Awards for 1980

Daytime Emmy

Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama Series



Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama Series



Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role for a Daytime Drama Series



Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role for a Daytime Drama Series



Outstanding Individual Direction for a Talk, Service or Variety Series


Good Morning America: Duke Struck (ABC)
For episode "Henry Fonda Tribute".


Dinah!: Glen Swanson (Syndicated)
For episode "... and Friends in Singapore".

Donahue: Ron Weiner (Syndicated)
For episode "Pimps".

Outstanding Individual Direction for a Game or Audience Participation Show


The Hollywood Squares: Jerome Shaw (NBC)
For episode on 14 June 1979.


Family Feud: Paul Alter (ABC)
For episode on 19 April 1979.

Outstanding Direction for a Daytime Drama Series



Outstanding Writing for a Daytime Drama Series



Outstanding Children's Informational/Instructional Programming - Short Form


Ask NBC News: Lester Crystal (senior executive producer), Beryl Pfizer (producer)

In the News: Joel Heller (executive producer), Walter Lister (producer) (CBS)

Schoolhouse Rock!: Tom Yohe (executive producer), George Newall (producer), Radford Stone (producer) (ABC)


NBC Special Treat: Mary Alice Dwyer-Dobbin (executive producer), George Newall (producer), Tom Yohe (producer) (NBC)
For the segment "When You Turn Off The Set, Turn On A Book".

Individual Achievement in Any Area of Creative Technical Crafts


Outstanding Religious Programming - Series/Specials


Directions: Sid Darion (executive producer) (ABC)

For Our Times: Pamela Ilott (executive producer), Joseph Clement (producer), Chalmers Dale (producer), Marlene Di Donato (producer), Ted Holmes (producer) (CBS)

Outstanding Individual Achievement in Religious Programming


This Is the Life: Thomas Azzari (art director) (Syndicated)
For episode "Stable Boy's Christmas".

This Is the Life: Dean Jagger (performer) (Syndicated)
For episode "Independence and 76".

This Is the Life: Richard F. Morean (writer) (Syndicated)
For episode "If No Birds Sang".

Directions: Justus Taylor (sound recordist) (ABC)
For episode "Seeds of Revolution".


Directions: Arthur Zegart (writer)
For episode "Aging in Venice"

As We with Candles Do: Heino Ripp (technical director), Al Camoin (electronic camera), Gene Martin (electronic camera), Don Mulvaney (electronic camera)

This Is the Life: William Schallert (performer) (Syndicated)
For episode "Stable Boy's Christmas".

Outstanding Host or Hostess in a Talk, Service or Variety Series


Donahue: Phil Donahue (Syndicated)


Dinah!: Dinah Shore (Syndicated)

Outstanding Host or Hostess in a Game or Audience Participation Show



Outstanding Talk, Service or Variety Series


Donahue: Richard Mincer (executive producer), Patricia McMillen (senior producer), Darlene Hayes (producer), Sheri Singer (producer) (Syndicated)


Good Morning America: George Merlis (executive producer), John Kippycash (producer), Jack Reilly (producer), Jan Rifkinson (producer), Sonya Selby-Wright (producer) (ABC)

The Mike Douglas Show: Frank Miller (executive producer), Vince Calandra (producer), E.V. DiMassa Jr. (producer) (Syndicated)

Special Classification - Program Achievements



New American Bandstand 1965: Dick Clark (executive producer), Larry Klein (producer), Barry Glazer (co-producer) (ABC)

Outstanding Children's Informational/Instructional Series/Specials


The CBS Festival of Lively Arts for Young People: Kirk Browning (executive producer) (ABC)
For episode "Why a Conductor".

Sesame Street: Al Hyslop (executive producer), David Freyss (producer) (PBS)

30 Minutes: Joel Heller (executive producer), Madeline Amgott (producer), Diego Echevarria (producer), Horace Jenkens (producer), Elizabeth Lawrence (producer), Patti Obrow White (producer), Robert Rubin (producer) (CBS)


The CBS Festival of Lively Arts for Young People: Jack Wohl (executive producer), Bernard Rothman (executive producer), Bob Arnott (producer), Sid Smith (producer) (CBS)
For episode "Make 'Em Laugh: A Young People's Comedy Concert".

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: Fred Rogers (executive producer), Hugh Martin (producer) (PBS)

Outstanding Children's Anthology/Dramatic Programming


ABC Weekend Specials: Linda Gottlieb (executive producer), Doro Bachrach (producer) (ABC)
For episode "The Gold Bug".

Once Upon a Classic: Jay Rayvid (executive producer), Bob Walsh (producer) (PBS)
For episode "Leatherstocking Tales".

CBS Library: Paul Asselin (producer), Diane Asselin (producer) (CBS)
For episode "Once Upon a Midnight Dreary".

