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1. Bleach (II)

Drama, Horror, Thriller | Post-production

A man goes through extreme measures to attempt to stop the ghosts of the girls he murdered in a snuff film from haunting while trying to keep the authorities off his back as well.

Director: Michael Edmonds | Stars: Tara Reid, Eric Roberts, Mindy Robinson, Robert LaSardo

2. The Dark Return of Time

Crime | Filming

Flavian Bennett is trying to leave his troubled past behind when he goes to work in his father's British bookshop in Paris. Soon after he arrives he witnesses a violent crime in which a ... See full summary »

Director: Sean Cronin | Stars: Eric Roberts, Bill Cobbs, Eliza Roberts, Gia Skova

3. The Legacy of Avril Kyte

Action, Drama, Thriller | Pre-production

A very personal apocalyptic tale.

Director: David Sauers | Stars: Doug Jones, Eric Roberts, Gabrielle Stone, J. LaRose

4. Before I Do

Comedy | Announced

Grooms-to-be Blake and Daniel find themselves at the center of a media storm as their once modest wedding gets blown up by a national TV morning show that turns them into a "poster couple" for same-sex marriage.

Stars: Eric Roberts, Adrienne Barbeau, Whoopi Goldberg, Cathy Moriarty

5. Wrong Number (I)

Drama | Announced

A comedic romance about two people who "meet" on a wrong number phone call at a pivotal moment in their lives. As Emma deals with the loss of her father, she pushes herself away from the ... See full summary »

Stars: Abigail Spencer, Eric Roberts, Andrew Leeds, Lindsey Kraft

6. The Epidemic

95 min | Action, Horror, Sci-Fi | Filming

After a meteor crashes into the Earth's crust causing extreme devastation, an unexplained plague decimates a town's population turning people into zombies. The town's few survivors seek ... See full summary »

Director: Nigel Hartwell | Stars: Eric Roberts, Chris Owen, Kurt Angle, Larry Zerner

7. #Speedball

Action, Drama, Sport | Announced

#SPEEDBALL is a fast paced, action packed sports drama. Think "Fast and Furious" meets the competitive sport of PAINTBALL.

Director: Alex Di Marco | Stars: Eric Roberts, Andrew Bachelor, Amanda Cerny, Sean O'Donnell

8. Night Walk

Crime, Drama, Romance | Post-production

When an American atheist is wrongfully imprisoned by corrupt police for the murder of his Arab wife, his quest for justice turns into a spiritual journey lead by Muslim inmates, from the moderate convert to terror-linked fundamentalists.

Director: Aziz Tazi | Stars: Eric Roberts, Tommy 'Tiny' Lister, Richard Tyson, Patrick Kilpatrick

9. Wild Things in Europe 3D

Thriller | Filming

Nicoll Wood- a once famous american actress - arrives to Hungary to shoot her next movie. Filming has to be suspended however, because there are multiple murder attempts against the actress... See full summary »

Director: Adam Cobler | Stars: Eric Roberts, Richard Portnow, Daniella Evangelista, Natalia Ryumina

11. The Unbreakable Sword

90 min | Adventure | Post-production

In 1914 a British officer and his missionary niece trek across dangerous East African terrain pursued by enemy natives intent on stopping them from reaching a distant outpost.

Director: Ted Betz | Stars: Linn Bjornland, Justin Gordon, Jeff Berg, Robert Okumu

13. Dead Fellas

Action, Comedy, Crime | Announced

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Director: Bryan Massey | Stars: Eric Roberts, Farah White, Bryan Massey, Liz Cardenas Franke

14. @asst

Short, Comedy | Post-production

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Directors: Richard Keith, Craig Robert Young | Stars: Lorynn York, Jorge Diaz, Kassia Conway, Jay Lee

15. Dark Cupid

Comedy, Fantasy, Romance | Post-production

Kit is a young, easy going girl who is destined to find love, only for it to be ruined by the dark Cupid herself.

Director: Khu | Stars: Khu, Eric Roberts, Deanna Grace Congo, Mikki Padilla

16. Kickback, V

Action, Family | Announced

Teen nerds learn self-defense to stand up to their bullies and wind up uncovering a city-wide corruption scandal.

