Awards for 2003

Daytime Emmy

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series



Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series



Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series



Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series



Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series



Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series



Outstanding Directing in a Children's Series


Bear in the Big Blue House: Mitchell Kriegman (director), Dean Gordon (director) (Disney Channel)


Between the Lions: Lisa Simon (director), Emily Squires (director), Richard A. Fernandes (director), Bill Berner (director) (PBS)

Blue's Clues: Bruce Caines (director), Alan Zdinak (director), Koyalee Chanda (director), Dave Palmer (director) (Nickelodeon)

Reading Rainbow: Ed Wiseman (director) (PBS)

Sesame Street: Ted May (director), Emily Squires (director), Victor DiNapoli (director), Ken Diego (director), Lisa Simon (director), Jim Martin (director) (PBS)

Outstanding Achievement in Technical Direction/Electronic Camera/Video Control for a Drama Series


The Bold and the Beautiful: Charles F. Guzzi (technical director), Donna Stock (technical director), Gordon T. Sweeney (electronic camera), Joel Binger (electronic camera), Ted Morales (electronic camera), Roberto Bosio (video control), Scha Jani (video control) (CBS)


All My Children: Howard Zweig (technical director), Michael V. Pomarico (technical director), Robert Ambrico (electronic camera), Jason Cullum (electronic camera), Adam Keith (electronic camera), Mary McIlwain (electronic camera), Chris Mauro (electronic camera), Eric Johnson (electronic camera), Tom Shepard (electronic camera), Virginia Higgins (video control) (ABC)

One Life to Live: Rob Santeramo (technical director), Doug Schmitt (technical director), Barrin Bonet (electronic camera), Howard Zeidman (electronic camera), Frank Forsyth (electronic camera), Tom Tucker (electronic camera), Larry Strack (electronic camera), Joe Puleo (electronic camera), John Shanoski (senior video) (ABC)

The Young and the Restless: Doug Nanfito (technical director), Tracy Lawrence (technical director), John Bromberek (electronic camera), Luis Godinez Jr. (electronic camera), Dean Lamont (electronic camera), Roberto Bosio (senior video), Scha Jani (senior video) (CBS)

Outstanding Directing in a Service Show


Wolfgang Puck: Gordon Recht (director), Charlie Ryan (director) (Food Network)


It's Christopher Lowell: Bob Loudin (director) (Discovery Channel)

Great Hotels: Jerry Smith (director), Sid Goldberg (director), Sylvia Caminer (director), Joan McCord (director) (Travel Channel)

Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team


All My Children: Conal O'Brien (director), Robert Scinto (director), Angela Tessinari (director), James A. Baffico (director), Casey Childs (director), Barbara M. Simmons (associate director), Shirley Simmons (associate director), Karen Johnson (associate director), Terry Walker (associate director), A.J. Gundell (associate director), Jerry Pilato (associate director), Penny Bergman (stage manager), Rusty Swope (stage manager), Tamara P. Grady (stage manager) (ABC)


As the World Turns: Maria Wagner (director), Michael Eilbaum (director), Ellen Wheeler (director), Scott McKinsey (director), Michael Kerner (associate director), Carol Sedwick (associate director), Jennifer Pepperman (associate director), Pamela Magee (associate director), James Kowal (associate director), Jennifer Blood (stage manager), Nancy Barron (stage manager) (CBS)

Days of Our Lives: Herb Stein (director), Phil Sogard (director), Randy Robbins (director), Roger Inman (director), David N. Kohn (associate director), Julie Brady (associate director), Mason Dickson (associate director), Lugh Powers (associate director), David Mawhinney (associate director), Schooner Darrow (associate director), Joseph H. Lumer (stage manager) (NBC)

Passions: Peter Brinkerhoff (director), Grant A. Johnson (director), James Sayegh (director), Karen Wilkens (director), Phideaux Xavier (director), Tina Keller (associate director), Robbin Phillips (associate director), Paul F. Antonelli (associate director), Mary Ann Benson (associate director), Steven Vincent (associate director), Roy Friedland (stage manager), Michael Caron (stage manager), Michele Azenzer Bear (stage manager) (NBC)

Outstanding Directing in a Talk Show



SoapTalk: Manny Rodriguez (director) (Soapnet)

The View: Mark Gentile (director) (ABC)

Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction and Composition


Sesame Street: Mike Renzi (music director), Danny Epstein (composer), Dave Conner (composer), Tony Geiss (composer), Stephen Lawrence (composer), Glen Daum (composer), Christopher Cerf (composer)


Between the Lions: Paul Jacobs (music director), Sarah Durkee (composer), Christopher Cerf (composer), Thomas Z. Shepard (composer), Chris Cardillo (composer) (PBS)

Dora the Explorer: Steve Sandberg (music director/composer) (Nickelodeon)

Static Shock: Richard Wolf (music director/composer) (Kids WB)

The Zeta Project: Michael McCuistion (composer), Lolita Ritmanis (composer), Kristopher Carter (composer) (Kids WB)

Outstanding Achievement in Live and Direct to Tape Sound Mixing for a Drama Series


As the World Turns: Ed Dolan (production mixer), Frank Di Maulo (production mixer), Bob Mackler (re-recording mixer), Matthew Griffin (re-recording mixer), Peter Deverna (boom operator), Christopher Rennert (boom operator), Tommy Byrne (boom operator)
Tied with One Life to Live.

One Life to Live: William John Deblock (production mixer), Glen Heil (sound effects mixer), Dave Smith (re-recording mixer), Robert T. Smith (re-recording mixer), Stephen Barreras (boom operator), Joe Gaskins (boom operator), Walter Tate (boom operator), Deborah D'Anduono (boom operator), Locke Wallace III (boom operator), John Spagnola (boom operator)
Tied with As the World Turns.


