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Alan Ladd (I) (Actor, Shane (1953))
Alan Ladd Jr. (Producer, Braveheart (1995))
Jordan Ladd (Actress, Cabin Fever (2002))
Alan Lake (I) (Actor, Don't Open Till Christmas (1984))
Alana Ladd (Actress, Young Guns of Texas (1962))
Dylan Ladd (Actor, Screenbreaker (2015))
Dylan Ladds (Sound Department, New England Blood (2012))
Susan Ladd (Producer, Assault on America: The Battle for Torpedo Junction (2000))
Alan Latham (I) (Producer, I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007))
Alan Landsburg (Producer, Biography (1961))
Brian Ladd (I) (Music Department, Swelter in Vogue (1991))
Brian Ladd (II) (Actor, After the Fall (2000))
Brian Ladd (III) (Actor, On a Country Road (2014))
Joan Ladd (Miscellaneous, Hollywood's Magical Island: Catalina (2003))
Megan Ladd (Miscellaneous, The Last Supper (2014))
Devan Ladd (Camera Department, Humor Me (2016))
Ryan Ladd (Actor, The Geek Club (2009))
Brian Alan Lane (Writer, Out of Time (1988))
Aladdin Langa (Actor, Hullabaloo Over Georgie and Bonnie's Pictures (1978))
Alan Lane (II) (Actor, Perfect Murder, Perfect Town: JonBenét and the City of Boulder (2000))
Alan Lambert (VI) (Actor, Gatwick Gangsters (2016))
Alan Lampert (Art Director, I Origins (2014))
Alan Ladwig (Producer, Coffee Shop Girl (2014))
Alan Landers (Actor, Annie Hall (1977))
Alan Lane (X) (Miscellaneous, Criminal (2016))
Alan Lau (I) (Animation Department, Happy Tree Friends: Overkill (2005))
Damian Ladd (Actor, Demon Resurrection (2008))
Alan Lam (II) (Actor, Dragon Tiger Gate (2006))
Alan Lane (VI) (Actor, Red Rose of Normandy (2011))
Alan Lam (I) (Animation Department, Return to Never Land (2002))
Alan Lai (Actor, The Stand (1994))
Alan Lang
Alan Lam (III) (Miscellaneous, Dragon Eyes (2012))
Alan Lay (Actor, Conniption: State of Sin (2015))
Alan Lau (II) (Miscellaneous, Curse of the Puppet Master (1998))
Alan Lane (V) (Miscellaneous, Time Team (1994))
Alan Law (Sound Department, Dinosaurs Inside & Out: The Killer Elite (1998))
Alan Lane (VII) (Miscellaneous, Of Mary (2011))
Alan Lane (I) (Art Department, Pip-Larssons (1998))
Alan Lao (Actor, Happy Potter: A Fan Movie for UCLA (2011))
Alan Lane (IV)
Alan Lane (XI) (Actor, Facade: Chapter 4 (2017))
Alan Lande (Actor, Darkdrive (1997))
Alan Lal (Miscellaneous, Murdercycle (1999))
Alan Lane (III) (Actor, Gettin' Square (2003))
Alan Lane (XII) (Director, The Masquerade (2015))
Alan Lane (IX) (Producer, Call of the Void (2016))
Alan Lambert (III) (Art Department, Intermission (2003))
Alan Larson (Actor, Rustlers' Rhapsody (1985))
Alan Lawrance (II) (Art Department, Red Faction (2001))
Nathan Ladd (Actor, Cthulhu (2007))
Jonathan Ladd (I) (Producer, It's in the Water (1997))
Jonathan Ladd (III) (Miscellaneous, MMA Uncensored Live (2012))
Norman & Ladd (Self, Karussell (1976))
Jonathan Ladd (IV)
Jonathan Ladd (II) (Self, Vietnam: A Television History (1983))
Alan Lazar (I)
Alan Lamb (IV) (Actor, Exit (2016))
Alan Lasky (I) (Visual Effects, Last Action Hero (1993))
Alan Lamb (II) (Self, Modern Warriors (2002))
Alan Lamb (I) (Soundtrack, Julien Donkey-Boy (1999))
Alan Lange (II) (Actor, Hawk Jones (1986))
Alan Lazer (Miscellaneous, No Compromise (2010))
Alan Lamb (V) (Writer, The Search for Britain's Noisiest Crisp (1983))
Alan Lara (Sound Department, Vivo, ergo tu moris (2013))
Alan Laney (Music Department, Scandal in a Small Town (1988))
Alan Laird (I) (Miscellaneous, Beach-Head (1983))
Alan Laing (Composer, Romeo & Juliet (1993))
