karentec!!! (2007))
Yandy Laurens (Director, Wan An (2012))
Andy Laudano (Camera Department, IHWE Professional Wrestling (2014))
Andy Laursen (Actor, Brook Hubbs Short Funny Videos (2010))
Cindy Lauss (Miscellaneous, King Solomon's Mines (2004))
Brandy Lamkin (Actress, Step Up Revolution (2012))
Sandy Lai (I) (Actress, Psycho Ward (2007))
Wendy Lay (Casting Department, Billy Club (2013))
Sandy Lakdar (Actress, Le mal (2008))
Sandy Lang (I) (Actor, Silent Rage (1982))
Andy Lane (V) (Self, Youngstown: Still Standing (2010))
Andy Lane (X) (Sound Department, Fight Like a Girl (2015))
Mandy Lai (Make Up Department, The Controller (2013))
Andy Lane (IX) (Writer, Life on a String (2013))
Andy Lang (V) (Miscellaneous, Wicked! (2001))
Candy Lai (Actress, Top Squad (1988))
Andy Lane (VII) (Actor, Alex and Alex (2010))
Randy Lao (II) (Director, Fated Echoes (2014))
Andy Lara (II) (Camera Department, Zero Point (2014))
Andy Lane (VIII) (Camera Department, Things Fall Apart (2003))
Mandy Law
Sandy Lai (II)
Andy Lang (I) (Location Management, Shining Through (1992))
Andy Lane (XII) (Music Department, Mirror Game (2016))
Andy Lang (II) (Producer, The Big Idea (2010))
Andy Lane (III) (Camera Department, National Achievement Day (1996))
Andy Laas (Miscellaneous, Him & Her (2010))
Andy Lake (II) (Director, Jim's War (2016))
Andy Lane (VI) (Assistant Director, Locked (2010))
Randy Lao (III) (Writer, Hindsight (2016))
Andy Last (III) (Actor, Batman: Night's End (2011))
Andy Lara (I) (Production Manager, Ka Hector (1994))
Andy Lala (Production Manager, I'll Take You There: Celebrating 75 Years of Mavis Staples (2015))
Andy Lane (IV) (Editor, Finale (2014))
Andy Lant (Actor, Ez Már Nemcsak Játék (1982))
Andy Lang (IV) (Self, I (Almost) Got Away with It (2010))
Randy Lam (Actor, JustKiddingFilms (2007))
Andy Lang (III) (Art Director, Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor (2009))
Andy Laws
Andy Lane (XI)
Andy Lake (I) (Music Department, Vibrations: A Documentary (2010))
Andy Lane (I) (Writer, Wartime (1987))
Randy Lao (I) (Director, Specter (2012))
Andy Lane (II) (Visual Effects, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954))
Andy Last (I) (Special Effects, Batman: Night's End (2011))
Randy Law (Actor, Shafted! (2000))
Randy Lamb (Stunts, Hook (1991))
Mindy Lawson (Actress, Switch (1991))
Andy Larkins (Actor, The Chromium Hook (2000))
Eddy Lau (Art Department, Magical Sunglasses (2016))
Judy Lau (Miscellaneous, Flashfire (1994))
Dedy Lau (Actress, New Police Story (2004))
Jody Lau (Actress, Chasing Mood (2010))
Andy LaCombe (Actor, Batman & Robin (1997))
Cindy L. Abel (Producer, Breaking Through (2013))
Wendy Lands (Actress, Madeline (1989))
Andy Lalino (Writer, Filthy (2003))
Cody Launzel (Miscellaneous, Texas Rising (2015))
Mandy Lange (Actress, EuroClub (2016))
Andy Lawson (I) (Self, The Amazing Race Asia (2006))
Wendy Lardin (Actress, Carol (2015))
Mandy Lake (Director, The 100+ Club (2012))
Randy Landas (Actor, Happy Endings (2005))
Lindy Lamb (Actress, Amber (2016))
Wendy Law (I) (Costume Department, Police Story 4: First Strike (1996))
Wendy Lane (I) (Stunts, Kansas (1988))
Candy La Rue (Actress, Dekotora Gal Nami 2 (2010))
Randy Lang (II) (Sound Department, Kid Fitness (2005))
Andy Lamon (Cinematographer, Randy's Pickin' Parlor (2013))
Cindy Lai (II) (Producer, The Wolf (2012))
Randy Lane (V)
Randy Landis