All My Children: Chuck Eisen (production mixer), Michael Goldberg (production mixer), Ashley Howe (re-recording mixer), Robert T. Smith (re-recording mixer), Dave Smith (re-recording mixer), Jonathan Lory (re-recording mixer), Glen Heil (re-recording mixer), Rob Gigliuto (boom operator), Mitch Janklow (boom operator), Edward Raab (boom operator), Locke Wallace (boom operator), Robert Ambrico (boom operator), Walter Tate (boom operator)

The Young and the Restless: Tommy Persson (production mixer), Ronnie Kimball (re-recording mixer), Manuel Moreno (re-recording mixer), Peter Mallard (re-recording mixer), Larry Porche (pre-production mixer), Mark Beckley (boom operator), Luis E. Godinez (boom operator) (CBS)

Outstanding Special Class Directing



Total Request Live: Joe DeMaio (senior director), Liz Patrick (director) (MTV)

Outstanding Achievement in Live and Direct to Tape Sound Mixing


The Wayne Brady Show: Peter Baird (production mixer) (Syndicated)


The Price Is Right: Chris Maddalone (production mixer), Maryann Jorgenson (production mixer), Jack Beller (re-recording mixer), Denise Palm Stones (sound effects mixer)

Ciao Italia: Stephanie Cottrell (production mixer), Jeff Spence (production mixer)

Hollywood Squares: Otto Svoboda (production mixer), Maryann Jorgenson (production mixer), Hope Vinitsky (sound effects mixer), Paul Feenstra (re-recording mixer) (Syndicated)

Reading Rainbow: Gary Silver (production mixer) (PBS)

The View: Tim Pankewicz (production mixer), Dominick Maldari (production mixer), Edward J. Garofalo Jr. (production mixer), Vann Weller (production mixer) (ABC)

Outstanding Achievement in Technical Direction/Electronic Camera/Video Control


Sesame Street: Richie Wirth (technical director), Dan Stewart (technical director), Frank Biondo (electronic camera), Jimmy O'Donnell (electronic camera), Jerry Cancel (electronic camera), Jim Meek (senior video) (PBS)


Live! with Kelly: David Liebeskind (technical director), James Brill (electronic camera), Patricia Clark (electronic camera), Barry Considine (electronic camera), Michael Inglesh (electronic camera), John Manown (electronic camera), Ka-Lai Wong (senior video)

Hollywood Squares: Robert Ennis (technical director), Wayne Getchell (electronic camera), Hank Geving (electronic camera), Greg Grouwinkel (electronic camera), Sandra Harris (electronic camera), Thomas Luth (electronic camera), Tracy Lawrence (electronic camera), Les Nourse (electronic camera), Allen Latter (senior video control)

The View: Rene M. Butler (technical director), Frank Cocchia (electronic camera), Reggie Drakeford (electronic camera), Russ Fortier (electronic camera), Rich Freedman (electronic camera), Trevor Thompson (electronic camera), Richard Cavaliere (electronic camera), Glen Friedman (electronic camera), Nicholas Besink (video control)

The Price Is Right: David Hallmark (technical director), Cesar Cabreira (electronic camera), Wayne Getchell (electronic camera), Edward Nelson (electronic camera), Marty Wagner (electronic camera), Allen Latter (senior video) (CBS)

Outstanding Directing in a Children's Special


Bang Bang You're Dead: Guy Ferland (director) (Showtime)


Just a Dream: Danny Glover (director) (Showtime)

The Red Sneakers: Gregory Hines (director) (Showtime)

Outstanding Achievement in Lighting Direction for a Drama Series


All My Children: Sean Conklin (lighting director), Michael Thornburgh (lighting director) (ABC)


One Life to Live: Robert Bessoir (lighting director), Stephen Ried (lighting director)

Days of Our Lives: Ted Polmanski (lighting designer), Donald P. De Simone (lighting designer), Jeff Barr (lighting designer), Art Busch (lighting designer) (NBC)

Guiding Light: Tony Girolami (lighting designer), Brian W. McRae (lighting designer) (CBS)

Outstanding Directing in a Game/Audience Participation Show



Hollywood Squares: Chris Darley (director) (Syndicated)

Jeopardy!: Kevin McCarthy (director) (Syndicated)

Wheel of Fortune: Mark Corwin (director) (Syndicated)

Win Ben Stein's Money: Dennis Rosenblatt (director) (Comedy Central)

Outstanding Achievement in Lighting Direction


The Oprah Winfrey Show: Tara Denise (lighting director) (Syndicated)


Jeopardy!: Jeff Engel (lighting designer) (Syndicated)

The Montel Williams Show: Rita Kogler (lighting designer), Dennis Size (lighting director) (Syndicated)

The View: Candice Dunn (lighting designer) (ABC)

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Dikran Hazirjian (lighting designer), Bruce Ferri (lighting director), Charles Noble (lighting director) (Syndicated)

Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction and Composition for a Drama Series


All My Children: Terry Walker (music supervisor), A.J. Gundell (music director), Jerry Pilato (music director), Dominic Messinger (composer), Gary Kuo (composer), Mike Renzi (composer), John Wineglass (composer), Brian Comotto (composer), Loris Holland (composer), Robbie Kondor (composer), Ron Goodman (composer), Brian Tarquin (composer), Kim Oler (composer), Peter Fish (composer), Jim Klein (composer) (ABC)


As the World Turns: Pamela Magee (music director), James Kowal (music director), Kevin Bents (composer), Edward Dzubak (composer), Tom Kochan (composer), Gary Kuo (composer), Jamie Lawrence (composer), Dave Marino (composer), David Nichtern (composer), Brian D. Siewert (composer), Bette Sussman (composer) (CBS)

Guiding Light: Robyn Cutler (supervising music director), Gary Deinstadt (music director), Brian D. Siewert (composer), Rick Rhodes (composer), Chieli Minucci (composer), Robert Sands (composer), Birch Johnson (composer), Robert Israel (composer) (CBS)

