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Al Leong (I) (Actor, Die Hard (1988))
Al Leong (II)
Isabella Leong (Actress, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008))
Aki Aleong (Actor, Pound of Flesh (2015))
Shaquille O'Neal (Self, After the Sunset (2004))
Will Leong (Stunts, The Matrix Reloaded (2003))
Niall Leonard (Writer, Fifty Shades Darker (2017))
Michelle Ongkingco (Actress, Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith (2009))
Page Leong (Actress, Argo (2012))
Michael Leone (IV) (Actor, Mr. Church (2016))
Noel Leon (Actress, Puberty )
Michael-Leon Wooley (Actor, The Princess and the Frog (2009))
Crystal Leong (Editorial Department, The Blacklist (2013))
Cynthia L. Leon (Director, The Basement (2014))
Lukaz Leong (Stunts, Life (2017))
Leon Greene (Actor, The Devil Rides Out (1968))
Phareelle Onoyan (Actress, Mafiosa (2006))
Leo Allen (Writer, Saturday Night Live (1975))
Leon Gast (Director, When We Were Kings (1996))
Al Leon (Stunts, Starship: Rising (2014))
Leonard Strong (Actor, Shane (1953))
Julian Leong (Actor, Kevin Can Wait (2016))
André Leon Talley (Self, America's Next Top Model (2003))
Po-Chih Leong (Director, Immortality (1998))
Irma Leong (Stunts, Suicide Squad (2016))
Adelle Leonce (Actress, Ordinary Lies (2015))
Samuel Leong (Director, Ebola Zombies (2015))
Allen Leong (II) (Actor, Rojak (2013))
Allen Leong (I) (Actor, The 13th Floor (1988))
Krystal Leong (Make Up Department, Trolls (2009))
Evan Leong (Director, Linsanity (2013))
Raúl Leon (Art Department, Hasta la victoria siempre (1997))
Eve De Leon Allen (Actress, Doctor Who (2005))
Sally Leonard (Actress, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (2008))
Aaron Leong (Camera Department, Crane (2013))
Leon Gonzalez (II) (Actor, The Depths (2017))
Cristalle C. Leonard (Actress, Cloak & Dagger (2018))
Leona Cavalli (I) (Actress, Negócio da China (2008))
Camille Leonard (I) (Self, The Talk (2010))
Leon Good (Self, Unsung Hollywood (2014))
Lien See Leong (Costume Department, The Railway Man (2013))
Wil Leong (Producer, Phillip the Fossil (2011))
Michael Leon (I) (Actor, Payback (2007))
Paul Leonard-Morgan (Composer, Limitless (2011))
Ken Leong
Leon Pownall (Actor, Dead Poets Society (1989))
Thomas Leong (Producer, The Jade Pendant (2016))
Brad Leong (Director, Palo Alto, CA (2007))
Joey Leong (Actress, Liu lian wang fan (2014))
Jacinta Leong (Art Department, The Matrix (1999))
Carol Mitchell-leon (Actress, Diary of a Mad Black Woman (2005))
Leon Allen (Animation Department, Sidemen: Long Road to Glory (2016))
L.G. Galleon (Editor, Dead Leaf Echo: Kingmaker (2013))
Leon Grey (Actor, Boondock Alley (2016))
Michael Leong (I) (Actor, Hawaii Five-O (1968))
Didi Leong (Actress, Lanai-Loa (1998))
Gabriel Leone (Actor, Velho Chico (2016))
Nick Vallelonga (Producer, Unorganized Crime (2017))
Michelle O'Neill (I) (Actress, The Pelican Brief (1993))
Jared Leong (Actor, Full House (1987))
Craig Leong (Special Effects, Prometheus (2012))
Jammie Leong (Actress, Heartland (2007))
Susan Leong (I) (Actress, Empire of the Sun (1987))
Fish Leong (Actress, Bai quan nv wang (2009))
Leong (Make Up Department, That's the Way I Like It (1998))
Cleo Ng (Actress, What's On (1996))
Leo Ng (Visual Effects, Mou gaan dou II (2003))
