Latest Titles With Ridley Scott

1. Untitled Blade Runner Project
Sci-Fi | Announced

The plot is unknown.

2. The Forever War
Sci-Fi | Announced

An elite task force returns home after a brief interstellar military operation, but discovers that 20 years have past and the planet they once knew is completely different. Based on Joe Haldeman's 1974 novel "The Forever War".

3. The Passage
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror | Announced

A post-apocalyptic story about a botched U.S. government experiment that turns a group of death row inmates into highly infectious vampires, and an orphan girl who might be the only person able to stop the ensuing crisis.

4. Nemesis (I)
Action, Adventure, Fantasy | Announced

Matt Anderson is a billionaire genius who's the world's greatest fighter. bent on avenging the death of his beloved parents. The twist is, they were villains and he is also a bad guy, a ... See full summary »

Writers: Steven McNiven, Mark Millar |  Director: Joe Carnahan
5. Brave New World
Sci-Fi | Announced
6. Reykjavik

A dramatization of the 1986 Reykjavik summit between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev.

Writers: Kevin Hood, Ed Whitworth |  Director: Mike Newell |  Stars: Michael Douglas, Frank Langella
7. The Kind One
Crime, Drama, Thriller | Announced

The film is set in the 1930s Los Angeles and follows Danny Landon, an amnesiac who works for a violent mobster (a.k.a. "The Kind One"), while he falls in love with this man's girlfriend.

Writer: Tom Epperson |  Director: Ridley Scott
8. Wool
Sci-Fi | Announced

Set in a dark, dystopian future, the last remaining humans struggle for survival by living in secret societies.

Writers: J Blakeson, Hugh Howey |  Director: J Blakeson
9. Potsdamer Platz
Crime, Drama | Announced

A drama about two members of a New Jersey-based crime family who look to expand internationally.

10. Emma's War
Drama | Announced

A British aid worker in the Sudan marries a warlord bent on controlling part of the country.

11. The Color of Lightening
Drama, Western | Announced

The son of a freed slave is killed by native American warriors and as time passes, the father plots his revenge.

12. Gertrude Bell
Biography | Announced
Writer: Jeffrey Caine |  Director: Ridley Scott
13. Blood Red Road
Drama | Announced
15. Gucci
Biography, Drama, History | Announced

Tracking the lives of the Gucci clan, known for creating one of the elite fashion houses and putting its stamp on the fashion business over the course of decades.

Writers: Andrea Berloff, Charles Randolph |  Director: Jordan Scott |  Star: Penélope Cruz
16. The Sector
Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller | Pre-production
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17. Archangels
Sci-Fi | Announced

A covert group of agents battle aliens secretly living among humans.

Writers: Adam Cozad, Andrew Will |  Director: Joseph Kosinski
18. Pompeii
Drama, History, Thriller | Announced

A dramatic thriller set against the backdrop of Mt. Vesuvius just before and during its eruption.

20. Narco Sub
Action, Thriller | Announced

Various U.S. agencies take on the dangerous task of recovering nuclear activities.

Writer: David Guggenheim |  Director: Doug Liman
21. The Last Werewolf
Drama | Announced
Writer: Glen Duncan
22. Fly Me to the Moon
Comedy, Romance | Announced

A young flight attendant travels the world in search of love.

Writers: Sharon Maguire, Alyson Noel |  Director: Sharon Maguire
23. Shadow Divers
Adventure, Drama | Announced

A pair of divers dedicate their lives to uncovering the mystery behind a sunken German vessel found off the coast of New Jersey.

24. Murder on the Orient Express
Drama, Mystery | Announced

Renown detective Hercule Poirot investigates the murder of a wealthy American traveling on a train.

Writer: Agatha Christie
25. Mgmt
Sci-Fi | Announced

A psychic spy working for the government digs deeper into the agency that employs him.

26. Untitled Ridley Scott/Football Project
Drama, Sport | Announced

A look at how American football players suffer from major head injuries and life-long debilitating problems as a result of repeated concussions and efforts by the National Football League to deny it.

27. Fog
Thriller | Announced
Writer: Stephen Fingleton |  Director: Stephen Fingleton
28. Sidney Hall
Drama | Announced

The story of how a prodigal young writer's best-selling novel ultimately destroys his life.

29. Empire of the Summer Moon
Western | Announced

The story of Comanche warrior and chief Quanah.

30. Conspiracy of Paper
Drama | Announced

Retired boxer, Benjamin Weaver, gets caught up in a criminal underworld of successful financiers.

31. The Day Britain Stopped
Sci-Fi | Announced
32. Tranquility Base
Sci-Fi | Announced
33. In Vitro
Horror, Thriller | Announced

A couple relies on in vitro fertilization to start a family, but begin to doubt the origin of their child when the woman starts acting very strangely.

Writer: Ben Ripley
34. Untitled Ridley Scott/Kieran Fitzgerald Project
Action | Announced

A country's infrastructure is ground to a halt due to a number of eerily timed coincidences involving a plane crash, a railroad strike and a massive traffic jam.

35. Peony in Love
Drama | Announced
36. Town House
Comedy, Drama | Announced

A father faces his grief and feelings of self doubt after he and son move into the town home that his dead dad, a former rock 'n' roll legend, left him.

37. The Killing Sea
Action, Drama, Romance | Announced

An Indonesian boy and an American girl are brought together after a devastating tsunami in South East Asia. Based on the novel by Richard Lewis.

38. The Drivers
Drama | Announced

The true story of a group of young drivers from America, England, Germany, France and Italy who battle the odds to compete in the world famous race in Le Mans during the 1950s-1960s.

39. Untitled Luca Guadagnino Project
Drama | Announced

A look at the politics of desire between a man and a woman lost in the Mediterranean.

Writer: David Kajganich |  Director: Luca Guadagnino
40. The Fishing Fleet
Drama | Announced

A group of British women travel to India in the late 19th century in search of finding a husband.

Writer: Anne de Courcy
41. Settle Down
Drama | Announced
Writer: Katy Brand
42. A Better Place
Drama | Announced
Writer: Brad Ingelsby
43. Taboo (TV Mini-Series)
Drama | Announced

Adventurer James Keziah Delaney builds his own shipping empire in the early 1800s.

Star: Tom Hardy
45. Prometheus 2 (2016)
Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller | Pre-production

The plot is unknown at this time.

46. The Asset (2016)
Thriller | Announced

When a rouge group of former Special Forces soldiers begin killing international informants, the U.S. recruits a former Army Ranger to stop them.

47. Fae (2016)
Drama, Fantasy | Announced

A girl must off in a battle between "light" and "dark" to determine who she really is when she reaches the age of 16.

48. Vicious (2016)
Sci-Fi, Thriller | Announced

A pair of young scientists become rivals after their experiment gives them superpowers.

Writer: V.E. Schwab
49. Killing Jesus (2015 TV Mini-Series)
Biography, Drama, History | Announced

A miniseries chronicling the life of Jesus of Nazareth.

50. Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014)
Drama | Post-production

An account of Moses' hand in leading the Israelite slaves out of Egypt.