Passions: Ed O'Donnell (music director), Paul F. Antonelli (music director), John Henry Kreitler (composer), Wes Boatman (composer) (NBC)

Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team


General Hospital: Robert Guza Jr. (co-head writer), Charles Pratt Jr. (co-head writer), Megan McTavish (head writer), Elizabeth Korte (writer), Michele Val Jean (writer), Michael Conforti (writer), M.M. Shelly Moore (writer), Jim Fryman (writer), Michelle Patrick (writer), Mary Sue Price (writer), Susan Wald (writer), Garin Wolf (writer) (ABC)


All My Children: Agnes Nixon (writer), Richard Culliton (writer), Gordon Rayfield (writer), Frederick Johnson (writer), Jeff Beldner (writer), Janet Iacobuzio (writer), Lisa Connor (writer), Craig Carlson (writer), Addie Walsh (writer), Mimi Leahey (writer), Bettina F. Bradbury (writer), John Piroman (writer), Karen Lewis (writer), Amanda Robb (writer), Rebecca Taylor (writer), Christina Covino (writer), Louise Shaffer (writer), Susan-Sojourna Collier (writer) (ABC)

As the World Turns: Hogan Sheffer (head writer), Jean Passanante (co-head writer), Mary Ryan (writer), Carolyn Culliton (writer), Susan Dansby (writer), Charlotte Gibson (writer), Tom Reilly (writer), Courtney Simon (writer), Judith Donato (writer), Craig Heller (writer), Meg Kelly (writer), Lynn Martin (writer), Royal Miller (writer), Elizabeth Page (writer), Judy Tate (writer) (CBS)

The Bold and the Beautiful: Bradley Bell (head writer), John F. Smith (writer), Meg Bennett (writer), Teresa Zimmerman (writer), Tracey Ann Kelly (writer) (CBS)

Guiding Light: Millee Taggart (head writer), Lloyd 'Lucky' Gold (head writer), Christopher Dunn (co-head writer), David Kreizman (associate head writer), Janet Reed Ahearn (writer), Tita Bell (writer), Jill Lorie Hurst (writer), Penelope Koechl (writer), Eleanor Labine (writer), Danielle Paige (writer), A.J. Pierce (writer), Susan Rice (writer), David Rupel (writer), Melissa Salmons (writer), Lisa Seidman (writer) (CBS)

Passions: James E. Reilly (head writer), Peggi Schibi (writer), Roger Newman (writer), Pete T. Rich (writer), Maralyn Thoma (writer), Nancy Williams Watt (writer), N. Gail Lawrence (writer), Shawn Morrison (writer), Marlene McPherson (writer), Darrell Ray Thomas Jr. (writer), Kathleen R. Robinson (writer), Chris J. Robinson (writer) (NBC)

The Young and the Restless: Kay Alden (head writer), Trent Jones (co-head writer), John F. Smith (co-head writer), Jerry Birn (writer), Natalie Minardi (writer), James Houghton (writer), Eric Freiwald (writer), Janice Ferri (writer), Rex M. Best (writer), Michael Minnis (writer), Josh McCaffrey (writer), William J. Bell (executive story consultant) (CBS)

Outstanding Writing in a Children's Special



Our America: Gordon Rayfield (writer) (Showtime)

Outstanding Writing in a Children's Series


Sesame Street: Lou Berger (head writer), Judy Freudberg (head writer), Tony DeSena (head writer), Molly Boylan (writer), Sara Compton (writer), Annie Evans (writer), Christine Ferraro (writer), Tony Geiss (writer), Ian James (writer), Emily Perl Kingsley (writer), Sonia Manzano (writer), Joey Mazzarino (writer), Cathi Turow (writer), Adam Rudman (writer), Nancy Sans (writer), Josh Selig (writer), Belinda Ward (writer), John Weidman (writer), Mo Willems (writer), Luis Santeiro (writer) (PBS)


Between the Lions: Norman Stiles (head writer), Louise Gikow (writer), Joe Fallon (writer), Ken Scarborough (writer), Fred Newman (writer), Carin Greenberg (writer), Sarah Durkee (writer), Gentry Menzel (writer), Sharon Lerner (writer), Christopher Cerf (writer) (PBS)

Blue's Clues: Adam Peltzman (head writer), Angela Santomero (writer), Jessica Lissy (writer) (Nickelodeon)

Reading Rainbow: Susan Kim (writer), Ronnie Krauss (writer) (PBS)

Outstanding Special Class Writing


Jeopardy!: Steven Dorfman (writer), Kathy Easterling (writer), Harry Friedman (writer), Debbie Griffin (writer), Gary Johnson (writer), Jim Rhine (writer), Michele Silverman (writer), Steve Tamerius (writer), Billy Wisse (writer) (Syndicated)


Pop Up Video: Jens Carstensen (head writer), Alan P. Cross (head writer), Mikki Halpin (writer), Andrew Nieland (writer), Dan Williams (writer)

The View: Andrew Smith (writer), Julie Siegel (writer), Christian McKiernan (writer) (ABC)

Win Ben Stein's Money: Bob Stone (writer), Phil Andres (writer), Patricia Cotter (writer), Gary Stuart Kaplan (writer), Gary Lucy (writer), Vince Waldron (writer) (Comedy Central)

Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction/Set Decoration/Scenic Design


Between the Lions: Laura Brock (production designer), Jim Fenhagen (production designer), Michael K. Frith (production designer), Evelyn Sakash (art director), Jessica A. Milstein (set decorator) (PBS)


Martha Stewart Living: Lisa Wagner (art director), Jennifer Geiger (art director), Necy Guimaraes (senior set decorator), Aaron Caramanis (set decorator), Molly Maguire (set decorator), Tamara Bodor (set decorator), Sue Coghlin (set decorator)

The Other Half: Gerry Hariton (production designer), Vicki Baral (production designer), James Carhart (art director)