Leonard O'Malley (Actor, Shallow Grave (1994))
Larry M. Leong (Actor, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007))
Leon Galek (Cinematographer, Yizkor the Revolt (2016))
Ashley Leong (I) (Actor, I Not Stupid Too (2006))
Josh Leong (Director, When Waters Rise (2016))
Teresa Leong (Visual Effects, Hell and Back (2015))
Michael Leoni (Director, American Street Kid (2017))
Paul Leonard (I) (Actor, Les Misérables (2012))
James B. Leong (Actor, Ace Drummond (1936))
Leon Grant (Sound Department, Goodnight, Gloria (2015))
Leon Gallardo (Camera Department, Milkshake (2014))
Leon Guallart (Director, En la oscuridad (2013))
Leon Gellert
Shelley Leong (Production Manager, Apparition (2010))
Danielle Ong (Producer, Allegiance (2011))
Mabel Leong (Sound Department, The Successors (2012))
Russell Leong (Director, Why Is Preparing Fish a Political Act? (1991))
Michael Leong (IV) (Miscellaneous, Changing, Lives, Changing (2014))
Carol Leong
Leon Gullette (Self, Praise the Lord (1973))
Daryl Leong (Soundtrack, Ligo na Ü, Lapit na Me (2011))
Michelle Ong (I) (Animation Department, Earth Girl 2: Preparing for the Tsunami (2015))
Michael Leong (III) (Cinematographer, Bell Shelter (2009))
Michael Leong (II) (Costume Department, San ge hao ren (2005))
Michelle Ong (II) (Miscellaneous, Nuts (2016))
Daniel Leong (Actor, Hellraiser: Prophecy (2006))
Pearl Leong
Lù Leone (Assistant Director, Romeo and Juliet (1954))
Vincent Leong (II) (Actor, The Secret Garden (2016))
Leon Guy (Actor, Sensory Deprivation (2015))
Leon Gao (Producer, Cabby (2011))
Y.B. Leong (Animation Department, Peter Rabbit (2012))
Leong Ho (Actor, Hua qiao zhi guang (1940))
Leon Gor (Visual Effects, 101 Dalmatians (1996))
Kyle Ong (Editorial Department, Wabi Sabi (2015))
K.C. Leong (Actor, Ping Pong (1987))
Leong Ong (Self, Stylista (2008))
Will Leon (Actor, The Captain (2013))
Antonella Valleonga
Camille Leonard (II) (Actress, LA Story (2015))
Kei Leong (Actor, 8 Mile (2002))
Robin Leong (Producer, Dance of the Dragon (2008))
Yael Leon (Actress, The Stray Bullet (2007))
Eric Leong (VI) (Costume Department, Captain America: Civil War (2016))
Raphaëlle O'Nih (Actress, Brigade des mineurs (1977))
Monica L. Leon
Bobby Galleon (Camera Department, Pangako... Ikaw lang (2001))
Leonie Allen (I) (Actress, Visiting My Grandfather (2012))
Leona Allen (Actor, An Inch of Pain (2015))
Leonard Walle (Miscellaneous, The West (1996))
Eva Lleonart (Actress, La forêt des démons (2005))
Dan McCalleon (Camera Department, U2: Rattle and Hum (1988))
Lisa L. Leonard (Art Department, Machismo (2014))
Kendall Leon (Camera Department, Teta (2017))
Leonie Galler (Actress, Lola auf der Erbse (2014))
Leonie Allen (II) (Actor, Sol (2014))
Micheal Leon (Costume Department, Keeping Up with The Kartrashians (2011))
Sal Leonardo (Composer, Legends of La La (2010))
Leonard Allen (Location Management, Cockfighter (1974))
Hall Leonard (I) (Sound Department, Delivery Boys (1985))
Leon C. Allen (Actor, One Love (2003))
Rosa Lleonart (Actress, Stendhal tenía razón (2012))
Krystal Leon (Self, Ammo & Attitude (2011))
Hall Leonard (II) (Actor, Two Girls for a Madman (1968))
Leon L. Palles (Actor, The Last Bounty Hunter (1994))
The Galleons (Soundtrack, Heartbox (2016))