Director: Anya Adams | Stars: Eric Roberts, Stacy Keach, Peter Jason, Stuart Pankin

17. Untitled Geraldine Page Documentary

Documentary | Post-production

Experience the astonishing journey of actress Geraldine Page who became one of the most dazzling phenomenons of the 20th Century. This stunning documentary reveals the remarkable story a ... See full summary »

Stars: F. Murray Abraham, Ellen Burstyn, Edward Albee, Elizabeth Ashley

18. American Kickboxer (TV Movie)

Reality-TV | Pre-production

20 fighters, all levels, will then endure training by MMA masters, live and train together as they compete to join Team USA and go the World Games in 2017.

Director: Waymon Boone | Star: Eric Roberts

19. Rockland Boulevard

Drama, Thriller | Announced

A heart-warming and ultimately redemptive story of two downtrodden souls brought together by fate. Both are "punch-drunk"; one from too many hits to the head and the other from too many hits to the heart.

Stars: Eric Roberts, Flora Chan

20. This Lonely Life

Drama | Announced

After a heart broken widower, Martin Collier, buys an abandoned singles club, from the 1940's, he discovers a young woman squatting in the building. Gloria Wyker, a once beautiful young ... See full summary »

Director: Rod Barkley | Stars: Eric Roberts, Nicole Dionne, Will Duvall, Maria Diane

21. Untitled Michael Andretti Project

Documentary, Sport | Announced

Untitled Michael Andretti project about Michael Andretti.

Star: Eric Roberts

22. Untitled Gary Sheffield Project

Documentary | Announced

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Star: Eric Roberts

23. Scrutiny (2017– )
Episode: Family


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Director: Phillip Penza | Stars: Eric Roberts, Noel Gugliemi, Rich Bauer, Adam Berardi

25. Homie Alone (2018)

90 min | Comedy | Post-production

When bratty 5-year-old Byron Reed (Chris Williams) acts out the night before a family trip, his mother (Natasha Alam) makes him sit in the time out chair. When Byron awakens to an empty ... See full summary »

Directors: Vitaliy Versace, Josh Menning | Stars: Eric Roberts, Ron Jeremy, Natasha Alam, Stephen Chang

26. Papa (2018)

R | Drama | Completed

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Directors: Dan Israely, Emilio Roso | Stars: Robert Scott Wilson, David Proval, Paul Sorvino, Daryl Hannah

27. Frank and Ava (2018)

110 min | Biography, Drama, History | Post-production

Frank & Ava joins the wild ride of the tempestuous relationship between icons, Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner showing their multi-year love affair and subsequent marriage. In 1949, a ... See full summary »

Director: Michael Oblowitz | Stars: Rico Simonini, Emily Elicia Low, Harry Dean Stanton, Lukas Haas

28. Taco Shop (2018)

PG-13 | Comedy | Completed

A taco shop's business is jeopardized when a gourmet taco truck parks across the street and an all-out war ensues.

Director: Joaquin Perea | Stars: Tyler Posey, Eric Roberts, Laura Harring, Dan Bakkedahl

29. Inferno by Dante (2018)

111 min | Adventure, Drama, Family | Post-production

The story of Dante's journey through the first and worst part of the afterlife, Hell. Virgil guides and protects Dante on his dark journey descending circle-by-circle to the center of the Earth, and out into Purgatory.

Director: Boris Acosta | Stars: Eric Roberts, Vittorio Gassman, Jeff Conaway, Franco Nero

30. Billboard (2018)

Drama | Post-production

Times are tough, listener-ship is down and Casey needs to come up with a plan to save his radio station, WTYT 960, and fast! Casey's grand plan is to host a billboard sitting contest, where... See full summary »

Director: Zeke Zelker | Stars: Eric Roberts, Heather Matarazzo, Darlene Cates, Leo Fitzpatrick

31. Beautifully Broken (2018)

Drama, Family, Thriller

After fleeing his homeland to escape the ethnic genocide that killed his mother, a Rwandan man finds new hope in America, where he meets a Tennessee family facing trials of their own. ... See full summary »

Director: Eric Welch | Stars: Tammi Arender, Goo Goo Atkins, Saber Bankson, John Bostic

32. Hide in the Light (2018)

78 min | Horror, Thriller | Post-production

An adventurous group of friends dare to break into the abandoned orphanage and quickly find themselves trapped and fighting against unnatural forces.