Y. Wendy Lam (Actress, Ghetto Blaster & Silk (2011))
Candy Lane (II) (Self, Dancing with the Stars (2005))
Sandy Lazar (II)
Randy Lapin (Production Designer, Shock 'Em Dead (1991))
Randy Large
Andy L'Amore (Actor, ¡¡¡Todas!!! (2007))
Andy Lacson (Actor, Kidlat ng Maynila: Joe Pring 2 (1991))
Sandy Lazar (III) (Costume Designer, At Any Price (2012))
Andy Lawson (II) (Director, Just a Kid from Arkansas (2016))
Candy Lane (I) (Production Designer, Snow White and the Hundredth Monkey (1999))
Wendy Lam (Actress, Memoirs of a Geisha (2005))
Wendy Lamb (Producer, The Lost Tape: Andy's Terrifying Last Days Revealed (2004))
Sandy Lang (IV) (Actress, Little White Lie (2009))
Cindy Lai (I) (Actress, Cheung chin fuchai (1993))
Roman Dylag (Music Department, Night Train (1959))
Sandy Laken (Producer, Story of Stopping Bull (2016))
Andy Lanza (Actor, Face of Evil (2016))
Randy Lane (III) (Miscellaneous, The CMT Music Awards 2006 (2006))
A. Kondylas (Sound Department, Gala (2002))
Andy Lawler (III)
Sandy LaBoy (Art Department, Show & Tell (1998))
Andy Landers (Self, Running Down a Dream (2000))
Wendy Law (II) (Actress, When Wendy Met Will (2016))
Andy Laird (Actor, Kingdom of Power (1988))
Sandy Lane (I) (Actress, What's New? (1972))
Cindy Lam (II) (Miscellaneous, Rub & Tug (2002))
Cindy Lam (III) (Actress, Chilling Visions: 5 Senses of Fear (2013))
Sandy Landay
Mandy Lakes (Actress, Displaced (2015))
Andy Lally (I) (Self, Pepsi Max 400 (2010))
Andy Laskin
Andy Lapins (Self, Savior (2010))
Cindy Last (Miscellaneous, Coerced (2011))
Andy Lally (II) (Miscellaneous, Crash Bash (2000))
Andy Laguna (Miscellaneous, Salt (2003))
Indy Layne (Actress, Spy City (2008))
Andy Laskey (Actor, The Work of Director Chris Cunningham (2003))
Ryan Dylan (Actor, They Never End (2015))
Lindy Law (Actress, How to Not: Give Up (2015))
Sandy Lang (III) (Costume Designer, Ninja in the Killing Fields (1984))
Sindy Lazo (Actress, Emerald Heart (2014))
Randy Lane (I) (Art Director, Space Ghost Coast to Coast (1994))
Andy Latham (I) (Self, Formula 1: BBC Sport (2009))
Andy Landorf (Actor, Glickman (2013))
Andy Lalor
Andy Laine (Miscellaneous, U.S. Marshals (1998))
Randy Layne (Casting Department, Soulmates (1997))
Andy Large (Camera Department, Dickinson's Real Deal (2006))
Andy Larson (II) (Actor, Mindslime (2007))
Randy Lake
Sandy Lash (Actress, S.W.A.G. (in development))
Cindy Lair (Actress, Wild Orchid II: Two Shades of Blue (1991))
Lynn Dylan (Miscellaneous, The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love (1995))
Randy Landry (Make Up Department, Texas Godfather (1986))
Mandy Lamb (Art Department, Solitary Man (2009))
Cindy Lang (Actress, The Cheap Detective (1978))
Andy Lawler (I) (Visual Effects, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (2010))
Cindy Lane (I) (Casting Department, Ex$pendable (2010))
Andy Langer (Actor, Thank You a Lot (2014))
Randy Ladd (II) (Actor, Wearing Hitler's Pants (2009))
Wendy Lane (II) (Actress, Party Foul (2011))
Cindy Lamb (Producer, Ebenezer (1998))
Andy Ladas (Actor, Outlaw Queen (1957))
Randy Ladd (I) (Camera Department, Mother and Child (2009))
Cyndy Lane (Assistant Director, Uptown Dreams (2009))
Andy Larson (I) (Miscellaneous, Love Always (1996))
Andy Larsen (Actor, Zombies in My Neighborhood (2005))
Cindy Lam (I) (Actress, Prisoner of War (2001))
Andy Laben (Actor, Mafia Movie Madness (2003))