Location: Angers, France

  • The festival takes place since 1989 and focuses on first films from European filmmakers and film school students.

Time Specification: regular

Geographic Specification: multinational


European Jury Award
2003: This year's festival is dedicated to Daniel Gélin and Yves Robert.

European Special Jury Award

European Jury Award - Special Mention

Jean Carment Award
Given: 1996-
The award was formerly given to two young european actors. It is now given to the best young actor.

Mademoiselle Ladubay Award
Given: 2002-
The award is given to the best young actress.

Best Screenplay
Given: 1995-1998

Best Soundtrack
Given: 2000-
The award is given for the best original soundtrack.

Audience Award
Given: 1989-

Best European Short Film
Given: 2009-

Prix UIP Angers (European Short Film)
Given: 2001-2008

"Ciné Cinémas" Award
Given: 2002-

Laser Vidéo Titres Award
Given: 1997-

Procirep Award
Given: 1991-2002

SACD Grand Prize
Given: 1991-1993
The award is given to the best screenplay of a first film.

Liberation Advertisement Award
Given: 1994-1996

Telcipro Award
Given: 1996-1998

GNCR Award
Given: 2000-

GNCR Award - Special Mention

European Cities' Jury Award
Given: 1999

European Youth Jury Award
Given: 2000-2002

Mikrocine Prize/Canal+ Cinema

Young Actors Jury Prize

CCAS Award

Librarians' Award

Award of the Students of Angers

FR3 Special Award

C.I.C.A.E. Award
Given: 1990-1998

Best Actor

Best Actress

Students of Angers Award

Grand Jury Prize - Special Mention

Librarians Award

Arte Award

Musical Creation Award

Grand Jury Prize