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Filmography as: Production Company

Production Company - filmography

  1. "Don Adams' Screen Test" (1975) ... Production Company
  2. "Don Adams' Screen Test: Golden Earrings/Bride of Frankenstein" (1975) ... Production Company
  3. "Don Adams' Screen Test: No Time for Love/World in My Corner" (1975) ... Production Company
  4. "Don Adams' Screen Test: Phantom of the Opera/Captain Blood" (1975) ... Production Company
  5. "Don Adams' Screen Test: Pillow Talk/The African Queen" (1975) ... Production Company
  6. "Don Adams' Screen Test: Psycho/The Adventures of Robin Hood" (1975) ... Production Company
  7. "Don Adams' Screen Test: Rain/The Prisoner of Zenda" (1975) ... Production Company
  8. "Don Adams' Screen Test: Sullivan's Travels/Souls at Sea" (1975) ... Production Company
  9. "Don Adams' Screen Test: The Lady Eve/My Man Godfrey" (1975) ... Production Company
  10. "Don Adams' Screen Test: The Lost Weekend/Going My Way" (1975) ... Production Company
  11. "Don Adams' Screen Test: The Spoilers/Murder, He Says" (1975) ... Production Company
  12. "Don Adams' Screen Test: The Spoilers/On the Waterfront" (1975) ... Production Company
  13. "Don Adams' Screen Test: The Werewolf of London/The Plainsman" (1975) ... Production Company
  14. "Don Adams' Screen Test: To Have and Have Not/The Maltese Falcon" (1975) ... Production Company