The Price Is Right: Bente Christensen (art director), Richard Domabyl (set decorator), Elizabeth Fowler (set decorator) (CBS)

Sesame Street: Victor DiNapoli (production designer), Bob Phillips (art director), Mike Pantuso (art director), Pete Ortiz (art director), Nat Mongioi (set decorator) (PBS)

Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction/Set Decoration/Scenic Design for a Drama Series


All My Children: Roger Mooney (production designer), Joel Reynolds (scenic designer), Martin Fahrer (scenic designer), Chas Plummer (scenic designer) (ABC)


The Bold and the Beautiful: Jack Forrestel (production designer), Fabrice Kenwood (art director), Elsa Zamparelli (set decorator), Charlotte Garnell-Scheide (set decorator) (CBS)

One Life to Live: Roger Mooney (production designer), Ruth A. Wells (scenic designer), John C. Kenny Jr. (scenic designer), Martin Fahrer (scenic designer) (ABC)

The Young and the Restless: William Hultstrom (production designer), David Hoffman (art director), Joe Bevacqua (set decorator), Andrea Joel (set decorator), Fred Cooper (set decorator) (CBS)

Outstanding Achievement in Costume Design for a Drama Series


All My Children: Richard Schurkamp (costume designer), Katherine Roth (costume designer), James Hammer (costume designer) (ABC)


Guiding Light: Shawn Dudley-Reeves (costume designer), Alyson Hui (costume designer), Shana Schoepke (costume designer) (CBS)

One Life to Live: Susan Gammie (costume designer), Sally Lesser (costume designer), David Brooks (costume designer) (ABC)

The Young and the Restless: Jennifer Johns (costume designer) (CBS)

Outstanding Achievement in Costume Design/Styling


Sesame Street: Bill Kellard (costume designer), Terry Roberson (costume designer), Edward G. Christie (costume designer/muppet), Stephen Rotondaro (costume designer/muppet), Carol Binion (costume designer/muppet), Fred Buchholz (costume designer/muppet), Victoria Ellis (costume designer/muppet), Ann Marie Holdgruen (costume designer/muppet), Phoebe Kruetz (costume designer/muppet), Rollin Krewson (costume designer/muppet), Connie Peterson (costume designer/muppet), Molly Reynolds (costume designer/muppet), Michael Schupbach (costume designer/muppet), Jason Weber (costume designer/muppet), Carlo Yannuzzi (costume designer/muppet) (PBS)


Bear in the Big Blue House: Paul Andrejco (costume designer/muppet), Lara MacLean (costume designer/muppet), Anney McKilligan (costume designer/muppet), Andrea Detwiler (costume designer/muppet), Vanessa Gifford (costume designer/muppet)

Between the Lions: John Orberg (costume designer/puppet), James J. Kroupa (costume designer/puppet), Janet Kuhl (costume designer/puppet), Matt Stoddart (costume designer/puppet) (PBS)

The View: Fran Taylor (costume stylist) (ABC)

Outstanding Sound Mixing - Live Action and Animation


Arthur: Marie-Pierre Lacombe (production mixer), Benoit Coallier (re-recording mixer), Stéphane Bergeron (re-recording mixer) (PBS)


Barney & Friends: Patrick Sellars (re-recording mixer), Neal Anderson (re-recording mixer) (PBS)

Clifford the Big Red Dog: Devon Bowman (production mixer), Dan Cubert (production mixer), Jeremy Pitts (production mixer), Gregory Cathcart (re-recording mixer) (PBS)

Dora the Explorer: Juan Aceves (supervising production mixer) (Nickelodeon)

Sesame Street: Blake Norton (production mixer), Dick Maitland (sound effects mixer), Bob Schott (re-recording mixer) (PBS)

Outstanding Achievement in Multiple Camera Editing


The Oprah Winfrey Show: Michael Mabbott (senior editor), John Strolia (editor), Neil Coleman (editor), Doug Ryan (editor), Tom Pyers (editor), Tim Drover (editor), Dan Towell (editor), John W. Kilpatrick (editor), Chuck Floramo (editor)


Martha Stewart Living: Michael Starobin (supervising editor), Cynthia Maurizio (senior editor), Doug Wright (editor), Anthony Tocci (editor), Peter Trivelas (editor), Paul Delmiche (editor), Sean Steyer (editor), Dan Durand (editor) (Syndicated)

Sesame Street: Robert J. Emerick (supervising editor), John Tierney (editor), Selbern Narby (editor) (PBS)

Zoom: Arnie Harchick (editor), Julie Kahn Zunder (editor) (PBS)

Coming Up Roses: Bob Bernstein (editor) (CBS)

Outstanding Achievement in Multiple Camera Editing for a Drama Series


General Hospital: Fritz Curtis (editor), Peter Fillmore (editor), David Gonzales (editor), Brian Rosner (editor), Donald Smith (editor) (ABC)


Days of Our Lives: Mason Dickson (editor), Lugh Powers (editor), David Mawhinney (editor), Schooner Darrow (editor) (NBC)

Outstanding Single Camera Editing


Reading Rainbow: Juantxo Royo (editor), Joe Comperiati (editor), Matt Hensel (editor), Robert Wetteland (editor)
Tied with A Wedding Story.

A Wedding Story: Tim Johnson (editor), John Gerbec (editor), Scott Strobel (editor), Arthur 'Art' Citron (editor), Pasquale De Fazio (editor), Conrad Zimmer (editor), Dexter Gresh (editor)
Tied with Reading Rainbow.


