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Andre Royo (Actor, The Wire (2002))
Alexandre Rockwell (Director, Four Rooms (1995))
Andre Rosey Brown (Actor, Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (1994))
Andrée Roy (Transportation Department, X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014))
Alexandre Rodrigues (I) (Actor, City of God (2002))
Andre Royal (Self, The NFL on NBC (1965))
Andre Roberson (I) (Actor, Notorious (2009))
Andre Rock (Self, Ladies and Gentlemen, Jordan Rock (2011))
Andre Robinson (III) (Actor, Despicable Me 2 (2013))
Andre Roman (I) (Actor, Bones (2005))
Alexandre Roy (III) (Costume Department, Ollie Boy (2015))
Marie-Andrée Roy (Composer, Jamais je ne t'oublierai (2014))
Alexandre Roy (V) (Actor, Dépendance (2017))
Alexandre Roit (Writer, Xuxa Requebra (1999))
Alexandre Roy (I) (Director, Kvistur (2012))
Alexandre Roy (II) (Director, Kvistur (2012))
Travis Andre Ross (Actor, Blind Malice (2014))
Andrea Royo
Andre Roothman (Actor, Home Alone 4 (2002))
Deidre Roy (Miscellaneous, Hallow's End (2003))
Andres Arroyo
Troy Obrero
Andre Marrero (Actor, Love and Adventure in New York (2004))
Deondre Rose
Andre Robb (Producer, Jamnesia: The Jamaican Surf Experience (2015))
Andre Roman (II) (Actor, Penitence (2010))
Andre Rosa (I) (Animation Department, Childless by Choice (2003))
Andre Roden (Actor, Disconnected (2015))
Andre Ross (Writer, Miscellaneous Theories on Time (2011))
Andre Rowéus (Actor, På djupet (2009))
Andre Ronco (Producer, Cybersix (1995))
Andrée Routa (Miscellaneous, La belle équipe (1958))
Andre Rone (Self, Super Bowl XLIII (2009))
Andre Rosa (II) (Actor, La Reina (2008))
Andre Rofe (Self, The Best of Secter & the Rest of Secter (2005))
Andrée Robin (Self, Victor Lanoux, l'essai de la vie (2009))
Andre Roux (III) (Actor, Chambre a louer: Room for Rent (2015))
Andre Roux (I) (Visual Effects, Jungle Beat (2003))
Andrée Roudès (Actress, Sa Majesté la Reine (1913))
Andre Rosa (III) (Self, Derrick J's Victimless Crime Spree (2012))
Andre Roos (Special Effects, Prins (2015))
Andre Roux (II) (Art Department, Florries Dragons (2010))
Andre Rozez (Miscellaneous, The Wanderer (1967))
Andre Romo (III) (Actor, Art Class (2015))
Andre Romo (II) (Actor, Yellow Fever (2014))
Andre Romo (I) (Actor, The Run Around (2012))
Andre Rosso (Editor, Deadly Betrayal: The Philpott Trial (2013))
Andre Rocha (Producer, Assassin's Creed: Generations III (2011))
Andre Roth (Actor, The Magician King (2004))
Andre Roshkov (Actor, What an Idiot (2014))
Andrea Pedrero (Actress, Perras (2011))
Andrew Arroyo (Actor, Zombies During Third Period: Again (2011))
Andrea Arroyo (I) (Actress, Iputok mo... Dadapa ako! (Hard to Die) (1990))
Andrea Arroyo (II) (Art Department, Birth of the Sun (2009))
Andre Tierre Royal (Producer, Secrets of the Magic City (2014))
Pierre-Andre Rochat (Producer, Against the Wild 2: Survive the Serengeti (2016))
Andre Robinson Jr. (Producer, Friday (1995))
Andre Robert Lee (Producer, The Prep School Negro (2012))
Andrée Rochefort (Actress, Ave Maria (1984))
Andre Roquette (Animation Department, Europe to the Stars: ESO's First 50 Years of Exploring the Southern Sky (2012))
Andre Robinson (V) (Self, Perfect Machine (2015))
Andre Guerrero (Make Up Department, Beyond the Grave (2010))
Andrew Terrero (Actor, Broken Crayons (2010))
Andrée Rolane (Actress, Les misérables (1925))
Alexandre Ross (I) (Actor, Always There (2011))
Andrée Rolland (Actress, Jim Hackett Champion (1928))
Andrea Lebrero (Actress, Wendy placa 20957 (2009))