CBS Library: Diane Asselin (executive producer), Paul Asselin (producer) (CBS)
For episode "Animal Talk".


ABC Weekend Specials: Robert Chenault (executive producer) (ABC)
For episode "The Revenge of Red Chief".

Outstanding Game or Audience Participation Show


The $10,000 Pyramid: Bob Stewart (executive producer), Anne-Marie Schmitt (producer), Jane Rothchild (producer) (ABC)

The Hollywood Squares: Merrill Heatter (executive producer), Bob Quigley (executive producer), Jay Redack (producer) (NBC)


Family Feud: Mark Goodson (executive producer), Howard Felsher (producer) (ABC)

Outstanding Design for a Daytime Drama Series


All My Children: William Mickley (scenic director), Bill Itkin (lighting director), Donna Larson (lighting director), Mel Handelsman (lighting director), Carol Luiken (costume designer), Sylvia Lawrence (makeup designer), Michael Huddle (hair designer), Hy Bley (graphic designer) (ABC)


Another World: Robert Franklin (art director), Russell Christian (scenic designer), Richard C. Hankins (scenic designer), Leo Farrenkopf (lighting designer), Maury Verschoore (lighting designer), Lewis Brown (costume designer), Frank Rubertone (hair designer), Edward Jackson (make-up designer)

General Hospital: James H. Ellingwood (art director), Mercer Barrows (art director), Grant Velie (lighting director), John C. Zak (lighting director), Thomas W. Markle (lighting director), George Whittaker (costume designer), James Cola (make-up designer), Katherine Kotorakos (hair designer)

Ryan's Hope: Sy Tomashoff (scenic designer), Herbert Gruber (scenic artist), John Connolly (lighting director), Bill Kellard (costume designer), James Cola (make-up designer), John Keith Quinn (hair designer)

Outstanding Children's Entertainment Series


Hot Hero Sandwich: Bruce Hart (executive producer), Carole Hart (executive producer), Howard G. Malley (producer) (NBC)


Captain Kangaroo: Robert Keeshan (executive producer), Joel Kosofsky (producer) (CBS)

Kids Are People, Too: Lawrence Einhorn (executive producer), Laura Schrock (producer), Noreen Conlin (co-producer) (ABC)

Outstanding Daytime Drama Series


Guiding Light: Allen Potter (executive producer), Leslie Kwartin (producer), Joe Willmore (producer) (CBS)


All My Children: Agnes Nixon (executive producer), Jorn H. Winther (producer) (ABC)

Another World: Paul Rauch (executive producer), Mary S. Bonner (producer), Robert Costello (producer) (NBC)

Special Classification - Individual Achievement


Miss Peach of the Kelly School: Danny Seagren (puppet design/construction) (Syndicated)
For episode "The Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Day Raffle".


The Big Blue Marble: Joseph Carow (cinematographer) (Syndicated)
For the Nightmare Ballet Sequence.
For episode "Witch's Sister - Chapter 2".

The Hollywood Squares: Jay Redack (writer), Harry Friedman (writer), Brian Pollack (writer), Gary Johnson (writer), Steve Kreinberg (writer), Justin Antinov (writer), Phil Kellard (writer) (NBC)

Outstanding Achievement in Technical Excellence for a Daytime Drama Series


All My Children: Joseph Solomito (technical director), Howard Zweig (technical director), Lawrence Hammond (electronic camera), Robert Ambrico (electronic camera), Diane Cates-Cantrell (electronic camera), Chris Mauro (electronic camera), Larry Strack (electronic camera), Vincent Senatore (electronic camera), Albin S. Lemanski (audio engineer), Len Walas (video engineer), Diana Wenman (associate director), Jean Dadario-Burke (associate director), Roger Haenelt (videotape editor), John Grella (videotape editor), Irving Robbin (music composer), James Reichert (music composer), Teri Smith (music director) (ABC)


Another World: Frank Gaeta (technical director), Steven Cimino (technical director), Frank DeRienzo (technical director), Carl Eckett (electronic camera), David Weinberg (electronic camera), Alonzo Roberts (electronic camera), Wayne Norman (electronic camera), Phil Berg (audio engineer), Mel Hench (audio engineer), Arnold Dick (video engineer), Harold Mofsen (video engineer), Kevin Kelly (associate director), John Libretto (associate director), Lloyd Campbell (videotape editor), John J. O'Connor II (videotape editor)

The Doctors: Ray Barrett (technical director), Jack Dolan (electronic camera), Steve Jambeck (electronic camera), Jan Kasoff (electronic camera), George Corrado (audio engineer), Frank Vierling (video engineer), David Handler (associate director), Lee Goldman (videotape editor), Robert Israel (music coordinator), John Geller (music director)

