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Amy Carter (IV) (Self, 60 Minutes (1968))
Amy Carter (III) (Actress, Darkhunters (2004))
Amy Carter (XI) (Actress, The Things We've Seen (2017))
Amy Carter (XIV) (Make Up Department, The More You Ignore Me )
Amy Carter (VIII) (Self, YMCA Y-Stories (2012))
Amy Carter (XV) (Self, Timeshift (2002))
Amy Carter (VII) (Make Up Department, The Eschatrilogy: Book of the Dead (2012))
Amy Carter (XIII) (Make Up Department, Lady in the Park (2016))
Jimmy Carter (I) (Self, Jimmy Carter Man from Plains (2007))
Amy Carter (XII) (Self, Late Night with David Letterman (1982))
Amy Carter (IX) (Art Department, Web Army (2014))
Amy Carter (I) (Actress, Slack Trek: The X Generation (1995))
Amy Carter (V) (Miscellaneous, Celebrity Masterchef (2006))
Amy Carter (II) (Miscellaneous, The Royal Tenenbaums (2001))
Amy Carter (VI)
Amy Carter (X) (Actor, Jones (2016))
Terry Carter (I) (Actor, The Phil Silvers Show (1955))
Freddy Carter (Actor, Wonder Woman (2017))
Lauren Ashley Carter (Actress, Premium Rush (2012))
Jimmy Carter (III) (Actor, The Jayhawkers! (1959))
Cy Carter (Actor, Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation (2004))
Jeremy Carter (I) (Actor, Ultraforce (2003))
Sundy Carter (Actress, Bringing Down the House (2003))
Remy Carter (Producer, The Waiter (2010))
Jimmy Carter (V) (Actor, The Fighting Temptations (2003))
Trey Carter (I) (Actor, Change of Heart (2016))
Wendy Carter (I) (Actress, Basilisk: The Serpent King (2006))
Rickey Carter (I) (Actor, Barney & Friends (1992))
Stacy Carter (I) (Actress, Divas: Postcard from the Caribbean (2000))
Chay Carter (I) (Producer, Argo (2012))
Jimmy Carter (XIX) (Actor, The Dirt Merchants 'Romancery' (2017))
Jamie Carter (VII) (Actor, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017))
Harry Carter (II) (Actor, The Secret of Convict Lake (1951))
Sherry Carter (II) (Actress, Video Soul (1981))
Tammy Carter
Jérémy Carteron (Cinematographer, Héritages (2014))
Jimmy Carter (IX) (Self, Land (2010))
Jimmy Carter (XI) (Actor, Big Bets: 100 Years of Southern Company (2012))
Jimmy Carter (VI) (Actor, The Idolmaker (1980))
Jeremy Carter (II) (Art Department, Jim (2010))
Jimmy Carter (IV) (Actor, The Race (1916))
Jimmy Carter (VIII) (Camera Department, Just Rewards (2009))
Jimmy Carter (II) (Actor, Charlie )
Jimmy Carter (XII) (Self, Warren Haynes Presents Christmas Jam 24 (2012))
Jeremy Carter (IV) (Actor, Mix & Master (2014))
Jimmy Carter (XIV) (Self, Crook & Chase (1986))
Jimmy Carter (X) (Actor, Young Hearts Run Free (2011))
Jimmy Carter (XVI) (Self, Late Night with David Letterman (1982))
Jeremy Carter (V) (Camera Department, Sanitarium (2013))
Jimmy Carter (VII) (Actor, Table Sixteen (2007))
Jimmy Carter (XIII) (Self, What's the Score? (2014))
Jeremy Carter (III) (Actor, #Deception (2013))
Jimmy Carter (XVII) (Actor, Jay (2016))
Tommy Carter (Soundtrack, The Machinist (2004))
Jeremy Carter (VII) (Editor, Man of Light (2011))
Jeremy Carter (VI) (Camera Department, Pacifico (2008))
Billy Carter (I) (Actor, Festival (2005))
Sally Carter-Ihnat (Actress, The Phantom Planet (1961))
Lily Carter (II) (Actress, Network First (1994))
Tony Carter (III) (Miscellaneous, Green Zone (2010))
Betty Carter (VII) (Actress, The Blazing Caravan (1954))
Amy Cartas (Editor, Unbound (2014))
Amy Carthew (Location Management, West 32nd (2007))
Amy Carty (Casting Department, Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002))
Betty Carter (IV) (Soundtrack, American Beauty (1999))