Alan Lange (I) (Actor, A Bronx Tale (1993))
Alan Landau
Alan Lake (IV) (Actor, Sur la ligne: Variation No 2 (2011))
Alan Langis (Camera Department, The 4th Floor (1999))
Alan Laws
Alan Lamb (III) (Miscellaneous, Wolf Creek (2005))
Ryan Laland (Editorial Department, Greatest Tank Battles (2010))
Alan Lange (III) (Self, Jeopardy! (1984))
Alan Lasky (II)
Alan Lauer (Actor, Rebuilding: Hide the Bodies (2010))
Alan Lake (II) (Editor, BMX Bandits (1983))
Alan Lander (II) (Actor, The Face of Forget (2007))
Alan Lander (I) (Actor, Good Morning, Mr. Doubleday (1969))
Dan Lalande (Writer, The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin (1987))
Alan Laird (II) (Actor, No Ambition (2015))
Alan Lazar (II) (Composer, Terra Mater (2011))
Alan LaRue
Alan Lake (III) (Self, Binnen en Buiten (1967))
Alan Lapinig (Camera Department, A Secret Affair (2012))
Alan Lawrence (VI) (Composer, Animation for Live Action (1978))
Alan Lawson (I) (Camera Department, The Arsenal Stadium Mystery (1939))
Christian Ladd (Camera Department, Z Corps (2011))
David Ladd (I) (Producer, The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988))
Alan Lampel (Art Department, The Manhattan Project (1986))
Alan Latteri (Visual Effects, Godzilla (1998))
Alan Lawless (I) (Miscellaneous, The Threesome (2010))
Alan Langdon (III) (Producer, Moe & Jerryweather (2014))
Alan Lambie (Actor, Pam Ann Live: Come Fly with Me (2007))
Walanlak Kumsuwan (Actress, The Billionaire (2011))
Alan Lambert (II) (Actor, Six Feet Under (2001))
Alan Labiner (I) (Sound Department, A Little Silence (2007))
Alan Lawless (II) (Miscellaneous, A Fine Line (2013))
Alan Labiner (II) (Sound Department, Our Quiet Night (2015))
Alan Labovitz (Actor, Others (2007))
Alan Layton (Director, The Daily Buzz (2002))
Alan Lawrance (I) (Actor, Strangler's Morgue (1946))
Soltan Lalani (Actor, Blood from the Mummy's Tomb (1971))
Alan Lakein (Self, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (1962))
Alan Lawrence (VII) (Actor, Cottonmouth (2011))
Alan Larsen (IV) (Soundtrack, Jackass: The Movie (2002))
Alan Lambert (IX) (Self, Hell's Kitchen (2005))
Alan Langford (I) (Camera Department, Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade (2012))
Alan Lavallé (Camera Department, Lazy Lucy (2006))
Alan Lawrence (I) (Cinematographer, The Gift (1999))
Alan Langdon (II) (Editor, More or Less (2010))
Alan Lapointe (II)
Alan Larman (Music Department, O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000))
Alan LaPolice (Actor, The Art of Being Straight (2008))
Alan Langowski (Miscellaneous, Finding Vivian Maier (2013))
Alan Lambert (X) (Self, Arena (1975))
Alan Larsen (VI) (Actor, The Warm-Up Guy (2010))
Alan la Roche (Actor, Threads of the Past (2012))
Alan Langdon (V) (Actor, America First (1972))
Alan Lambert (XIII)
Alan Laxton (Miscellaneous, The Dog Rescuers with Alan Davies (2013))
Alan Lambert (VIII) (Actor, Titanic (2012))
Alan Larsen (I) (Miscellaneous, The Crimean War: A Most Desperate Undertaking (2003))
Alan Lapointe (I) (Sound Department, Zero in the System (2013))
Alan Landaker (Camera Department, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982))
Alan Lamberg (I) (Writer, Casualties of the State (2012))
Alan Latter (Camera Department, Apollo 14 Recovery Aboard the USS New Orleans (1971))
Alan Lawson (III) (Actor, Auld Lang Syne (2015))
Alan Lamont
Alan Lambert (IV) (Actor, Lost: Black Earth (2004))
Alan Larsen (V) (Actor, Ramón y Cajal (1982))
Tod Alan Lash (Actor, Skyscraper Country (2002))