Allie Leonard (Actor, The Hot One, the Smart One, or the Girl? (2017))
Ray Leong (I) (Animation Department, The Fairly OddParents (2001))
Jason Galeon (Visual Effects, The Dark Knight (2008))
Giselle Leon (IV) (Actress, Revelation Road: The Black Rider (2014))
Michelle Leon (I) (Self, 1991: The Year Punk Broke (1992))
Wesley Leong (Actor, Vietnam, Texas (1990))
Tak-Sam Leong (Producer, Bau lit do see (2004))
Sol Leon (Actor, American Milkshake (2013))
Leonard Ellerbe (Self, HBO Boxing (1973))
Alyssa Leong (Actress, XXX (2016))
Alvin Leong (I) (Cinematographer, Peace One Day (2004))
Tony Leong (II)
Leon Tong (Producer, Battle of the Damned (2013))
Max Leong (I) (Visual Effects, Stardust (2007))
Alex Leong (II) (Actor, Xing fu wan sui (2009))
Leon Gaban
Leon Guild (Stunts, The 7 Adventures of Sinbad (2010))
Tony Leong (III)
Ray Leong (IV) (Art Department, Uncle Grandpa (2010))
Leon Grewe (Actor, DIE REALITÄT: Missbraucht (2010))
Leon Wong (I) (Actor, Out of Singapore (1932))
Adam Leong (Actor, The Wolf of Wall Street (2013))
Leon Green (III) (Sound Department, Overflow (2013))
Leon Gill (I) (Actor, Around the World in 80 Days (1956))
Jeff Leong (I) (Producer, Blind Date (2012))
Alex Leong (I) (Camera Department, Envying Alice (2004))
Joe Leong (Visual Effects, Double Tap (2011))
Leon Götte (Self, Erlebnis Österreich (2002))
Leon Wong (II) (Art Department, Iron Phoenix (2005))
Leon Gray (III) (Self, ConversHagan (2016))
Leon Gaer (I)
Adele Ong (Actress, Hsien of the Dead (2012))
Eric Leong (IV) (Actor, Paralyzed (2011))
Leong Shan (Actor, Shandong Xiangma (1936))
Leong Ngai (Actor, Seung sing (2006))
Pia Leong (Art Director, Natural Selection (2009))
Joan Leong (Producer, The Amazing Race Philippines (2012))
John Leong (III) (Self, Outsourcing Love (2017))
Glen Leong (Producer, The Wonderpill (2015))
Jenn Leong (Producer, ABC World News Tonight with David Muir (1953))
Max Leong (II) (Animation Department, Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens (2012))
Eric Leong (I) (Miscellaneous, The Resurrectionist (2005))
Apple Ong (I) (Sound Department, Inherit the Truth (2014))
Leon Guide (Actor, Say Yes (1986))
Lysa Leong (Actress, Kung Fu Vampire: X Slice of Life (2015))
Myo Leong (Actor, Scramble (2017))
Max Leong (V) (Production Manager, Talking Tom and Friends (2014))
Ray Leong (II) (Actor, The Orchard (2016))
Randy Leong (Special Effects, The Dentist (1996))
Anna Leong (Art Department, Jackie Chan Adventures (2000))
John Leong (IV) (Actor, Refuge (2017))
Ben Leong (I) (Visual Effects, All for Melissa (2007))
Lucy Leong (Actress, Wuyi Dui (1939))
Lily Leong (Make Up Department, Hua tian xi shi (1993))
Lika Leong (Production Manager, Little Big Awesome (2016))
Leon Gross (I) (Actor, Swing! (1938))
Leon Garde (Actor, Wir können alles. Außer Hollywood: Independent Days Vol. 01 (2003))
Ada Leong (Producer, The Einstein Tower (2017))
Leon Gold
Leon Glenn (Producer, Joe Bullet (1973))
Alan Leong (Actor, One Child (2014))
Xris Leong
Leon Gray (II) (Self, 1979 AFC Championship Game (1980))
Che Leong (Stunts, Crying Freeman (1995))
Leon Green (V) (Self, The Sax Man (2014))
Anne Leong (Actress, Deeper Allure (Feature) (2015))
Sum Leong (Director, Na Zha da zhan Hong Hai Er (1950))