While You Were Out: Lars Fuchs (editor), William Shaw (editor), Evan Anthony (editor) (TLC)

Outstanding Sound Editing - Live Action and Animation


X-Men: Evolution: Robert Hargreaves (supervising sound editor), George Brooks (sound editor), Giovanni Moscardino (dialogue editor) (Warner Bros. Television)


Clifford the Big Red Dog: Rick Hinson (supervising sound editor), Gary Falcone (supervising sound editor), Joe Pizzulo (supervising sound editor), Elizabeth Hinson (sound editor), Devon Bowman (sound editor), Mark Mercado (sound editor), Jeremy Pitts (sound editor), Sanaa Kelley (sound editor), Gregory Cathcart (sound editor), Josh Mancell (music editor) (PBS)

Prehistoric Planet: Rick Livingstone (music editor), Dave Novak (sound editor) (NBC)

Fillmore!: Otis Van Osten (supervising sound editor), Jason Oliver (dialogue/music editor), Rick Hammel (sound effects editor), David Lynch (sound effects editor) (American Broadcasting Company (ABC))

Ozzy & Drix: Mark Keatts (supervising sound editor), Kelly Ann Foley (sound editor), Kerry Iverson (sound editor), Mark Keefer (sound editor), Jason Freedman (supervising sound editor), Cecil Broughton (sound editor), Joe Sandusky (sound editor) (Kids' WB)

Outstanding Achievement in Makeup


The View: Eve Pearl (makeup artist), Lori Klein (makeup artist), Elena George (makeup artist) (ABC)


The Oprah Winfrey Show: Reggie Wells (makeup artist) (Syndicated)

Sesame Street: Joe Cuervo (makeup artist) (PBS)

SoapTalk: Adam Christopher (makeup artist), Felicia Linsky (makeup artist) (Soapnet)

Outstanding Achievement in Makeup for a Drama Series


All My Children: Robin Kaiser (makeup artist), Pat Moore-Theis (makeup artist), Julie Teel (makeup artist), Deborah J. Steele (makeup artist), Martel Thompson (makeup artist), Mary Anne Spano (makeup artist) (ABC)


As the World Turns: Eldo Ray Estes (key makeup artist), Kevin James Bennett (key makeup artist), Stephanie Glover McGee (makeup artist), Anette Lian-Williams (makeup artist), John Perkins (makeup artist) (CBS)

The Bold and the Beautiful: Chris Escobosa (makeup artist), Christine Lai-Johnson (makeup artist), Trent Cotner (makeup artist), Marlene Mason (makeup artist) (CBS)

General Hospital: Donna Messina Armogida (head makeup artist), Wendy Pennington Holz (makeup artist), Georgia Grado Berona (makeup artist), Art Harding (makeup artist), Kimberly Braisin (makeup artist), Cyndilee Rice (makeup artist) (ABC)

Guiding Light: Paul Gebbia (head makeup artist), Helen M. Gallagher (makeup artist), Joseph Cola (makeup artist), Mary Anne Spano (makeup artist), Julie Teel (makeup artist), Melanie Demetri (makeup artist) (CBS)

One Life to Live: Renate Long (makeup artist), Doreen Gillis (makeup artist), Cheryl Williams (makeup artist) (ABC)

Outstanding Original Song


Passions: John Henry Kreitler (composer/lyricist), Faith Rivera (composer/lyricist) (NBC)
For the song "Forever Near".


All My Children: A.J. Gundell (composer/lyricist), Jeffrey Gaines (composer/lyricist)
For the song "I Want You To Want Me".

Port Charles: Kelly Brown (lyricist), Shawn Launier (composer), Ron Cates (composer), Joey Lugassy (composer)

Port Charles: Kelly Brown (lyricist), Dave Macleod (composer), Ron Cates (composer), Joey Lugassy (composer)
For the song "The Gift".

All My Children: A.J. Gundell (composer/lyricist) (ABC)
For the song "This Déjà Vu".

Outstanding Game Show Host


Jeopardy!: Alex Trebek (host) (Syndicated)


Hollywood Squares: Tom Bergeron (host) (Syndicated)

Pyramid: Donny Osmond (host) (Syndicated)

Wheel of Fortune: Pat Sajak (host) (Syndicated)

Win Ben Stein's Money: Ben Stein (co-host), Sal Iacono (co-host) (Comedy Central)

Outstanding Children's Animated Program


Rugrats: Arlene Klasky (executive producer), Gabor Csupo (executive producer), Eryk Casemiro (co-executive producer), Cella Nichols Duffy (supervising producer), Jim Duffy (supervising producer), Maureen Iser (producer), Susan Ward (producer), Pernelle Hayes (producer), John Holmquist (producer), Monica Piper (producer/writer), Richard Gitelson (producer/writer), Scott Gray (writer), Barbara Schwartz (writer), Mark Risley (supervising director), Anthony Bell (director), Ron Noble (director), Dave Fontana (director), Chris Hermans (director), Michael Mullen (director), Carol Millican (director), Jeff Scott (director), Charlie Adler (voice director) (Nickelodeon Network)


Arthur: Carol Greenwald (executive producer), Andrew Porporino (executive producer), Lesley Taylor (producer), Pierre Valette (producer), Diane Dallaire (line producer), Marc Brown (producer), Geoff Adams (producer), Greg Bailey (producer/director), Debra Toffan (voice director), Peter K. Hirsch (writer), Dietrich Smith (writer), Peter Egan (writer), Glen Berger (writer), Mathayu Warren-Lane (writer) (Public Broadcasting Service (PBS))

Clifford the Big Red Dog: Deborah Forte (executive producer), Mike Young (co-executive producer), Bill Schultz (supervising producer), Liz Young (supervising producer), Jef Kaminsky (producer), Martha Atwater (producer), John Over (director), Susan Blu (director) (PBS)

Dora the Explorer: Chris Gifford (executive producer/writer), Valerie Walsh (producer/writer), Eric Weiner (producer/head writer), Jeff DeGrandis (supervising producer), Cathy Galeota (coordinating producer), Miken Wong (line producer), George S. Chialtas (director), Sherie Pollack (director) (Nickelodeon)

