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Andy Garcia (I) (Actor, The Godfather: Part III (1990))
Andy Garcia (IX) (Actor, Mercury Plains (2016))
Andrew Garcia (XI) (Cinematographer, Hollow Bodies (2015))
nickname "Andy Garcia"
Danay Garcia (Actress, Prison Break (2005))
Andy Garcia (XIX) (Actor, Urban Cowboy (2016))
Dany Garcia (Producer, Snitch (2013))
Andy Garcia (III) (Visual Effects, Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015))
Andy Garcia (XII) (Actor, Grande Business (2010))
Ricky Garcia (VII) (Actor, Best Friends Whenever (2015))
Andy Garcia (VIII) (Actor, The House of the Demon (2007))
Andy Garcia (VI) (Producer, Catching Rats (2008))
Andy Garcia (V) (Actor, A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings (1988))
Andy Garcia (XV) (Camera Department, Assistants (2013))
Andy Garcia (XI) (Camera Department, Band Challenge (2012))
Andy Garcia (VII) (Stunts, SEAL Team VI (2008))
Andy Garcia (IV)
Andy Garcia (XIII) (Miscellaneous, Woman (1997))
Andy Garcia (XVI) (Actor, Choose Your Own Dateventure! (2014))
Andy Garcia (XVII)
Andy Garcia (II) (Actor, Emmanuelle 6 (1988))
Andy Garcia (X) (Actor, Lea - November Skies (11/11/11) (2011))
Andy Garcia (XVIII) (Camera Department, The Frequencies (2015))
Sandy Garcia (III) (Actor, Ibulong mo sa Diyos (1988))
Melody Garcia (Miscellaneous, Home (2013))
Randy Garcia (XVIII) (Actor, American Dirtbags (2015))
Danny Garcia (XXIV) (Actor, Divorce (2016))
Wendy Garcia (I) (Actress, Red Water (2003))
Jerry Garcia (I) (Soundtrack, Foxcatcher (2014))
Sandy Garcia (I) (Sound Department, A Few Good Men (1992))
Wendy Garcia (VI)
Cindy Garcia (IV)
Cindy Garcia (V) (Miscellaneous, Quick Date (2012))
Randy Garcia (XIV)
Sandy Garcia (V) (Camera Department, Bruce's Fists of Vengeance (1980))
Randy Garcia (VII) (Cinematographer, Camera (2013))
Windy Garcia (Actress, The Occultist (1988))
Wendy Garcia (III) (Make Up Department, Jackin' Carlos (2011))
Cindy Garcia (VII) (Miscellaneous, Amex Unstaged Pharrell Williams Live at the Apollo (2014))
Cindy Garcia (II) (Miscellaneous, The Fluffer (2001))
Candy Garcia (Actress, Mumbaki (1996))
Cindy Garcia (III) (Camera Department, Beauty and the Beast (1991))
Randy Garcia (II) (Camera Department, Stoned Debates II: Subway vs Quiznos (2012))
Wendy Garcia (IV) (Producer, Fields Afire (2014))
Randy Garcia (I) (Camera Department, Girl on the Edge (2015))
Mandy Garcia (II) (Editorial Department, 2011 CMT Music Awards (2011))
Mandy Garcia (III) (Actor, Don't (2014))
Mandy Garcia (I) (Make Up Department, Camp Virginovich (2012))
Wendy Garcia (V) (Costume Department, Tell My Mama (2013))
Randy Garcia (XIX) (Camera Department, East Los High (2013))
Randy Garcia (VIII) (Actor, A Hawk Once Told Me (2012))
Sandy Garcia (IV) (Self, Ripley's Believe It or Not! (1999))
Andy Garcia Jr. (Art Department, Gone But Not Forgotten (2005))
Cindy Garcia (I) (Production Manager, Hangman (2000))
Cindy Garcia (VI)
Mindy Garcia (Actress, ¿Qué pasa, U.S.A.? (1977))
Randy Garcia (XIII)
Wendy Garcia (II) (Make Up Department, Baking Bad (2012))
Cindy Garcia (VIII) (Miscellaneous, Rubberhead (2014))
Randy Garcia (VI) (Camera Department, Dostoyevsky Reimagined: The Making of Notes from the New World - BTS )
Randy Garcia (V) (Actor, The One Who Loves You (2013))
Amy Garcia (III) (Writer, Dear Eleanor (2016))
Gerry Garcia (III) (Actor, One to Nothing (in development))
Jeffrey Garcia (I) (Actor, Happy Feet (2006))
Teddy Garcia (Self, 1988 NFL Draft (1988))