The Edge of Night: William Edwards (technical director), William Hughes (electronic camera), Tom Stallone (electronic camera), Arie Hefter (electronic camera), Edward Atchison (audio engineer), Robert Saxon (sound effects), John P. Valentino (video engineer), Joanne Goodhart (associate director), Steve Scott (videotape editor), Lenny Davidowitz (videotape editor), Elliot Lawrence (music composer), Barbara Miller-Gidaly (music coordinator)

General Hospital: Dave Smith (technical director), John Cochran (technical director), David N. Banks (electronic camera), Luis Rojas (electronic camera), Carol Wetovich (electronic camera), Jim Angel (electronic camera), Jack Denton (electronic camera), Ken Quayle (audio engineer), Zoli Osaze (audio engineer), Nick Kleissas (sound effects), Sam Potter (video engineer), Hal Alexander (associate director), George Thompson (associate director), Dan Blevins (videotape editor), Jack Moody (videotape editor), Charles Paul (music composer/director)

Ryan's Hope: George Whitaker (technical director), Dick Kerr (electronic camera), Mary Flood (electronic camera), Frank Merklein (electronic camera), William John Deblock (audio engineer), Lee M. Goldman (audio engineer), Rudy Piccirillo (video engineer), Dick Williams (video engineer), Linda Wallach (video engineer), Suellen Goldstein (associate director), Pat Malik (video editor), Walter Urbanski (video editor), Carey Gold (music composer), Sybil Weinberger (music supervisor)

Outstanding Guest/Cameo Appearance in a Daytime Drama Series


Days of Our Lives: Hugh McPhillips (NBC)
For playing "Hugh Pearson".


One Life to Live: Sammy Davis Jr. (ABC)
For playing "Chip Warren".

All My Children: Eli Mintz (ABC)
For playing a locksmith.

The Doctors: Kathryn Harrow (NBC)
For playing "Pat Reyerson".

Ryan's Hope: Joan Fontaine (ABC)
For playing "Page Williams".

Outstanding Individual Achievement in Children's Programming


ABC Afterschool Specials: John Beymer (cinematographer), Mike Fash (cinematographer) (ABC)
For episode "A Movie Star's Daughter "

3-2-1 Contact: Ron Baldwin (art director) (PBS)

3-2-1 Contact: Nat Mongioi (set decorator) (PBS)

3-2-1 Contact: Jack Sholder (film editor) (PBS)

3-2-1 Contact: Merle Worth (film editor) (PBS)

ABC Afterschool Specials: George Alch (audio engineer) (ABC)
For episode "A Special Gift".

ABC Afterschool Specials: Robert E. Collins (ABC)
For episode "The Heartbreak Winner".

ABC Afterschool Specials: Maia Danziger (performer) (ABC)
For episode "The Late Great Me! Story of a Teenage Alcoholic".

ABC Afterschool Specials: Jan Hartman (writer) (ABC)
For episode "The Late Great Me! Story of a Teenage Alcoholic".

ABC Afterschool Specials: Anthony Lover (director) (ABC)
For episode "The Late Great Me! Story of a Teenage Alcoholic".

ABC Afterschool Specials: Butterfly McQueen (performer) (ABC)
For episode "Seven Wishes of a Rich Kid".

ABC Afterschool Specials: Vincent Sklena (film editor) (ABC)
For episode "The Late Great Me! Story of a Teenage Alcoholic"

ABC Afterschool Specials: Melissa Sue Anderson (performer) (ABC)
For episode "Which Mother Is Mine? (#8.1)".

ABC Afterschool Specials: Arthur Allan Seidelman (director) (ABC)
For episode "Which Mother Is Mine? (#8.1)".

ABC Weekend Specials: Steve Atha (makeup and hair designer) (ABC)
For episode "The Gold Bug".

ABC Weekend Specials: Alex Thomson (cinematographer) (ABC)
For episode "The Gold Bug".

The Big Blue Marble: Lee Dichter (film sound mixer) (Syndicated)

CBS Library: David Sanderson (cinematographer) (CBS)
For episode "Once Upon a Midnight Dreary".

Hot Hero Sandwich: David Axlerod (writer), Joseph A. Bailey (writer), Andy Breckman (writer), Richard Camp (writer), Sherry Coben (writer), Bruce Hart (writer), Carole Hart (writer), Marianne Meyer (writer) (NBC)

Sesame Street: Steve Zink (director of photography) (PBS)


3-2-1 Contact: Don Sullivan (associate director), Jan Morgan (videotape editor)
For episode "Fast/Slow".

3-2-1 Contact: Danny Epstein
For episode "Forces".