Andre Rogers (Composer, Dissonance (2011))
Andrea Ferrero (Camera Department, Elogio alla solitudine (2010))
Andre Rokling (Actor, Doktor Proktors prompepulver (2014))
Andre Ross Betz (Editor, Looking for Richard (1996))
Andrée Rodrigue (Actress, Les 3 p'tits cochons (2007))
Andre Roberts (Self, UFC 17: Redemption (1998))
Alexandre Romão (Writer, Cafe Central (2011))
Andre Robinson (I) (Actor, Le dernier souffle (1999))
Alexandre Roch (Actor, Les Bougon: C'est aussi ça la vie (2004))
Andres Forero (Sound Department, The Artist's Awakening (2016))
Andre Rousseau (Actor, Proteus (2003))
Leandre Roges (Miscellaneous, Chupacabra Terror (2005))
Andre Robinson (IV)
Endre Romvári (Sound Department, Szatírvadászat a tölgyfaligetben (1992))
Alexandre Rohr (Actor, La virée à Paname (2013))
Andre Rousin (Writer, Teatro como en el teatro (1973))
Andre Robles (I) (Miscellaneous, Thirteen Conversations About One Thing (2001))
Andre Rozier (Self, 60 Minutes Sports (2013))
Andre Roussouw (Camera Department, Committed (1991))
Andre Rollins (Actor, A. 223 Affair (2015))
Alexandre Roos (Actress, Ties and Ropes (2001))
Alexandre Rosa (Actor, Only Moments (2014))
Alexandre Rosu (Camera Department, Central nuit (2001))
Aundre Ross (Transportation Department, Devil's Knot (2013))
Andre Roessler (Composer, Kraftakt (2012))
Alexandre Roth (Actor, Five (2016))
Alexandre Roux (Composer, Du coq à l'âne (2004))
Andre Roxbury (I) (Composer, Memoirs of a Black Latina (2009))
Andre Robert (II)
Andre Robert (III) (Camera Department, Make It Trendy (2012))
Andre Romain (Actor, Trafalgar (2009))
Andre Robson (Actor, Stop Thief (1920))
Andre Robert (I) (Editor, The Giant Steel Wall (2012))
Andre Rodman
Andrea Borrero
Ondre Roach (Actor, The Fields (2012))
Andre Roxbury (II) (Composer, The Colors of Love: Episode 8 (2017))
Andre Roberson (II) (Camera Department, Sicario (2015))
Andrea Borero (Self, Àrtic (2013))
Andre Rocques (Actor, Quick Step Beyond (2002))
Alexandre Ross (II)
Andre Robles (II) (Camera Department, The Lunch Rush (2017))
Andre Robinson (II) (Self, Trauma: Life in the E.R. (1997))
Andrew Pomeroy (Sound Department, Audition (2015))
Andrei Beroyev (Actor, Sokrovishche (2008))
Leroy Andrewin
Andrew Leroy (Miscellaneous, Awake (2007))
Andre Robert Cobbs (Writer, Ark of the Covenant (2016))
Andrew Guerrero (II) (Actor, Jericho (2017))
Andres Patarroyo (Animation Department, Frontier: The Rising Shadow (2012))
Alexandre Robichaud (Camera Department, Kindergarten Cop 2 (2016))
Alexandre Ronco (Animation Department, The Revenant (2015))
DeAndre Robbins (Actor, Losing My Soul (2016))
Odrée Roy Lavallée
Alexandre Romano (Miscellaneous, Queridos Amigos (2008))
Almudena Cendrero López (Miscellaneous, The Promise (2016))
Andre Rodriguez (I) (Actor, Acting 101 (2007))
Andrea Guerrero (III) (Miscellaneous, Insurgent (2015))
Andre Rodriguez (V) (Producer, Atlantic City Chronicles (2013))
Endre Rodríguez (Director, Varjú a toronyórán (1938))
Alexandre Rodrigues (II) (Actor, Très insuffisant (1980))
Alexandre Rodrigue (Visual Effects, Army of Two (2008))
Alexandre Rocheleau (Actor, La course des ombres (2008))
Andre Rosenberger (Writer, Winterawakening (2011))
Alexandre Rodovan (Actor, A Virgem (1973))
Andre Rodriguez (II) (Actor, Steve Green: Hide 'Em in Your Heart - Volume II (1992))
Alexandre Gurerrero (Actor, La Veuve Joyeuse (2007))
Alexandre Robert (III) (Director, Crisa (2015))
Aleksandr Erokhin (Self, Lyube-25! Za tebya, Rodina-mat! Yubileynyy kontsert (2014))