Amy Garcia (I) (Actress, Rock Rivals (2008))
Danny Garcia (XVI) (Producer, 6 Bullets to Hell (2014))
Cody Garcia (I) (Miscellaneous, August (2011))
Freddy Garcia (XV) (Camera Department, Knockdown (2015))
Vlady Garcia (Sound Department, Southern Charm (2013))
Freddy Garcia (I) (Self, 2002 MLB All-Star Game (2002))
Judy Garcia (II) (Self, Mente y movimiento (2004))
Freddy Garcia (X) (Actor, Just My Luck (2015))
Rudy Garcia (II) (Self, CSI: Miami (2002))
Judy Garcia (IV) (Music Department, Devil by the Horns (2015))
Freddy Garcia (XI) (Actor, El Comandante Antrax (2012))
Eddy Garcia (I) (Art Department, Passion Cove (2000))
Freddy Garcia (II) (Editorial Department, Making the Connection: Untold Stories of 'The French Connection' (2001))
Cordy Garcia (Actor, Bunny O'Hare (1971))
Freddy Garcia (XIV)
Freddy Garcia (IV) (Actor, Shattered Dance (2007))
Rudy Garcia (VII) (Actor, The Ultimate Rally )
Freddy Garcia (III) (Producer, Club La Bomba (2000))
Fredy Garcia (II) (Producer, Esperanza (2016))
Cody Garcia (II) (Self, Space Cadet: The Show Must Go On (2012))
Freddy Garcia (VII) (Actor, His & Hers (2011))
Freddy Garcia (XIII) (Actor, New Beginnings (2014))
Judy Garcia (I) (Miscellaneous, Cáncer... su guía de prevención (2004))
Rudy Garcia (III) (Miscellaneous, Steve McQueen (2010))
Fredy Garcia (I) (Actor, Fiebre Salsera (2016))
Cody Garcia (IV) (Actor, A Fading Afternoon (2012))
Cody Garcia (III) (Editorial Department, Shadow of the Monarch (2015))
Freddy Garcia (VIII) (Actor, The Contract (2016))
Judy Garcia (III) (Miscellaneous, Chain Letter (2009))
Freddy Garcia (XII) (Actor, New Beginnings (2014))
Freddy Garcia (V) (Miscellaneous, The Zero Hour (2010))
Rudy Garcia (IV) (Actor, Ipagdarasal kita (1960))
Eddy Garcia (II) (Editorial Department, The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange (2012))
Rudy Garcia (V)
Freddy Garcia (VI) (Actor, Greedy (2010))
Freddy Garcia (IX) (Actor, The Red Room (2016))
Middy Garcia (Actress, ¿Qué pasa, U.S.A.? (1977))
Ricky Garcia (I) (Actor, What Happens in Vegas (2008))
Roy Garcia (I) (Actor, The Fifth Element (1997))
Lily Garcia (I) (Assistant Director, Suicide Squad (2016))
Ray Garcia (I) (Camera Department, Inception (2010))
Mandy García (Camera Department, Havana Motor Club (2015))
Sandy García (Actor, Patíbulo (2013))
Cindy Y. Garcia
Izzy Garcia (Actress, I'm Not Ashamed (2016))
Bobby Garcia (II) (Miscellaneous, Real World (1992))
Ricky Garcia (XI) (Music Department, Best Friends Whenever (2015))
Ray Garcia (VI) (Art Department, Frost/Nixon (2008))
Jimmy Garcia (XIII) (Actor, The Librarians (2014))
Rey Garcia (IV) (Actor, Ang huling henya (2013))
Roy Garcia (III) (Actor, Alternate Endings (2007))
Jay Garcia (VI) (Actor, Angles: Behind the Secret City (2009))
Loy Garcia (Producer, Programming Hope (2015))
Jay Garcia (VII)
Boy Garcia (II) (Art Department, Baler (2008))
Jay Garcia (III) (Visual Effects, Mega Movers (2006))
Jay Garcia (I) (Editorial Department, Mr. K: A Common Man with Uncommon Vision (2005))
Gary Garcia (V)
Gary Garcia (II) (Actor, Take Out (2004))
Jay Garcia (VIII) (Actor, Latin Boys Go to Hell (1997))
Amy Garcia (IV) (Actress, Silver Lining (2008))
Ray Garcia (IV) (Miscellaneous, Watch Over Me (2006))
Rey Garcia (III) (Miscellaneous, Mimicking Schizophrenia (2006))
Amy Garcia (VII) (Self, Election 2015 (2015))
Jay Garcia (II) (Miscellaneous, Dave Matthews Band: The Gorge (2004))
Gary Garcia (IV) (Camera Department, Belzer Behind Bars (1983))