Dragon Tales: Jeff Kline (executive producer), Nina Elias-Bamberger (executive producer), Ron Rodecker (producer), Michael Hack (director), Gloria Jenkins (director) (PBS)

Outstanding Achievement in Main Title Design


Sesame Street: Randall Balsmeyer (graphic artist), Amit Sethi (graphic artist) (PBS)


All My Children: Jennifer Miller (graphic artist), Tim Brown (graphic artist), Irene Vodar (graphic artist)

Beyond with James Van Praagh: Max Almy (graphic artist), Teri Yarbrow (graphic artist), Andy Atkins (graphic artist) (Syndicated)

Guiding Light: Eric Fitzgerald (title designer), Wayne Fitzgerald (title designer) (CBS)

Martha Stewart Living: Keegan Martin (title designer) (Syndicated)

Port Charles: Kathryn Peaslee (title designer) (ABC)

Outstanding Special Class Series


A Baby Story: Terri Johnson (executive producer), Neil A. Cohen (executive producer), Glenda Hersh (executive producer), Steven Weinstock (executive producer), Nikki Taub (supervising producer/producer), Aisha Wagle (coordinating producer), Lorri Leighton (producer), Liz Layton (producer) (TLC)


Breakfast with the Arts: Emilio Nunez (executive producer), Diane Ferenczi (executive producer), John Bence (senior producer), Haewon Yom (producer), Liisa Lunden (producer), Laura Marini (producer), Barbara Möller (producer), Elliott Forrest (host) (A&E)

Judge Judy: Randy Douthit (executive producer), Timothy Regler (co-executive producer), Victoria Jenest (supervising producer), Shannon Weber-Arellano (senior producer), Cybil Jordan-Malachi (producer), Jonathan Sebastien (producer), Richard Russakoff (producer), Jenifer Faison (producer), Christopher Thomas (producer), Kirk Liens (producer), Judy Sheindlin (host) (Syndicated)

Pop Up Video: Woody Thompson (executive producer), David Ladik (executive producer), Colby Hall (producer) (VH1)

While You Were Out: Stephen H. Schwartz (executive producer), Abigail Harvey (executive producer), Benita Matofska (producer), Phil Eigner (producer), Alyssa Kaufman (producer), Nicole Sorrenti (producer), Teresa Strasser (host) (TLC)

Outstanding Achievement in Casting for a Drama Series


All My Children: Judy Wilson (casting director) (ABC)


General Hospital: Mark Teschner (casting director) (ABC)

Passions: Jacklynn Briskey (casting director) (NBC)

Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling


The Oprah Winfrey Show: Andre Walker (hairstylist) (Syndicated)


The Price Is Right: Mira Wilder (hairstylist) (CBS)

Sesame Street: Karen Specht (hairstylist) (PBS)

The View: Deirdre Flaherty (hairstylist), Bryant Renfroe (hairstylist), Lavette Slater (hairstylist) (ABC)

Outstanding Special Class Special


Hollywood Rocks the Movies: The 1970s: Kevin Burns (executive producer), David Sehring (executive producer), Patty Ivins Specht (producer), David Bowie (host) (AMC)


113th Annual Tournament of Roses Parade: Arthur Forrest (executive producer), Carol Kahl (supervising producer), Stephanie Prescott (coordinating producer), Tom Patino (line producer), Al Roker (co-host), Nancy O'Dell (co-host)

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade: Brad Lachman (executive producer), Bill Bracken (producer), Katie Couric (co-host), Matt Lauer (co-host), Al Roker (co-host) (NBC)

Behind the Scenes of This Old House: Russell Morash (executive producer), David Vos (producer) (PBS)

Opening Ceremony Salt Lake Paralympic Winter Games: Joedy Lister (executive producer), Heather Boyd-Meugniot (coordinating producer), Christopher Laue (producer), Louis Gossett Jr. (host) (NBC)

Outstanding Talk Show


The Wayne Brady Show: Bernie Brillstein (executive producer), Robert Morton (executive producer), Krysia Plonka (supervising producer), John Redmann (supervising producer), K.P. Anderson (coordinating producer), Danny Breen (producer), Wendy Miller (producer), Lee Farber (producer), Erin Irwin (producer), Maria Notaras (producer), Shane Farley (producer), Josh Gilbert (producer), Michael Carnes (producer)
Tied with The View.

The View: Bill Geddie (executive producer), Barbara Walters (executive producer), Alexandra Cohen (supervising producer), Jessica Stedman Guff (senior producer), Patrick Michael Ignozzi (coordinating producer), Jakki Taylor (coordinating producer), Jennifer Brookman (producer), Glenn Davish (producer), Dana Goodman (producer), Audrey Jones (producer), Haleigh Safran (producer), Matthew J. Strauss (producer) (ABC)
Tied with The Wayne Brady Show.


Live! with Kelly: Regis Philbin (executive producer), Michael Gelman (executive producer), Kelly Burkhard (producer), Dana Dodge (producer), Cindy MacDonald (producer), Mariann Sabol-Nieves (producer), Joanne Saltzman (producer), Jan Schillay (producer), Delores Spruell-Jackson (producer), Ann-Marie Williams-Gray (producer), Lori Schulweis (producer), John Ogle (producer), Albert Bianchini (producer), Elyssa Shapiro (producer), David Mullen (producer)

Dr. Phil: Carla Pennington (executive producer), Gwynne Thomas (senior producer), Angie Kraus-Bell (supervising producer), Kandi Amelon (senior coordinating producer), Dan Dobson (line producer), Cherie Graham (producer), Julie Johnson (producer), Julie Ross (producer), Judy Rybak (producer), Edward Santos (producer), Lisa Steinke (producer), Kathy Giaconia (producer), Katerina Monemvassitis (producer), Marsha Armstrong (producer)

SoapTalk: Michael D. Stevens (executive producer), Ray Giuliani (executive producer), Diane DeMartino (supervising producer), Lisa Tatum (supervising producer), Rich de Michele (line producer), Peggy Murphy (producer), Matthew Wright (producer), Kim Hoffman (producer) (Soapnet)