Lilly Carter (Actress, VeggieTales: It's a Meaningful Life (2010))
Poppy Carter (Actress, Transformers: The Last Knight (2017))
Carey Carter (Assistant Director, The Frighteners (1996))
Randy Carter (I) (Assistant Director, Seinfeld (1989))
Jody Carter (Actress, Better Criminal (2016))
Ami Carter (II) (Art Department, The Waiter (2010))
Ami Carter (I) (Cinematographer, Better Than Therapy (2008))
Ami Carter (III) (Make Up Department, Deja Vu (2007))
Randy Carter (II) (Editor, The Lair (2007))
Roy Carter (II) (Camera Department, The Kingdom (2007))
Bryony Carter (Actress, Darkfall Resurrection (2013))
Troy Carter (I) (Producer, Eve (2003))
Blue Ivy Carter (Self, Beyoncé: Lemonade (2016))
Gary Carter (I) (Actor, JFK (1991))
Ashley Carter (VII) (Director, Shaun Barker: One More Time (2017))
Carly Carter (Actress, Play Your Cards Right (1980))
Damien Carter (III) (Actor, Birdemic: Shock and Terror (2010))
Izzy Carter
Ray Carter (I) (Music Department, Il Natale che quasi non fu (1966))
Kitty Carter (Self, Dancing with the Stars (2005))
Benny Carter (Soundtrack, The Aviator (2004))
Billy Carter (II) (Self, Jimmy Carter's Inaugural Gala (1977))
John Dewey Carter (Actor, Another World (1964))
Jeremy Cartee (Actor, The Patriot (2000))
Keely Carter (Art Department, Alita: Battle Angel (2018))
Holly Carter (I) (Visual Effects, Deal or No Deal (2005))
Brandy Carter (Actress, Elvis & Nixon (2016))
Gary Carter (II) (Self, 100 Years of the World Series (2003))
Amy Cartmell (Art Department, Fallen Soldiers (2015))
Colby Carter (Self, Intimate Portrait (1993))
Cathy Carter (I) (Actress, It Happened on Fifth Avenue (1947))
Guy Carter (II)
Jay Carter (VI) (Actor, Given Away for Love (2012))
Roy Carter (I) (Writer, Alibi (1942))
Andy Carter (VI) (Transportation Department, The Leading Man (1996))
Kay Carter (III) (Self, Golden Goal (2006))
Jay Carter (IV) (Self, Opening Soon (2001))
Jay Carter (V) (Self, 60 Minutes (1968))
Guy Carter (III) (Actor, Gatwick Gangsters (2017))
Andy Carter (II) (Actor, Buy Sell Kill: A Flea Market Story (2004))
Jay Carter (X) (Writer, Concept to Code (2014))
Jay Carter (IX) (Actor, Tomorrow (2014))
Andy Carter (III) (Transportation Department, Love Actually (2003))
Andy Carter (I) (Art Department, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011))
Joy Carter (I) (Miscellaneous, 2010 Soul Train Awards (2010))
Roy Carter (IV) (Art Department, The Iron Lady (2011))
Kay Carter (I) (Costume Department, Pearl Harbor (2001))
Ray Carter (IV) (Composer, Burning Sky (2013))
Jay Carter (II) (Director, Bipolar Light (2009))
May Carter
Day Carter (Actor, Red-Handed (2015))
Roy Carter (III) (Self, Flashback: The History of UK Black Music (2016))
Ray Carter (III) (Miscellaneous, iN Deep (2011))
Sky Carter (Actress, Emma's War (1988))
Roy Carter (V) (Self, The Mike Douglas Show (1961))
Kay Carter (II) (Miscellaneous, Lost (2004))
Jay Carter (III)
Jay Carter (VIII) (Director, Southern Fried Fencing (2014))
Guy Carter (I)
Andy Carter (VII) (Actor, Mad Bastards (2010))
Jay Carter (XII)
Jay Carter (XIII)
Shy Carter (Producer, The Making of We Are Tonight (2013))
Jay Carter (VII) (Self, Modern Marvels (1993))
Roy Carter (VI) (Art Department, The Children Act (2017))
Joy Carter (II) (Self, The Pendulum Pushers (1965))
Ray Carter (II) (Actor, Griff the Invisible (2010))
Andy Carter (VIII) (Costume Designer, Clear Skies 2 (2009))
Jay Carter (XI) (Actor, Somebodies (2008))
Ty Carter (Self, Late Show with David Letterman (1993))