3-2-1 Contact: Richard Greenberg (graphic artist)
For episode "Noisy/Quiet"

Captain Kangaroo: Robert Keeshan (performer) (CBS)

CBS Library: Rene Auberjonois (performer) (CBS)
For episode "Once Upon a Midnight Dreary".

3-2-1 Contact: Tom Anthony (music composer/director) (PBS)
For the theme.
For episode "Noisy/Quiet".

3-2-1 Contact: Mary Batten (writer) (PBS)
For episodes "Forces" and "Friday".

3-2-1 Contact: Norman Gay (editor) (PBS)
For episode "Communication - Mets".

3-2-1 Contact: Walt Levinsky (music composer) (PBS)
For episode "Forces".

3-2-1 Contact: Tom McDonough (cinematographer) (PBS)
For episodes "Mountain Climbing" and "Hot/Cold".

3-2-1 Contact: J. Philip Miller (director) (PBS)
For episode "The Bloodhound Gang".

3-2-1 Contact: Connie Wexler (costume designer) (PBS)
For episode "Growth/Decay".

ABC Afterschool Specials: Glenn Paxton (music composer) (ABC)
For episode "Which Mother Is Mine?".

ABC Afterschool Specials: Hod David Schudson (music composer) (ABC)
For episode "Heartbreak Winner".

Animals, Animals, Animals: Peter Page (film sound mixer) (ABC)
For episode "Shark".

The Big Blue Marble: Joseph Consentino (director) (Syndicated)
For episode "Divorce".

Captain Kangaroo: Shawn Callahan (set decorator), Henry Hubert (set decorator) (CBS)

Captain Kangaroo: Bill Griffin (costume designer) (CBS)
For episode on 30 October 1979.

Captain Kangaroo: Bil Mikulewicz (art director/scenic designer) (CBS)
For episode "Space Chicken and the Disappearing Stars".

Hot Hero Sandwich: Jerome Haggart (videotape editor), Harvey Berger (videotape editor), Bill Breshears (videotape editor) (NBC)
For episode #1.

Hot Hero Sandwich: William P. Kelley (technical director), Gene Martin (electronic camera), Johnny Pinto (electronic camera), Vince Di Pietro (electronic camera), Tom De Zendorf (electronic camera), Edward Corsi (electronic camera), Don Mulvaney (electronic camera) (NBC)
For episode #4.

Hot Hero Sandwich: Bob Pook (internal graphics) (NBC)
For episode #9.

Hot Hero Sandwich: Scott Schachter (tape sound mixer), Joel Spector (tape sound mixer) (NBC)
For episode #4.

Hot Hero Sandwich: Tom Trbovich (director) (NBC)
For episode #4.

Once Upon a Classic: John O'Toole (writer) (PBS)
For episode "Leatherstocking Tales".

Sesame Street: Tony Di Girolamo (lighting director) (PBS)
For episode #1285.

Special Events Coverage


La Gioconda: Jeanne Mulcahy (executive producer), John Goberman (producer) (PBS)


Outstanding Children's Entertainment Special


ABC Afterschool Specials: Daniel Wilson (executive producer), Linda Marmelstein (producer) (ABC)
For episode "The Late Great Me: Story of a Teenage Alcoholic".


Chico the Rainmaker: Jay Rayvid (executive producer), Frank Godwin (producer) (PBS)
Screened within Once Upon a Classic.

NBC Special Treat: Daniel Wilson (executive producer), Joanne Curley-Kerner (producer) (NBC)
For episode "I Don't Know Who I Am".

NBC Special Treat: Daniel Wilson (executive producer), Phyllis Minoff (producer) (NBC)
For episode "The Rocking Chair Rebellion".

NBC Special Treat: Daniel Wilson (executive producer), Fran Sears (producer) (NBC)
For episode "The House At 12 Rose Street".

Outstanding Religious Programming - Specials


As We with Candles Do: Doris Ann (executive producer)

Individual Achievement - Special Events Coverage


La Gioconda: Ron Graft (technical director), Kenneth Patterson (electronic cameraperson), Luis Fuerte (electronic cameraperson), Danny Webb (electronic cameraperson), Jack Reader (electronic cameraperson), Tomas Tucker (electronic cameraperson), William Kelsey (electronic cameraperson), Gary Emrick (electronic cameraperson)

La Gioconda: Tom Ancell (audio) (PBS)

La Gioconda: Zack Brown (costume designer) (PBS)

La Gioconda: Zack Brown (scenic designer/set decorator) (PBS)

La Gioconda: Kirk Browning (director) (PBS)

La Gioconda: Ken Dettling (lighting director) (PBS)

La Gioconda: Greg Harms (electrical engineer) (PBS)

La Gioconda: Luciano Pavarotti (performer), Renata Scotto (performer) (PBS)


La Gioconda: Valente Riolo (associate director), Roy Stewart (videotape editor) (PBS)

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