Outstanding Talk Show Host


The Wayne Brady Show: Wayne Brady (host) (Syndicated)


Dr. Phil: Phil McGraw (host) (Syndicated)

SoapTalk: Lisa Rinna (co-host), Ty Treadway (co-host) (Soapnet)

The View: Barbara Walters (co-host), Meredith Vieira (co-host), Star Jones (co-host), Joy Behar (co-host), Lisa Ling (co-host) (ABC)

Outstanding Special Class Animated Program


Teacher's Pet: Gary Baseman (executive producer), Bill Steinkellner (executive producer), Cherie Steinkellner (executive producer), Jess Winfield (co-executive producer), Don MacKinnon (director), Ennio Torresan (director), Alfred Gimeno (director), Julie Morgavi (director), David Maples (writer), Billiam Coronel (writer) (ABC)


Static Shock: Sander Schwartz (executive producer), Jean MacCurdy (executive producer), Alan Burnett (supervising producer), Scott Jeralds (producer), Len Uhley (writer), Christopher Simmons (writer), Dwayne McDuffie (writer), Denys Cowan (director), Joe Sichta (director), David Chlystek (director), Andrea Romano (voice director) (Kids' WB)

Ozzy & Drix: Sander Schwartz (executive producer), Peter Farrelly (executive producer), Bobby Farrelly (executive producer), Alan Burnett (producer/writer), Ron Myrick (producer), Bradley Thomas (producer), Ginny McSwain (director), Douglas Langdale (writer), Len Uhley (writer) (Kids WB)

Rolie Polie Olie: William Joyce (executive producer), Michael Hirsh (executive producer), Patrick Loubert (executive producer), Clive A. Smith (executive producer), Fabrice Giger (executive producer), Stephen Hodgins (supervising producer), Scott Dyer (supervising producer), Guillaume Hellouin (supervising producer), Pamela Lehn (producer), Corinne Kouper (producer), Eric Flaherty (producer), Christophe Archambault (producer), Mike Fallows (supervising director), Ron Pitts (director), Bill Giggie (director), Nadine Van der Velde (writer), Hugh Duffy (writer), Scott Kraft (writer), Dave Dias (writer), Jennifer Pertsch (writer) (Disney Channel)

Madeline: My Fair Madeline: Andy Heyward (executive producer), Michael Maliani (executive producer), Christy Buskirk (coordinating producer), Scott Heming (director), Marsha Goodman (director), Phil Harnage (writer), Shelley Zellman (writer), Eric Lewald (writer) (Nickelodeon)

Outstanding Pre-School Children's Series


Sesame Street: Michael Loman (executive producer), Arlene Sherman (co-executive producer), Kevin Clash (co-executive producer), Melissa Dino (producer), Carol-Lynn Parente (producer), Karen Ialacci (line producer) (PBS)


Bear in the Big Blue House: Mitchell Kriegman (executive producer), Alex Rockwell (executive producer), Erica Levin (producer), Andy Yerkes (producer), Deborah Meyer (line producer), James Sabatini (coordinating producer), P. Kevin Strader (co-producer), Claudia Silver (co-producer) (Disney Channel)

Blue's Clues: Traci Paige Johnson (executive producer), Angela Santomero (executive producer), Jennifer Twomey (executive producer), Wendy Harris (supervising producer), Marcy Pritchard (line producer) (Nickelodeon)

Outstanding Service Show


Martha Stewart Living: Martha Stewart (executive producer), Eve Krzyzanowski (executive producer), Carolyn Kelly Wallach (senior producer), Lisa Wagner (senior producer), Suzanne McGrath (producer), Mara Altschuler (producer), Barbara Fight (producer), Laurie Hepburn (producer), Lenore Welby (producer), Greta Anthony (producer), Josolyn Santos (producer), Jennifer Pilkington (producer), Ann MacMullan (producer), Elena Ferretti (producer), Mark Ski (producer), Judy Morris (producer), Lee Buttala (producer), A.J. Boles (line producer), Al Irizarry (coordinating producer) (Syndicated)


It's Christopher Lowell: Terri Johnson (executive producer), Christopher Lowell (executive producer), Elaine Perkins (supervising producer), Greg Gorden (line producer), Lisa Pegnato (coordinating producer), Eleanor Sampson (producer), Dana Neillie (producer), Elayne Sawaya (senior producer)

Essence of Emeril: Karen Katz (executive producer), Emeril Lagasse (executive producer) (Food Network)

This Old House: Russell Morash (executive producer), Bruce Irving (senior producer) (PBS)

Ask This Old House: Russell Morash (executive producer), Bruce Irving (senior producer) (PBS)

Outstanding Individual in Animation


Teacher's Pet: Gary Baseman (production designer) (American Broadcasting Company (ABC))
For episode: "Science Not Fair".

Outstanding Service Show Host



It's Christopher Lowell: Christopher Lowell (host) (Discovery Channel)

Essence of Emeril: Emeril Lagasse (host) (Food Network)

Outstanding Children's Series


Reading Rainbow: Twila Liggett (executive producer), LeVar Burton (executive producer), Orly Wiseman (producer), Nikki Silver (producer), Elizabeth O'Mara (producer), Ed Wiseman (producer), Sudie Anning (producer), Nan Schweiger (producer), Don Boswell (producer), Pamela Johnson (producer)


Assignment Discovery: Edward DeLeon (executive producer), Helen Holt (executive producer), Jonathan Lawhead (supervising producer), Mary Stephens (senior producer) (Discovery Channel)

Between the Lions: Judith Stoia (executive producer), Christopher Cerf (executive producer), Norman Stiles (executive producer), Carol Klein (supervising producer), Michele McDonough (coordinating producer) (PBS)

