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Carol Commissiong (Actress, Golden Boy (2013))
Mission (Writer, Hit Em Up! (2015))
The Mission (Self, Wired (1988))
Omissions (Actor, Live at Yours and Owls (2012))
David Missio (Actor, The Finalist (2011))
Rey Mission (Art Department, Kid Kulafu (2015))
Vicki Mission (Location Management, Crush (2001))
The Omissions (Actor, Live at Yours and Owls (2012))
Jon Mission (Actor, Fresh Hell (2011))
Arc Mission (Miscellaneous, Whisky Marine (2007))
Andrew Mission (Director, ...And God Made Little Girls (1994))
Mission Six
Chpaa Mission (Producer, Chpaa: a Medical Mission (2014))
Mega Mission
The Montford Missionaries (Self, The Ed Sullivan Show (1948))
Justin Dominic Mission (Actor, Ah Boys to Men (2012))
Ava Comissiong (Actress, Foam Wars: Maximum Plastic (2014))
David Commissiong (Self, 500 Years Later (2005))
Trina Comissiong (Actress, American Experience (1988))
Solomon Comissiong (Producer, Hip Hop, White Supremacy & Capitalism (2013))
Innocence Mission
Angela Missiona (Miscellaneous, Bandit Queen (2016))
The Montfort Mission (Self, The Kraft Music Hall (1967))
Mission Groove
Miss Expression (Actress, Le fantôme de l'opératrice (2006))
Brutal-Submission (Composer, Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead (2007))
Michael Mission (Sound Department, The Nullarbor (2017))
Missionário José (Composer, Bebete e Daniboy (2013))
Alicia Missioner (Actress, Pablo y Carolina (1957))
Sophie Commissione (Actor, Sarah Sloane: The Rash (2012))
Janelle Commissiong (Self, Miss Universe Pageant (1977))
Jourdan Mission (Art Department, Grace Face (2011))
Forbidden Mission
Marissa Commissiong (Set Decorator, Uninvited Guests (2013))
Pecs Film Commission
Mission Hispana (Actor, Zona franca (1995))
Five Year Mission (Music Department, Into the Realm (2013))
Thomas Mission (Art Department, Hyper Sonic (2002))
The Bowery Mission Band
Missing Dimension (Actor, Salapi o pag-ibig (1971))
Man With a Mission
Mission of Burma
Andy Manumission (Self, Wild On... (1997))
Apulia Film Commission
C.E.C. Transmission Vibes (Producer, Clowns Verses Monsters (Invisible Songs of Choices) (2013))
South Shore Commission (Self, Soul Train (1971))
Film Commission Piemonte
Florida Film Commission
Memphis Music Commission
Sharon Honour Mission (Actor, A Weekend in Venice (2010))
Texas Film Commission
Welsh Screen Commission
Las Vegas Film Commission
El Dorado Film Commission
Wilfredo Commissiong (Art Director, Uninvited Guests (2013))
Mission Guard Security
Shoot Permission India (Miscellaneous, Valley of Saints (2012))
Kristine Ann Comission (Costume Department, That's My Amboy (2016))
Commissioner Regina Hill (Self, The Witness Protection Program (2016))
El Paso Film Commission
Cochise Film Commission
Thierry Commissionat (Producer, Land of the Bears (2014))
Christ Blessing Mission (Self, Mr. Sunset: Life (2016))
The Vertical Transmission
The Forestry Commission
Pacific Garden Mission (Producer, Miracle on State Street (1978))
Dallas Film Commission
Freddy 'The Commissioner' Hildreth (Actor, Stuck on You (2003))
The Commissioner Coleman Ray (Producer, Stuck on Broke (2010))
Texas Commission on the Arts
The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians
National Capital Commission
San Francisco Arts Commission
Sister Missionary Position (Actor, Joy! Portrait of a Nun (2012))
Ventura County Film Commission
State of Texas Film Commission
Nebraska Game & Parks Commission
Mexico National Water Commission (Producer, Shower (2005))
Missionsbischof Kozlovieski (Self, Pro Mundi Vita (1961))
Missionaria Maria Antonia De Jesus (Actress, Gloria Jesus (2014))
Barcelona Film Commission
Commissioners of Irish Lights
Commissioner Ian F.G. Downes (Miscellaneous, Walk Into Hell (1956))
Essex Heritage and the National Commission
The Mount Nebo Missionary Baptist Church (Self, Beautiful Dreamer (2013))
The Galilee Missionary Baptist Church (Self, Muscle Shoals (2013))
The Photographers of the 96362 Submissions
Little Friendship Missionary Baptist Church Choir
Jayne Reardon Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism
Himachal Pradesh India Deputy commissioner Kullu District
Mansfield Municipal Airport Board and Commissions