Location: New York, New York, USA

  • The two festivals, the Avignon/New York Film Festival (New York) and the Avignon Film Festival, brought together independent filmmakers from the United States, France and Europe. Their mission was to encourage deeper understanding and appreciation for contemporary, thought-provoking cinema by showcasing the work of innovative filmmakers.
  • The Roger statuette has been created by sculptor James Knowles.

Time Specification: regular

Geographic Specification: multinational


Le Roger
The awards are determined by the festival's audiences.

Pierre Salinger Award for Documentary Filmmaking
Given: 2005-

Separate Star Award
Given: 1998-
The award is given for outstanding short-film screenwriting.

Vision Award
Given: 1998-
The award is given for best cinematography and is voted for by the festival's audiences.

"Valérie" Award
The award is given to an outstanding woman in independent film.

Chateuneuf-du-Pape Cinema Award
Given: 2006

Special Roger

Honorary Roger