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"Road to Sundance" has a useful mini-guide to help you find all the films in (and out) of competition, a blog of the movies that are generating buzz and the parties that are buzzing and photos from the event (this year and last) from our very good friends at WireImage; they're once again the official photographers of the event.

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Sundance Premiere and Event Photos

Sundance is about showing pictures but it's also about taking pictures. And if anyone is getting their photo taken WireImage is the one usually taking it. As the official photographer of the Sundance Film Festival, WireImage will be bringing you the most recent shots from the fest for '09 as willl as a chance to look back over some fantastic photo highlights from years past. All that and more in our Road to Sundance Photo Galleries.

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Here are the Sundance trailers we do have. If we don't have yours, and you're a rights holder and have a trailer or video clip for one of the shorts or features at Sundance send it to and we'll get it up on our video page.


January 24, 2009
If you have been following Sundance news this year, chances are you already know about An Education, Danish director Lone Scherfig's crowd-pleaser which was scooped up by Sony Pictures Classics during the festival's opening weekend. It's the kind of film I would label as a mainstream indie movie, since I find the story to be relatable, thanks to an ace adaptation by Nick Hornby, yet the creative direction is innovative and unique to the genre, which in this case is the coming-of-age drama.


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