Andy Carter (IV) (Transportation Department, Buy Sell Kill: A Flea Market Story (2004))
Roy Carter (VII) (Actor, The Cheddar Connection (2005))
Peggy Carter (I) (Make Up Department, Moulin Rouge! (2001))
Amy Carpenter (III) (Camera Department, The Same Heart (2015))
Amy Carpenter (I) (Writer, An Uplifting Tale (2009))
Amy Carpenter (II) (Visual Effects, The Revenant (2015))
Woody Carter (II) (Actor, LOL (2012))
Chay Carter (II) (Actor, Sabor tropical (2009))
Judy Carter (I) (Self, Paramount Comedy Theatre, Vol. 1: Well Developed (1986))
Gary Carter (VII) (Self, The Marty Stuart Show (2008))
Jimmy Cartersen (Producer, Young People Do It (1997))
Cathy Carter (IV) (Actress, Above Suspicion (2017))
Casey Carter (II) (Stunts, Dakota's Summer (2014))
Tony Carter (XI) (Director, Paradox (2015))
Harry Carter (I) (Actor, Beloved Jim (1917))
Larry Carter (I) (Actor, Rosie's Miracle (2009))
Beverly Carter (I) (Actress, Herbie Rides Again (1974))
Holly Carter (II) (Producer, Home Is Where You Find It (2009))
Kelly Carter (III) (Actor, Behaving Badly (2014))
Vercy Carter (Actor, I Got the Hook Up (1998))
Terry Carter (VIII) (Actor, Urban Legends (2007))
Hailey Carter (I) (Actress, The Wicked Shamrocks (2010))
Penny Carter (Actress, Opening (2010))
Jonny Carter (Cinematographer, Dying in Silence (2012))
Crosby Carter (Make Up Department, Redirecting Eddie (2008))
Journey Carter (Actress, Revival! (2017))
Ashley Carter (V) (Actress, Harriet (2016))
Quincy Carter (Self, 2001 NFL Draft (2001))
Pressley Carter (I) (Miscellaneous, A Good Old Fashioned Orgy (2011))
Tony Carter (VI) (Self, Untamed & Uncut (2008))
Emily Carter (XIV) (Self, Clapping for the Wrong Reasons (2013))
Danny Carter (V) (Camera Department, Marvellous (2014))
Tony Carter (XIII) (Actor, Through Our Eyes: South Africa (2017))
Melody Carter
Gary Carter (V) (Actor, Ninja Strike Force (1988))
Terry Carte (Actor, Vale Tudo Project (2009))
Geroy Carter
Cindy Carter (I) (Actress, A Modest Proposal (2005))
Billy Carter (VI) (Transportation Department, Dark Moon Rising (2009))
Joey Carter (I) (Actor, Around the World Under the Sea (1966))
Stacey Carter (II) (Miscellaneous, Air (2009))
Bobby Carter (VI) (Director, The Looking Glass Documentary (2014))
Rusty Carter (I) (Camera Department, Poor Pretty Eddie (1975))
Stacey Carter (I) (Actress, Ice Cold Fear (2006))
Hilary Carter (Actress, Adam Adamant Lives! (1966))
Ashley Carter (IV) (Self, Bible Quiz (2013))
Kathy Carter (IV)
Barry Carter (III) (Art Department, Asylum (2005))
Lonny Carter (Camera Department, Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader (2012))
Lucy Carter (II) (Producer, The British Empire in Colour (2002))
Kerry Carter (I) (Miscellaneous, Taken (2008))
Larry Carter (II) (Art Department, The Russia House (1990))
Randy Carter (VII) (Actor, The Scott Conner Show (2007))
Haley Carter (I) (Miscellaneous, 13th Annual Prism Awards (2009))
Mary Carter (II) (Actress, Tricks of the Trade (1968))
Terry Carter (XVII) (Self, A Football Life (2011))
Bobby Carter (IV) (Self, XFC 17: Apocalypse (2012))
Jenny Carter (I) (Make Up Department, The Lost World (1999))
Buddy Carter (I) (Self, Inside the White House (1995))
Tony Carter (II) (Actor, Cuestión de fe (1995))
Randy Carter (III) (Actor, Tomb of the Werewolf (2004))
Judy Carter (II) (Producer, The Leslie Taylor Show (2010))
Mary Carter (III)
Bunny Carter (Miscellaneous, Fumi and the Bad Luck Foot (2005))
Terry Carter (XI) (Producer, Cheers (1982))