Alexandre Rocha (II) (Production Manager, Primo Basílio (2007))
Alexandre Rosendo (II) (Actor, Nós (2010))
Andrea Guerrero (VIII) (Animation Department, Party Legends (2016))
Alexandre Rocha (VIII) (Production Manager, Quando Parei De Me Preocupar Com Canalhas (2015))
Andre Rolando Cardoso (Cinematographer, Kichiro (2006))
Alexandre Robitaille (Visual Effects, Star Trek Beyond (2016))
Alexandre Rojas (Self, Dieux du stade: Le making of du calendrier 2005 (2004))
Alexandre Rossignol (Actor, Clash d'astéroïde (2016))
Jairo Andres Guerrero (Actor, Doña Bella (2010))
Andres Guerrero (Actor, The Animal I've Become (2010))
Andre Rosser Goodman (Miscellaneous, Save Me (2007))
Alexandre Rosendo (I) (Actor, Nós (2010))
Alexandre Rossi (IV) (Self, Luciana by Night (2012))
Alexandre Rodrigues (III) (Composer, La visite (2013))
Alexandre Rodriguez (II) (Sound Department, 11-11-11 (2011))
Alexandre Robert (IV) (Production Manager, Loulou (2017))
Andrea Guerrero (II) (Actress, La Malquerida (2014))
Andrea Guerrero (VII) (Self, Democracy Now! (2001))
Alexandre Rocha (IV) (Producer, Lápis-de-cor (2011))
Andrei Guerrero (I)
Alexandre Rousseau (I)
Alexandre Rosa Moreno (Actor, Linda de Morrer (2015))
Andre Rodrigues (II) (Editor, Knock Down Ginger (2016))
Roberto Cendrero (Self, Gran hermano (2000))
Alexandre Rollo (Actor, Aurora (1987))
Andre Rodriguez (III) (Actor, Litter Mates (2009))
Alexandre Rocha (VI) (Editor, Nada a Declarar (2003))
Alexandre Robert (II) (Director, De sentiers et de rêves (1949))
Andre Roosevelt (Director, Kriss (1932))
Alexandre Rossi (II) (Miscellaneous, Blindness (2008))
Andres Lopez Forero
Alexandre Rocheteau (Actor, Je suis désolée (2012))
Alexandre Rocha (III) (Production Manager, Adagio sostenuto (2008))
Andrée Rossi Maroso (Assistant Director, Sangatte (2003))
Alexandre Robillard (Writer, Fripe et Pouille (1991))
Lendre Rodgers
Andrei Guerrero (II) (Actor, Ekstra (2013))
Alexandre Romanés (Self, Romanès (2013))
Alexandre Robelin (Actor, All Together (2011))
Andrea Guerrero (I) (Actress, El último aliento (2015))
Alexandre Rossi (VI) (Writer, Trajeto (2011))
Alexandre Roglet (Actor, Insidieuses Violences/Insidious Violence (2016))
Alessandro Bodrero (Camera Department, Footsteps (1972))
Alexandre Rouyer (Actor, La forteresse assiégée (2006))
Alexandre Rossi (I) (Costume Designer, District B13 (2004))
Andrew J. Herrero (I) (Composer, The Empty (2014))
Ivan Andres Guerrero (Visual Effects, Ghost Town (2008))
Andre Rodriguez (IV) (Sound Department, Dia (2012))
Alexandre Rodriguez (I) (Actor, Kaydara (2011))
Andrea Guerrero (VI) (Art Department, Sombra (2016))
Alexandre Rogoski (Sound Department, Para Minha Amada Morta (2015))
Andrea Guerrero (V) (Art Director, La Montaña Errante (2015))
Alexandre Robert (I) (Actor, Última Parada 174 (2008))
Andre Rodrigues (I) (Miscellaneous, Phil Ochs: There But for Fortune (2010))
Andrew Herreros (Self, The Lives of Mount Druitt Youth (2010))
Andre Romiszowski (Camera Department, Aya Arcos (2014))
Alexandre Roger (Actor, Y'aura t'il de la neige à Noël? (1996))
Alexandre Rouillard (Animation Department, Martha Speaks (2008))
Alexandre Rosario (Camera Department, It's A Rap (2016))
Alexandre Rocha (I) (Location Management, Discretion Assured (1994))
Alexandre Romanazzi (Actor, Dercy de Verdade (2012))
Alexandre Rousseau (II) (Actor, J'aurai toujours 13 ans (2012))
Andre Robichaud (Visual Effects, Deep Sea (2003))
Andres Libreros (Producer, Alicia in Africa: Journey to the Motherland (2008))