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Alice Cooper (I) (Soundtrack, Scream (1996))
Alice Cooper (III) (Self, You Bet Your Life (1950))
Alice Cooper (VI) (Actress, Loss & Legacy: The Tolson Story (2014))
Alice Cooper (II) (Actress, The London Rock and Roll Show (1973))
Alice Cooper (V) (Actress, Age of Demons (1992))
Alice Cooper (IV) (Soundtrack, Alice Cooper: Brutally Live (2000))
Alice Cooperman (Actress, Hannah Free (2009))
Alice Belmore (Actress, The Female Swindler (1916))
aka "Alice Cooper Cliffe"
Alice Cooper (VII) (Actor, In with the Outlaws (in development))
Calico Cooper (Actress, Hawaii Five-0 (2010))
Candice Cooper (I) (Actress, Blu_Scrn (2008))
Ava Grace Cooper (Actress, When Calls the Heart (2014))
Eunice Cooper (Self, The First 48 (2004))
Terence Cooper (Actor, Casino Royale (1967))
Trace Cooper (Actor, The Mutilator (1984))
Brice Cooper
Candice Cooper (II)
Alyce Cooper
Alice Coote (Actress, Alcina (2000))
Alice Cook (II)
Alice Coo (Actress, Dérision douce (1990))
Alice Cook (III) (Writer, City Stroller (2013))
Alice Cook (IV) (Producer, When I Walk (2013))
Alice Cook (I) (Self, ESPN SportsCentury (1999))
Alice Cool (Animation Department, Possession (2014))
Bruce Cooper (III)
Lance Cooper (III) (Self, Cavuto on Business (2000))
Grace Cooper (II) (Actress, MetaFilm (2017))
Bruce Cooper (I) (Actor, Further and Particular (1988))
Bryce Cooper (Actor, Clinger (2015))
Grace Cooper (I) (Actress, Dove (2016))
Horace Cooper (I) (Actor, Where's Charley? (1952))
Bruce Cooper (IV)
Lance Cooper (II) (Producer, It's a Love Thing (2013))
Rance Cooper (Producer, Fairytales for the Fatherless (2017))
Reece Cooper (Actor, Underground (1998))
Candace Cooper (Actress, Flyleaf (2012))
Horace Cooper (II) (Self, The Life and Death of Anna Nicole (2007))
Lance Cooper (I) (Miscellaneous, CF Girl (1989))
Chance Cooper (Actor, Hollywood Sex Wars (2011))
Bruce Cooper (VIII) (Camera Department, A Dead Calling (2006))
Bruce Cooper (VII) (Actor, Harbor Command (1957))
Bruce Cooper (V) (Editor, Fugue (2010))
Bruce Cooper (VI) (Thanks, Broad Street Bullies (2010))
Alice Cooke (Actress, Babes in Toyland (1934))
Pali Cooper
Alicia Cooper (Production Designer, The Divine Emerald (2004))
Lettice Cooper (Self, Women of Our Century (1984))
Beatrice Cooper (Actor, Uprooted (2016))
Florice Cooper (Actress, One Splendid Hour (1929))
Maurice Cooper (Actor, Eat (2001))
Alie Cooper (Actress, Deceptors (2005))
Laurence Cooper (Miscellaneous, The Crown (2016))
Natalie Cooper (I) (Writer, Desert Hearts (1985))
Bruce Cooperman (Director, One Life to Live (1968))
Clarence Cooper (II) (Self, 18th Annual Trumpet Awards (2010))
Patience Cooper (Actress, Dhruva Charitra (1921))
Katie Grace Cooper (Actor, Saturday Night/Sunday Morning (2011))
Lawrence Cooper (I) (Miscellaneous, BET Awards 2011 (2011))
Lawrence Cooper (IV) (Actor, Christabel (1988))
Clarence Cooper (I) (Actor, The Quiet One (1948))
Constance Cooper (IV) (Composer, Flying Low (2015))
Constance Cooper (VII) (Actress, Fair Lady (2016))
Constance Cooper (II) (Actress, The Convenient Job (2015))
Constance Cooper (III) (Actress, A Spring Morning (2014))
Grace Cooper Milton (Actress, Act of Memory: A Christmas Story (2011))
Lawrence Cooper (II) (Camera Department, America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back (1988))
Horace Claude Cooper (Actor, The House of Rothschild (1934))
Florence Cooper (Actress, American Playhouse (1981))
Constance Cooper (I) (Self, Paper Dolls (2014))
Prudence Cooper (Actress, Sons and Daughters (1982))
Constance Cooper (VI)
Constance Cooper (V)
Lawrence Cooper (III)
Milicent Cooper (Actress, Pied Piper Malone (1924))
Alicia Sai Cooper (I) (Actress, Blood Freedom (2017))
Margaret Alice Cook (Actress, Roller Blade (1986))
Alicia J. Cooper (Actress, TerrorVision (1988))
Alicia Sai Cooper (II)
Natalie Cooper (IV) (Assistant Director, My Bloody Wedding (2010))
Natalie Cooper (III) (Actress, Rencor visceral (1993))
Natalie Cooper (VI) (Miscellaneous, The Fisherman (2016))
Natalie Cooper (II) (Actress, Garage Days (2002))
Natalie Cooper (VII) (Actress, Xmas Men 2 (2014))
Natalie Rae Cooper (Actress, Case Files (2018))
Natalie Cooper (V)
Natalie Cooper (VIII) (Writer, JMJ: Jesus, Mary & Joseph (2016))
Admiria Essence Cooper (Assistant Director, Pie in the Sky (2015))
Suzanne Fagence Cooper (Self, Fred Dibnah's World of Steam, Steel and Stone (2006))
Michael Bruce (I) (Soundtrack, Scream (1996))
aka "The Alice Cooper Band"
Glen Buxton (Soundtrack, Scream (1996))
aka "The Alice Cooper Band"
Neal Smith (III) (Soundtrack, Scream (1996))
aka "The Alice Cooper Band"
A.D. Cooper (I) (Director, The Penny Droppped (2016))
Dennis Dunaway (I) (Soundtrack, Scream (1996))
aka "The Alice Cooper Band"