Alan Lasoff (Producer, Catch Me If You Can (1989))
Alan Lawrence (II) (Music Department, The Tall Guy (1989))
Alan LaGarde (Producer, Paranormal State (2007))
Alan Lazowick (Costume Department, Street Fighter (1994))
Alana Scanlan (Miscellaneous, Strange Bedfellows (2004))
Alan Langley (Editorial Department, From Auschwitz with Love (2014))
Alan Lawrence (V) (Sound Department, A.13 (1994))
Alan Lawson (II) (Sound Department, Balamory (2002))
Shan Lalani (Writer, Signing Off (2016))
Alan Laufman
Alan Larsen (III) (Sound Department, Worlds Apart (2007))
Alan Lastufka (Producer, Making Mail (2014))
Alan Laurie (Set Decorator, Turning to Stone (1985))
Alan Langdon (I) (Art Department, Brisket (2000))
Alan Lamberg (II) (Sound Department, The Benita Show (2011))
Alan Lambert (V) (Art Department, The Ruth Rendell Mysteries (1987))
Alan Lawrence (IV) (Actor, Hotel (2009))
Ryan Lalande (Editorial Department, Paradise Falls (2001))
Alan Lawton (Actor, Subprime (2011))
Alan Langford (II) (Art Department, Zig Zag (1984))
Alan Lavender (Sound Department, The Yes Girls (1971))
Alan Lancaster (Self, Live Aid (1985))
Alan Langridge (Actor, The Eschatrilogy: Book of the Dead (2012))
Alan Lamitt (Actor, Jungle Assault (1989))
Alan Lambert (XI) (Actor, Our Life in Stuff (2014))
Alan Latham (II) (Miscellaneous, Grudge Warriors (2000))
Alan LaFleur (Miscellaneous, Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012))
Alan Lambert (XII) (Actor, Spook Night (2014))
Alan Lawson (IV) (Stunts, Superman: Requiem (2011))
Alan Langreck (Actor, Max Romer: Appalachian Justice (2010))
Susan Ladd-Smith (Make Up Department, Tennessee Waltz (1989))
Florian Laddicke (Actor, Gone (2003))
Brian Ladd Zagorski (Producer, Fashion House (2006))
Alan Lashbrook (Special Effects, Snow White and the Huntsman (2012))
Imran Ladiwala (Art Department, Fired (2010))
Mattlan Ladner (Actor, The Perfect Tense (2016))
Allan Lauenblad (Self, Profilen (1994))
Allan Ladbrook (Actor, The Adventures of Terry Teo (1985))
Christian Lagalante (Director, Kumiho (2015))
Joseph Alan Lafferty (Miscellaneous, Te Ata (2016))
Nekalan Lapsikuoro (Self, The Musical Youth of Nekala (1947))
Alan Laurillard (Composer, Robot Love, Human Indifference (2015))
Florian Lalanne (Editorial Department, Plus belle la vie (2004))
Jonathon Alan Law
Alan Lakomiskis (Editorial Department, Warehouse 13 (2009))
Alan Lakomsias (Editorial Department, The Fashion Show (2009))
Alan Laquaglia (Actor, Woodstock Holiday (2016))
Alan Lascelles
Michael Alan Lang (Actor, Cold Case (1997))
Alan Lance Myers (Transportation Department, Se7en (1995))
Sulaiman Lalani
Alan Lafontaine (Transportation Department, Letters to a Street Child (1999))
Zeeshan Lalani (Special Effects, Heer Ranjha (2012))
Kenneth Alan Langie (Miscellaneous, Annie (1999))
Jonathan Lalancette (Special Effects, The Man by the Window (2012))
Aldibaran Labalan (Editor, Redlights (2015))
Frank Alan Lamp Jr. (Actor, Blood Sombrero (2016))
Salvacion Balanlayo (Miscellaneous, Barumbado (1990))
Alan Lachaumette (Actor, Ghost Warrior (1984))
Alan Lakomskis (Editorial Department, Private Practice (2007))
Anita Rajgopalan Lata (Production Designer, Badlapur (2015))
Josep de Calassanç Laplana (Self, L'altre Rosiñol (2006))
Melis-Aleyna Isiksalanlar (Actress, Jan-Yusuf (2000))
Carlo Pangalangan Labrador (Director, Acquainted with the Night (2015))
Alan La Madrid Purisima (Self, Binibining Pilipinas Gold: The 2013 Pageant (2013))
Nathaniel Vanladdidamhouten (Actor, Clemency (2015))