Arcy Garcia (Special Effects, They're Watching (2016))
Rémy Garcia (Actor, Triplex (1991))
Ray Garcia (XI) (Miscellaneous, Marza (2014))
Rey Garcia (II) (Sound Department, Yesterday Today Tomorrow (2011))
Gay Garcia (Actress, Nasaan ka nang kailangan kita (1996))
Guy Garcia (I) (Miscellaneous, Latin Music USA (2009))
Guy Garcia (II) (Actor, Regardless of the Heat (2017))
Rey Garcia (VII) (Self, #WarOnUs (2016))
Ray Garcia (III) (Music Department, Daniela (2002))
Rey Garcia (VI) (Actor, Kampus? (1978))
Amy Garcia (II) (Self, Muscle Beach Then and Now (2011))
Gary Garcia (III) (Soundtrack, One Hit Wonderland (2012))
Gary Garcia (I) (Editorial Department, Hammer Heads (2007))
Rey Garcia (V) (Editor, Ipaglaban mo (2014))
Roy Garcia (II) (Special Effects, Bride of Re-Animator (1989))
Ray Garcia (V) (Self, Last Call with Carson Daly (2002))
Kay Garcia (I) (Music Department, Death Defying Acts (2007))
Ray Garcia (VIII) (Actor, Showdown (1973))
Ray Garcia (X)
Rey Garcia (I) (Actor, Necroville (2007))
Ray Garcia (II) (Actor, Neverland (2003))
Jay Garcia (IV) (Editorial Department, Naked Happy Girls (2007))
Ray Garcia (IX) (Camera Department, The Gamblers: The Ledge (2012))
Ray Garcia (VII) (Actor, Somewhere (2010))
Boy Garcia (I) (Actor, Wala ka nang puwang sa mundo (1997))
Amy Garcia (V) (Actress, Chicago Hope (1994))
Rey Garcia (VIII) (Producer, Buang (2016))
Kay Garcia (II) (Sound Department, El Chupacabra: Las entrevistas perdido (2010))
Lucy Garcia (I) (Actress, Willoughby (2007))
Cathy Garcia-Molina (Director, Pintada (2012))
Stefy Garcia (Actress, Here in the East )
Sunny Garcia (I) (Actor, The Endless Summer 2 (1994))
Tony Garcia (I) (Actor, A Killing in a Small Town (1990))
Chuy Garcia (III) (Writer, Sobrevivir (2011))
Bobby Garcia (I) (Camera Department, Cycles South (1971))
Becky Garcia (I) (Actress, My Sister's Quinceanera (2013))
Benny Garcia (II)
Ruby Garcia (Actress, Pocahauntus (2006))
Randy Garces (Camera Department, 21st Century Punk Rock Volume #1 (2009))
Wendy García (Actress, Un mexicano más (2009))
Vinny Garcia (Self, Food Network Challenge (2003))
Jimmy Garcia (I) (Camera Department, American Idol (2002))
Henry Garcia (VII) (Visual Effects, Up (2009))
Katy Garcia (I) (Make Up Department, Crossroad (2012))
Barby Garcia (Actress, Must Come Down (2012))
Marty Garcia (Actor, Forgotten (2009))
Eddy Garcia Rivera (Miscellaneous, The T.O. Show (2009))
Kennedy Garcia
J. Teddy Garcias
Vlady Garcia-Correa (Sound Department, Lucky Lotus (2009))
Lucas Cody Garcia (Producer, Running Away with Blackie (2009))
Vlady Garcia Correa (Sound Department, Auction Hunters (2010))
Cassidy Garcia (Producer, 11:59 (2015))
Judy Garland Garcia (Actress, Rice )
Rudy Garcia-Tolson (Self, The Body Issue (2010))
Billy Garcia (II) (Self, Survivor (2000))
Tracy Garcia (I) (Production Manager, Ang Panday 2 (2011))
Gary 'Boy' Garcia (Actor, Lumayo ka man sa akin (1992))
Katy Garcia (II) (Actress, Mustangue (2009))
Fanny Garcia (Writer, Saan darating ang umaga? (1983))
Rodolfo 'Boy' Garcia (Actor, Paradise Inn (1985))
Gabby Garcia (Actress, Supernatural Activity (2012))
Tommy Garcia (VII) (Sound Department, The Drive )
Anthony Garcia (III) (Actor, The Practice (1997))
Nancy Garcia (I) (Producer, The Fashion Show (2009))
Adam Henry Garcia (Actor, Conversations from the Afterlife (2016))
Luchy Garcia (Actress, Delia's Song (2000))
Sammy Garcia (I) (Actor, Emmanuelle 6 (1988))
Danny Garcia (XXVIII) (Camera Department, Counting for Thunder (2015))
Jovany Garcia (II)