Even Stevens: David Brookwell (executive producer), Sean McNamara (executive producer), Marc Warren (executive producer), Dennis Rinsler (executive producer), Tom Burkhard (co-executive producer), David Grace (supervising producer), Stacey Kosier Box (line producer), Matt Dearborn (consulting producer) (Disney Channel)

Zoom: Kate Taylor (executive producer), Jim Johnston (senior producer), Marisa Wolsky (coordinating producer), Kathleen Shugrue (supervising producer), Paul Serafini (producer) (PBS)

Outstanding Achievement in Single Camera Photography (Film or Electronic)


Our America: Ernest R. Dickerson (director of photography) (Showtime)


Martha Stewart Living: Garry Nardilla (cinematographer), Stephen Murello (cinematographer), Frankie DeJoseph (cinematographer) (Syndicated)

Reading Rainbow: Joel Shapiro (director of photography), Ari Haberberg (director of photography), Jimmy O'Donnell (director of photography) (PBS)

Ask This Old House: Stephen J. D'Onofrio (camera operator) (PBS)

Outstanding Drama Series


As the World Turns: Christopher Goutman (executive producer), Carole Shure (senior producer), Vivian Gundaker (producer), Kelsey Bay (coordinating producer) (CBS)


The Bold and the Beautiful: Bradley Bell (executive producer), Rhonda Friedman (supervising producer), Ron Weaver (senior producer), Cynthia J. Popp (producer) (CBS)

Port Charles: Julie Hanan Carruthers (executive producer), Hope Harmel Smith (producer), Mercer Barrows (coordinating producer) (ABC)

The Young and the Restless: William J. Bell (senior executive producer), David Shaughnessy (executive producer), Kathryn Foster (producer), Nancy Wiard (producer) (CBS)

Outstanding Performer in a Children's Series


Even Stevens: Shia LaBeouf (Disney Channel)
For playing "Louis Stevens".


Bear in the Big Blue House: Noel MacNeal (Disney Channel)
For playing "Bear".

Even Stevens: Donna Pescow (Disney Channel)
For playing "Eileen Stevens".

Reading Rainbow: LeVar Burton (PBS)
For playing "Himself".

Sesame Street: Kevin Clash (PBS)
For playing "Elmo".

Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling for a Drama Series


All My Children: Joyce Carollo (hairstylist), Richard F. Esposito (hairstylist), Vladimir Reichenbach (hairstylist), Lisa Johnson (hairstylist), Anna Knommydes (hairstylist) (ABC)


As the World Turns: Theresa Marra-Siliceo (head hairstylist), Lillian Cvecich (hairstylist) (CBS)

General Hospital: Kimber Lee Anderson (hairstylist), Michael Anton (hairstylist), Cathrine A. Marcotte (hairstylist), Paulette Pennington (hairstylist) (ABC)

Guiding Light: Ralph Stanzione (hairstylist), Christine Fennell (hairstylist), Vladimir Reichenbach (hairstylist), Charlie McKenna (hairstylist), Frank Vazquez (hairstylist) (CBS)

One Life to Live: Wayne Bilotti (hairstylist), Laurie Filippi (hairstylist), Beverly Belletieri (hairstylist) (ABC)

Outstanding Game/Audience Participation Show


Jeopardy!: Harry Friedman (executive producer), Lisa Finneran (senior producer), Rocky Schmidt (senior producer), Gary Johnson (senior producer) (Syndicated)


Hollywood Squares: Henry Winkler (executive producer), Michael Levitt (executive producer), Steve Radosh (supervising producer), Jay Redack (senior producer), Claudia Cagan (co-producer), Casey Patterson (producer) (Syndicated)

The Price Is Right: Bob Barker (executive producer), Roger Dobkowitz (producer), Phillip W. Rossi (producer) (CBS)

Wheel of Fortune: Harry Friedman (executive producer), Karen Griffith (senior producer), Steve Schwartz (senior producer) (Syndicated)

Win Ben Stein's Money: Andrew J. Golder (executive producer), Al Burton (executive producer), Byron Glore (executive producer), Terrence McDonnell (co-executive producer), Meredith Fox (supervising producer) (Comedy Central)

Outstanding Children's Special


Bang Bang You're Dead: William Mastrosimone (executive producer), Norman Stephens (executive producer), Paul Hellerman (producer), Deboragh Gabler (producer) (Showtime)


Our America: Joseph Stern (executive producer), Angela Bassett (executive producer), Eda Godel Hallinan (producer), Armand Leo (line producer) (Showtime)

Table Talk: Talking Beyond 9/11: Jane Paley (producer), Larry Price (producer) (WAM!)

Zoom: Kate Taylor (executive producer), Jim Johnston (senior producer), Kathleen Shugrue (supervising producer), Paul Serafini (supervising producer), Marcy Gunther (coordinating producer), Kathy Waugh (producer) (PBS)
For "Zoom: America's Kids Remember".

Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program


Little Bill: Gregory Hines (Nickelodeon)
For playing "Big Bill".


Clifford the Big Red Dog: John Ritter (PBS)
For playing "Clifford".

Liberty's Kids: Est. 1776: Walter Cronkite (PBS)
For playing "Benjamin Franklin".

Little Bill: Ruby Dee (Nickelodeon)
For playing "Alice the Great".

What's New, Scooby-Doo?: Mindy Cohn (Kids WB)
For playing "Velma Dinkley".

Outstanding Performer in a Children's Special


Bang Bang You're Dead: Ben Foster (Showtime)
For playing "Trevor Adams".


Bang Bang You're Dead: Tom Cavanagh (Showtime)
For playing "Val Duncan".

Bobbie's Girl: Bernadette Peters (Showtime)
For playing "Bailey Lewis".

Our America: Vanessa Williams (Showtime)
For playing "Sandra Williams".

The Red Sneakers: Gregory Hines (Showtime)
For playing "Zeke".

Lifetime Achievement Award


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