Location: New York, New York, USA

  • The NYFCC is an organization whose members are NYC-based newspaper and magazine film critics. It was founded in 1935 to be a contrast to the Academy Awards which were felt to be too influenced by studio politics and Hollywood local taste.
  • In 1962 no awards were given at all due to a newspaper strike.

Time Specification: regular

Geographic Specification: national


Given: 1935-
1936: NBC Radio broadcasted the ceremony live nationwide.
1962: Due to a newspaper strike in New York City no awards are being given this year.
1999: For the first time in its history, the Circle presented an award for Best Animated Film. On the decision to add this award, the group's 1999 chairman, Owen Gleiberman (Entertainment Weekly) remarked, "You could almost say that this award category created itself. There has been such an increase in animated features targeted at adults as well as children, that as critics we felt we had to recognize superior achievement in the field."
To be eligible films must have been screened commercially in New York during the calendar year.

Special Award

Special Citation

Lifetime Achievement Award