Director: Mikey McGregor | Stars: Eric Roberts, Jesse James, Chandler Massey, Clayton Snyder

33. Black Wake (2018)

Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller | Post-production

Specialists gather in a top-secret facility to investigate a series of strange deaths on beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. One of the team's scientists (Nana Gouvea) examines video evidence... See full summary »

Director: Jeremiah Kipp | Stars: Nana Gouvea, Tom Sizemore, Eric Roberts, Jonny Beauchamp

34. The Downside of Bliss (2018)

100 min | Drama | Filming

Many years after the death of his wife, a bereft Musician (Johnny Derek) returns home and finds his Daughter (Bliss) on his doorstep, desperate to provide care for her little girl. But when... See full summary »

Director: Ron Pucillo | Stars: Eric Roberts, Judd Nelson, Kay Lenz, Jillian Murray

35. The Immortal Wars (2018)

Action | Completed

The war between Deviants and Humans has just begun.

Director: Joe Lujan | Stars: Eric Roberts, Tom Sizemore, Bill Oberst Jr., Shaun Gerardo

36. The Perception (2018)

Mystery, Thriller | Post-production

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Director: Jensen Noen | Stars: Eric Roberts, Nick Bateman, Sandi Gardiner, Mickael De Sinno

37. Someone Dies Tonight (2018)

Thriller | Announced

A group of friends sets out on a holiday road trip to Greece. On their way south, they are intercepted by a group of Croatian gangsters. Locked in a remote house, they find themselves struggling for their lives.

Director: Aurelio Toni Agliata | Stars: Eric Roberts, Tom Sizemore, Maik van Epple, Jenny Paris

38. Osprey (2018)

96 min | Action, Drama, Thriller | Completed

The CIA and a rogue assassin attempt to expose the source behind a corporate global intelligence ring inciting war for profit.

Director: Wayne Slaten | Stars: Eric Roberts, Navid Negahban, Cory Hart, Syed Afser

39. The Debt (2018)

Short, Drama | Post-production

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Director: Max Decker | Stars: Tom Sizemore, Eric Roberts, Quinton Aaron, Alexanne Wagner

40. Steele Justice (2018)

Crime | Post-production

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Director: Richard Brooks | Stars: Eric Roberts, Robert LaSardo, Corbin Bernsen, Richard T. Jones


Drama | Post-production

Stuart Sagle is leading in the race for Governor of Texas, but a fling with a prostitute threatens to derail his campaign. His biggest supporter, his uncle Bill Sagle, has a plan that puts ... See full summary »

Directors: Don Okolo, Robert Peters | Stars: Eric Roberts, Eliza Roberts, Anthony Ray Parker, Alexis Arnold

42. Rusty Tulloch (2018)

Action | Filming

Rusty, a broke trucker facing eviction agrees to help his sexy neighbor track down her husband's murderer, but he must overcome the ghosts of his past if he's going to do the job.

Director: Errol Sack | Stars: Eric Roberts, Richard Tyson, Cindy Lucas, Peter Koch

43. Pontius Pilate (2018)

Drama | Filming

The story of Lucius Pontius Pilate from his early days in Rome to the time he assists in the crucifying of Jesus.

Directors: G.P. Andreas, George Pan Andreas, Johnny Fontane | Stars: Eric Roberts, Mariano 'Big Dawg' Mendoza, Stephen Chang, Johnny Fontane

44. Q-4: Dream Corporation (2018)

90 min | Sci-Fi | Completed

In "Q4 Dream Corporation" - a futuristic thriller about the government attempting to control people's sleeping habits - Madsen plays the role of antagonist Brandon Payton, who runs a ... See full summary »

Director: Tim McKort | Stars: Eric Roberts, Jon Van Ness, Shawn Patrick Greene, Barry Kivel

45. Can't Go Home (2018– )

Action, Crime, Thriller | Pre-production

Fugitive recovery agents Tom Desjadon and his partner, KD Williams, are in too deep. The gangsters of Boston's underground have been wronged and two ballsy bounty hunters choose a life of ... See full synopsis »

Stars: Tom Mariano, Brian White, Eric Roberts, Steven O'Broin

48. Shootouts (2018 TV Movie)

Comedy, Crime, Drama | Post-production

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Director: Jack Andrew Cook | Stars: Eric Roberts, Kj Smith, Brandon Brown, Derrick A. King